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Hollow is a 2011 British found footage horror film, directed by Michael Axelgaard, starring Emily Plumtree, Sam Stockman, Jessica Ellerby, and Matt Stokoe. The film was distributed by Tribeca Film via nationwide On Demand outlets. Hollow premiered at Fantasia Festival. The film also screened at the Raindance Film Festival and was nominated for British Independent Film Award.

Hollow film is horrendous and maddening, it has a poor plot and unlikeable characters, Stevencarthur shared a review at imdb.com

"WARNING: A true-time waster. How does this film have a 6.4 on IMDB? The bots are at it again. This film is horrendous- and maddening. You just want to watch couple fight and flirt with each other- only to fight again? You've found your movie. You want to watch a movie that has weird animal (birds flying, ants crawling on hands) transitions? You've got it here! Unlikable characters. Barely any plot. Nothing scary. This movie is a dumpsterfire- and the world needs to know it."


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