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Hertz Car Sales, a division of The Hertz Corporation, regulates the sales of certified used vehicles previously used in the Hertz car rental fleet. Hertz Car Sales is based out of The Hertz Corporation's headquarters in Estero, Florida. The largest operating market is in North America, with over 75 dealer locations in the United States and Canada, with additional locations in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

A former employee said this in a review: "If you are a hard worker in Hertz Car Sales, they will take advantage of you. You can get overtime but that means no breaks. You’re lucky if you have a 5 minute lunch break. Managers are not present most of the time and do whatever they want. They are usually rude and mean when they are present. Especially if management actually has to work".


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Former Employee - Customer Care Representative says

"I feel the company only values making revenue. They could care less about their employees and customers for that matter. They repeatedly put employees in situations where they overbooked cars. With today’s technology this should not happen on a repeated basis. I had to tell customers (and many of them used to be frequent) that I couldn’t honor their reservation because we were all out of cars."

Current Employee - Car Sales says

"Poor upper management. Not in touch with the real world. They are spreadsheet warriors . Don’t care about their employees."

Former Employee - General Manager Car Sales says

"HR department needs a complete revamping, Outdated technology, Pay is sometimes delayed up to two months because thats how long it takes them to tally off the books."

Current Employee - Car Sales Representative says

"Where does one start. Management is the worst by far one could ever deal with. Too many levels trying to take ones hard earned money. None have any respect or positive things to say. For a sales environment, it is like the movie glen Gary glen Ross. Constant negativity."

Former Employee - Car Sales says

"Worst place I had ever worked. Outside upper management was clueless as to what was really going on. As long as sales were being produced I don't think they even cared. Restrooms were not supplied properly, no drinking water available, a/c did not work, customers complained about it, but were happy with their car deal and salesman. Pay was okay but not great compared to the industry norm."

Former Employee - Car Sales says

"Poor management. Didn't even supply restrooms properly or have drinking water for customers and employees. After begging several times, they would supply them but only temporarily. Several customer complaints. Very unethical and possibly illegal at times."

Former Employee - Customer Care Representative says

"Management does not care about employees, completely non-transparent workplace structure, low salaries for the work, understaffed company, onsite doctor is not even giving a pregnant woman with fever a day off, inhumane conditions"

Former Employee - Car Transporter says

"Minimum pay and maximum weekly hours are around 20."

Former Employee - Car Cleaner says

"Hard work, pay could be better"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Unqualified people getting promoted because they are friends with the RVP. Eveyone sees right through it that these people are simply not qualified to take on these roles but they are in her circle. The history of this happening runs deep and nothing has changed.Peers who support each other to survive evey dayRVP is unethical."

Utility Worker (Former Employee) says

"Si quieren estancarse en un sitio durante años con un sueldo super bajo , y sin ningun avance este es su sitio de trabajoNingunoUn monton"

Manager in Training (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balanceYou won't have a work life balance, be prepared to work 50 hours plus.● Pay & benefitsNot enough money for the amount of work and abuse you get from customers and coworkers.● Job security and advancementthey make you believe you can promote and grow in the company. complete lies, one person higher up recommended I move a head and because my manager didn't want to hire someone I had to stay.● ManagementHorrible Only saw a few good managers.● OverallHorrible they lie one step after another, only work here if desperate. They lied about getting positions and growth and most manager suck, only a few out of the whole country. you can do great and get more responsibility but never move up in position and will be doing a job you should be getting double or triple for. They only care if you super kiss butt, but will through you under the bus even of not your fault."

Impiegata Customer service (Former Employee) says

"Esperienza molto positiva finché negli anni 80 la direzione era a ‘ conduzione famigliare ‘ ceduta a brokers finanziari tra cui leman brothers , la direzione ormai cambiata non ha più considerato il front Office passando dagli uffici senza più nemmeno salutare . I più esperti e professionali con scusa inesistenti sono stati bersagliati è costretti a lasciare a freno te dei nuovi contratti esentasse. Evoluzione scadente ed impersonale ,Negli anni 1986 eccellenti, possibilità di straordinari in poi nessunoGestione locale e centrale roma pessima e volubili come le bandiere al vento"

Management Associate 2 (Current Employee) says

"Hertz does not allow advancement. Only with certain select employees that they feel can make them the most money, and then they will turn right around and fire them after they think they are not doing enough. The downtown Portland Location and 122nd and stark street are both locations that have been set up for disaster due to the drug use and violence in the area. Employees are rude, as well as management. No time for over-time, and they try and give you as much work as they can while trying to pay you the least that they can. Very unprofessional. Also, due to covid-19, when a customer rents a car and returns it, they will rent it right back out the same exact day when they are supposed to let it sit for 3+ days (72 hours). Opportunity for driving nice vehicles, 40% employee discountHealthcare, low-pay, high stress environment, short on team members who constantly call in sick."

