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Hindalco Industries Limited an Indian aluminium and copper manufacturing company, is a subsidiary of the Aditya Birla Group. Its headquarters are at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is the Flagship company in the metals business.


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Former Employee - Research Trainee says

"1. NO EMPATHY Towards EMPLOYEES 2. NO INTEREST IN LISTENING TO Issues 3. EVEN IF LISTENED, THEY WON'T BE RESOLVED 4. EMPLOYEE GETS SCOLDED AND WORSE FOR RAISING VOICE 5. VALUES ARE JUST SHOW-CASED, NOT FOLLOWED 6. WOMEN'S DAY IS CELEBRATED BUT WOMEN EMPLOYEES are ENCOURAGED TO WORRY MORE ABOUT FESTIVALS THAN OF WORK 7. TRY TO ADDRESS TO ISSUE-BOOM, you HAVE BAD ATTITUDE 8. You are expected to attend the festivals but not necessary classes. If you ask for training, again, there will be bias. 9. You won't be given any work because the manager is scared of employee below him. If you ask for work, you are bad, you will be told that you have ego, your attitude towards work is below par. You will be scolded infront of EVERYONE and no-one will even open their mouth. 10. Ofcourse, you cannot expect someone to help you but again, you get to listen from those people only, that you should have fought (irony isn't it?)"

Former Employee - Electrical Engineering says

"They will pay you less. There is no job security. Management is full of corrupt managers. There is nothing new to learn. Highly non- recommendable."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Does not care about employees. In time of corona spread they are calling people to plant while city is lockdown and plant is shutdown. Top management are working from home"

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Pay is abysmal and raise is peanuts"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- No learning platform! - No technical training!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"* Pollution and very bad work environment, danger to employees and to environment at large. * Manager can become VP in 05 years but his team mates do not get promoted for 08-10 years * Manager and above exploits the situation and top- corporate management is blind no respect for talent most of the top ranked officers get their relatives employed in same other units but for low grade employees its not possible ( have many examples) * one MMd engineer who joint in yeat 2007 left out of frustration as after 12 years of work ex he could not get a single job band change though in from of him his managers became JP with 03 job band changes * Hr fails to fulfill commitments made to employees * no job band and standard in salary, i know one GM who was hired in Job band 10 applicable for fresh engineers * so much pollution to environment but as big company feeds money to govt and environment officers. * no rule and regulations, rules can be broken or made for you if you apply a good degree of butter or u are holding GM or above rank * bring vegetables for family of your boss you will be promoted very soon ** so many of there VP, Sr,VP and few Jp rank officers van not even speak a good English ** Regionalism and communism in work culture- try to get manager of same state or same kind of surname ** HR takes feedback as complaint and can screw you for doing that, if u are active in improving life of Mess, hostel or accommodation you can be threatened to send to bad areas of unit."

Former Employee - Quality Assurance says

"The company has lost glory of past."

Current Employee - Senior Engineer says

"Bad salary structure. bad working environment, bad people"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"As bad as Reliance's work culture"

Senior Engineer says

"All bad results goes to first line staff.all good results goes to upper staff.no manager goes to area.all sit in the rooms and take meetings for self updation"

Quality Manager (Former Employee) says

"New product development is really innovative in this company.Good work life balance .Lunch free.Working hour is 8.New opportunities for freshers and for experienced one.Free lunch8-10 hrs working"

power plant(Boiler side& pannel) says

"Hord work &knowldgeexpgoodv.goodrainy time pannel operationsnono"

Assistente Administrativo (Current Employee) says

"Não tem plano de carreia, salario não ajusta, muita indicação interna para vagas"

Graduate Engineer Trainee-Automation (Former Employee) says

"Hectic work load but good for young engineers to learn faster as exposure level is great. Intense learning in short period is possible. Skills to make quick decisions, leadership etc can be enhanced."

