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Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., formerly Hilton Hotels Corporation, is an American multinational hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and resorts. Founded by Conrad Hilton in May 1919, the corporation is now led by Christopher J. Nassetta. Hilton is headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia. As of May 7, 2020, its portfolio includes 6110 properties (including timeshare properties) with 977,000 rooms in 120 countries and territories, including 689 that are managed and 4,947 that are franchised, with the combined managed and franchised properties having a total of 893,494 rooms, in addition to 68 that are owned or leased including 59 that are wholly owned or leased, one owned by a consolidated non-wholly owned entity, two that are leased by consolidated variable interest entities (VIEs) and six that are owned or leased by unconsolidated affiliates. Prior to their December 2013 IPO, Hilton was ranked as the 36th largest privately held company in the United States by Forbes.

An employee shared this is a forum, "Typical Day at Work at Hilton was faced paced hardest part of the job was rush hour enjoyable time of job was when cooking and finishing my shift the Workplace was good co workers were very nice and good to work with people. Very sad and depression place to work no respect from administrators and it’s very dirty people don’t clean the rooms like it suppose to be clean . I will never ever work for this company again it was a bad work experience working for this company."


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Lifeguard (Former Employee) says

"OverallMy experience working at Hilton was terrible. Very strict. Not understanding at all. Rude management. Terrible benefits. Overall I do not recommend working for this company"

Asst Banqueting and Events Manager - Hilton Hotels (London) says

"Terrible company, and terrible place to work, directors don’t like or trust anybody, management generally is not good, no investment in home,poor conditions for staff generally because home is in need of updat desperately. If you are not gender you will never be one of that company."

Head banqueting chef (Former Employee) says

"The company put me on a zero hour contract and I was used to run their banqueting department while their head banqueting chef was still working I was verbally and physically abused by the score mentioned chef and the company management did nothing about it inspire of the head security knowing and speaking with the abuser after the event also the head HR representative knew as well as the general manager and the executivehead chef and nothing was done After I then complained about my treatment I was given 24 hours notice to quite my jobNoneThe management agenda"

Réceptionniste (Former Employee) says

"I've worked at Hilton for about 9 months, and what I've experienced during this time was awful! They're so disorganized, careless, and so show off. Typically in one of their interviews, they used to tell the employees that they care about comfort of their employees as much as they care about their guests, well that's just a big lie!! They treat employees like slavery!Just the viewBad treating"

Kitchen Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management, no benefits, no time off when needed, horrible work and social life balance but most staff where friendly But managers where rude and unhelpful and treated the staff terribly Stay away !Some staff where alrightEverything else"

HR COORDINATOR (Former Employee) says

"The company is so bad, do not be fooled by the name, they will suck your blood alive, they will order you to stay long hours, no extra payments and they will send you away for redundancy.NothingFrom the area management till department managers are the worst racist people"

Team Leader/Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Staff are shocking to there staff. Do not deal with HR complaints. Place is corrupt and you get ganged up by management in restaurant. Very very b I t c h y stay away if you have mental health.Management"

Guest Services (Former Employee) says

"Be prepared to make minimum wage and treated as an expendable asset even after being there for over 1 year. ABSOLUTELY NO MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES....!NoneAvoid"

Executive Housekeeping Manager- Front Desk Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Hampton by Hilton in Frisco has the worst owners and biggest turn over rate ever. It's owned by Indian people who would rather keep every single cent than pay their employees fairly and the work environment is the most hostile i have ever encountered. The manager was to worried about her crazy husband and home life than the job she was hired to do. RUN FROM THIS PLACE!NoneEverything"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"No advancement opportunities. Little pay heavy work load. O.M. likes to yell and loses temper. As far as job...cooking was not cooking but slave labor. Time off was frowned upon over alll.None.Everything"

Head Butcher (Former Employee) says

"The job almost killed me, over worked and under paid. I got extremely sick and was hospitalized for over a week. 14 to 16 hour days will do that. In and out of the butcher room where temperature change was constant didn't help much either. When I got sick, the claim was "there's no one here to cover you" as there were 2 executive chefs there, literally 24/7"

