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Hilltop Hoods are an Australian hip hop group that formed in 1994 in Blackwood, Adelaide, South Australia. The group was founded by Suffa (Matthew David Lambert) and Pressure (Daniel Howe Smith), who were joined by DJ Debris (Barry John M. Francis) after fellow founder, DJ Next (Ben John Hare), left in 1999. The group released its first extended play, Back Once Again, in 1997 and have subsequently released eight studio albums, two "restrung" albums and three DVDs.

Australian hip-hop vanguards Hilltop Hoods have been taking their Cosby Sweater Tour all across the country this month, stopping in both capital cities and rural centres alike, but their latest gig in Queensland’s Gladstone has copped some criticism with some residents lashing out at the trio for subjecting them to “horrific noise pollution”.

As reported by The Gladstone Observer, about 3000 people attended the Marley Brown Oval Sunday night gig, which wrapped up at a reasonable 8.10pm. While many punters seemed thrilled with the show, a handful of local residents were very vocal on social media and the paper’s own comment section about their disapproval.

“What an appalling blatant display of disregard for residents was this horrific noise pollution which we were subjected to (Sunday) afternoon and last night!” Progressagain from Clinton posted. “I would not be surprised if the whole of Gladstone could hear the non-stop screeching and foul mouthed so called… performers spewing out brainless rubbish at top decibels.” “Who on Earth gave permission for this onslaught on public ears and on a Sunday?” added BoomNkaboom from Boyne Island. Some local residents took to social media to defend the Hoods, applauding them for stopping by to play in a regional town.

“People should be glad a big named group actually came to play in this town, and being they have played here and got a good response, might of paved the way for other big named acts!” posted one fan. According to a poll taken by the Observer, 75% of readers agree.

Hilltop Hoods took to their Facebook page to respond to some of the complaints, diplomatically conceding both sides of the argument. “I’m not having a go at the people that complained by the way, it’s their community and they’re entitled to their opinion,” reads the statement.

“I can see both sides. I have a park in my backyard and it has a lot of events that I’m not exactly stoked on. But at the end of the day you’re in a community, and sometimes people in the community have different tastes to you. I guess that sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.”

Hilltop Hoods’ national tour continues at the Hordern Pavilion, Sydney this Friday, 24th October.


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