Finance Functional Consultant - Oracle EBS R11 (Former Employee) says

"Micro-management by managers Very limited salary City and associated Plant in rural areas Health issues due to hard water in surroundings No overtime trackingLunch break for 1.5 hrsLess salary with very limited hike"

Asst. Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Upper management is partial, Union issues are headache for staff employees. Canteen facility & accommodation is good. Location is quite polluted. There is slow growth for diploma holders."

Sr.Officer (Former Employee) says

"Although its a big big brand name with poor work culture but it does have few knowledgeable good humans..One of the worst places where there is no work home culture..For 365 days you are a bonded labour..In vacation, during emergency they pester you..In weekly off too you cannot relax..For bachelor's its OK and fine but if you are married,have family think thrice before joining."

Gerente de Produção (Former Employee) says

"Empresa com um bom clima para se trabalhar! os funcionários são dedicados no que fazem e sentem falta de um plano de carreira.Clima bom!Sem plano de carreira"

senior engineer (Current Employee) says

"I am not satisfied with this company regarding working culture."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Managers not supportive, no KT, stable industrial processes so less scope to learn. Stagnancy at one level since innovation is not allowed as the plant is stable. Good of internship but not long-term job"

Graduate Engineer Trainee (Former Employee) says

"Great for manufacturing profiles, location is a let down. The org takes good care of its employees and is sincere in people management. Over time, the management has become professional and better suited to fresh recruitesHR pliciesSalary constraints"

Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"Good HR policies, we can take individual decisions. Work load is too high. IT system is not supportive People are supportive and a good training programme. Low pay scale. Poor work life balance. Not very proper increment in salary and not much scope for personel growthFree to take decisionsToo much work load"

Asst. Manager- Corporate Tax (Current Employee) says

"Hindalco is having bunch of individual who love to work as team which provide us a great help to grow as individula professional."

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Hindalco Company is better than these because Contractors gives in low sallery..and too much work..They wants their profit only ...they do not care about the health of worker ....the contractor and their worker do not take best safety in mines."

Junior Engineer (Mechanical) says

"Drag chain conveyor maintenance in running condition of boiler.i learned techniques for maintenance of different boiler parts,team work,rules of working in hazardous areas, safety,equipment spares, managing technicians providing maintenance jobs as per their designation.Routine maintenance job ,shutdown jobs ,enjoyed learning about new mechineries and their maintenance."

Asst. Manager (Safety) says

"• Regular work place monitoring for noise and illumination.• Making standard operating procedures (SOP’s), work instructions & review for follow up (task observation) and Conducting “5S” Audit.• Conducting regular safety training to workman as well as staff & To handle near miss reporting system.• Conducting safety committee meeting (monthly) & Prepare monthly & weekly reports of safety deptt.• Monitoring of test certificate report of lifting tools & tackles, pressure vessels of plant.• Arranging safety motivational programs in department i.e. J.S.A, slogan, poster, speech-extempore, housekeeping, safety innovation competition etc.• Conducting Mock drills in plant areas to check the preparedness of all agencies & To monitor unsafe actions and unsafe conditions in plant area.AS TRAINER:• I have conducted training on various aspects of Safety, fire fighting, BA Set.• I have skill of computer in PowerPoint to make presentation of lecture or technical matter."

Management Trainee (Former Employee) says

"The work culture here is not good. No such increments or performance appraisal in there till you have worked there for atleast 4-5 yrs. Getting a leave is very tough,even if it is urgent you need to go through long process."

Network Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Team was very good and cooperative but job was not secure and after project had ended they just notified us before 30 days And after that they dint respondSupportRotation shift"

Electrical Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I work in hindal co industry as a electrical engg. For last 4.5 years. I learn company work procedure guidelines and most use full tips about work. But now I'm need job for better career."

Asst. Manager (Current Employee) says

"1 A typical day at work would be maximizing the daily Sales Target as assigned. 2 Typical Marketing Tactics, Alertness in all fields 3 The management is typical firing a bullet from some shoulder. 4 Co - Workers are always how we treat them. 5 The hardest Part of the Job is to manage the management. 6 Appreciation after a good performance.Allowed to work with a client the way one feels.Worst Work balance"