Engineering Technician I (Former Employee) says

"The management has no clue as to what is going on in the ins and outs of the hotel.. are only there for the salary paychecks.. they do not care about any of the employees especially if not in their clique or social group"

Fitness Instructor (Former Employee) says

"Ridiculous working hours, Treated terribly ,Really bad pay, Food is disgusting they tell you they feed you and it’s just horrendous, didn’t sleep or eat properly for 4 days then I quit.No prosEverything"

Waiting Staff (Former Employee) says

"My experience working there was so bad that I wouldn't even step foot inside the building! Terrible everything, from management to lack of staff, training etcEverything"

Waitress/Hostess (Former Employee) says

"Corruption. This is the word which come to my mind if I think in Hilton London Bankside. Management corrupted, super unfair salary, misleading people. Working overtime every single day and never paid! Worst place ever.NothingCorruption"

Presenter (Former Employee) says

"Worst experience of my life in 30 years in the industry. Horrible people in charge as well as fellow associates. Jealous, bitter individuals only looking out for themselvesNoneHorrible people culture pay"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"You were not giving directions they were only worried about inspections rooms were assigned based on who you are and who complained major systems went down repeatedly"

Front Office Assistant (Former Employee) says

"its a stressful environment for those who is willing to work in an stressful and challenging environment as well its challenging based on mentally and physically"

Breakfast Chef (Former Employee) says

"Hilton doesn’t care for they employees business decision are based on $$$ not on employees welfare . Hilton doesn’t care for employees future. Hilton policy’s are only in paper not for real"

Food and Beverage Assistant (Former Employee) says

"managemnet at times have poor people skills, lots of the workforce are lazy and willing to only do the minimum amount of work for the 16 hours they work each week, to enable them to keep their benefits, managment just let this go time and time again"

Jeannie Tyan says

"Booked a room at the Hampton Inn-SFO-South just to sleep between two night shifts in the ED. I live 5 minutes away, construction next door and I needed to sleep. Hilton's Frontline Thanks program allows for flexible check in/check out times if available so I wanted to confirm this would work. I called the hotel but was connected with a Hilton reservation agent. Told her explicitly what I was looking for, she called this hotel and confirmed that I could do a 4pm late check out. There were several other Hiltons in my town, I was flexible with any of them and explained that to the reservation agent. This one confirmed my late check out so I booked the room. Sleeping today at 12:30pm when woken up by the manager calling to let me know that she couldn't accommodate my request. Explained my situation, explained the reservation and confirmation and she wouldn't budge. Kicked me out of my room in the middle of my sleep day. She denies that anyone would have approved the request but I actually heard the reservation agent confirm with the hotel. Called Hilton and they are presenting it to the hotel. Not hopeful here. No apologies from the manager, Seema."

Jon Cashen says

"I stayed at Hilton Garden Inn Heathrow Airport in June 2020 during lockdown. Although I received an apology and a promise of a free night for all the bother, nothing has been forthcoming and they just send me standard email replies asking if my complaint is resolved. Which it is NOT. I had an accessible room, as a wheelchair user and amputee, this was essential. The list of problems with the room, included: Infestation of insects in the drain and floor of the bathroom. Automatic door opener not working and trapped me inside the room. Phones in the room not working so was unable to call reception. Emergency pull cord not accessible. Room diry with stains on the carpet. Switches out of reach. Mirror unusable for wheelchair user, wardrobe unusable for wheelchair user, toilet seat broken, kettle broken. I was disgusted with the condition of the room and have been even more disgusted with Hiltons lack of response and lack of reply to my concerns."

Cyndi Furseth says

"Recently tried to make a reservation at a Hilton Home2Suites which I have stayed at multiple times over the last few years. I once was their greatest fan. It has gone progressively down hill over time to the culmination being the inability to make an online reservation because their "system" had an issue with my credit card. This is the end. Hilton has destroyed whatever faith I may have had in them. Time shares, hotels, all tanking simultaneously - customer service is non existent. Now to dig out of this hell hole."

G.W.F. says

"I am a member of Hilton Honors and continually receive marketing emails despite having opted out numerous times and been assured by customer service that no further marketing emails will be sent. You are legally required to honor marketing opt-out requests within 10 business days in the United States. Hilton has repeatedly violated this regulation and will not stop. Disgusting."

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