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company does not care for you as a employee. Upper Management only cares about revenue and not developing their employees. Frequently changing goals and job titles. Office will typically open at 730AM and close at 7PM. They will only hire 2 employees to work these long hours with no help or breaks. Most locations are cleaning these vehicles outside in this New England weather. They have corporate employees who will charge customers regardless of circumstances and leave the Branch Manager to explain why the customer was just charged thousands of dollars. They do not describe surcharges or till fees to customers leaving them questioning there rentals. Training is terrible and they do very little of growing employees.NoneNo breaks. Outside cleaning cars in suits. Long hours. No structure at all."

Manager Associate (Current Employee) says

"This place does not have full support from upper management the Commission is horrible you stay in one positionfor too long pay stays the same you have to sell your soul to see even an alright commission check from this placeit is a good first job for a young college student but anyone one else do not waste your time over worked an under paid. Get to drive fun cars great discount to rent almost any vehiclehorrible about breaks pay is not all that no support from upper management commission is horrible"

Float driver (Former Employee) says

"One of the worst places I've ever work for in my entire life very poor management a lot of bullying and nothing but huge huge shell they don't need you then lay you off call you slowed no work meanwhile they put someone else in your place unbelievable company to work for nothing but disappointment and bad times pay and stupid hoursNonePoor management"

Retail Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Upper management is horrid. No wonder why they are filing BK. The upper management team has no clue on what goes on in the different regions. Employees are harassed and HR does not do a thing about it.3 weeks vacationsUpper management"

MA 2 (Current Employee) says

"This company has a problem looking out for its employees... all through the crisis there was no support from the company. No hazard pay, no calls to check on us. But yet we still have to deal with entitlement. We still have Gold Members who feel like they should get an extra chicken nugget because they are gold members .. the customers forget they talk to adults and will sooner than later get a responses they was asking for . This job is not worth it , if you ask me and i still work for them . Weekly payEverything"

Instant Return Representative (Former Employee) says

"Punctuality is preferred over job performance. Not sense of job security. People are allowed to create hostile working environment and not receive the proper consequences."

Management Associate (Current Employee) says

"If I could give Hertz 0 stars I would. Say goodbye to your life outside of work because almost every location is understaffed and management does not care. They will work you to the bone until you break, everyday you are set up for failure because of management and you will get the short end of the stick time and time again. So run and don’t look back!!NoneSucks the life out of you"

Flex Associate (Current Employee) says

"When you start you don’t receive proper training in the work place, they have you working every weekend. The management do no try to help and if you have to go to the bathroom (I hope you have a strong bladder) you have to wait for someone to relieve of your post. The most enjoyable part of the job is when you are going home to get away from that toxic placeNo pros with this companyMost times you don’t get a break"

Branch Manager Trainee (Former Employee) says

"Terrible work life balance, the management does not care for their employees and will be very biased against employees they like and dont like. This is a bad company to work for, I would never recommend anyone work or rent from hertz. Hostile work environment and when I worked there, I was punished for attempting to uphold the company policy and apologized for by my manager. Training is minimal, and yet you will constantly find yourself stranded at the desk and not able to get a manager if you need one. If you do ask too many questions, they will act like it is a waste of their time and that you are inconveniencing them terribly. I was the only female in my office which created problems between me, customers and managers. ( I had to deal with very sexist customers and no managers would come out of their office to assist.)NoneHorrible management, hostile work environment, waste of valuable job experience."

Counter Sales (Former Employee) says

"Company is a disaster. I resigned after I was disciplined for hanging up on an obscene customer. I told them I was Christian and I did not agree to service profane customers, They obviously did not care."

Manager Trainee (Former Employee) says

"Worst place I ever worked in , horrible mangment ! Long hours and min wage with a lot of expectations from management to do everything for them , poor treatment and very bad environment"

Director (Current Employee) says

"no worklife balance, as a manager or director you don't receive kudos for hitting or crushing goals. Your GM takes credit for things they didn't even do. If you hit the quarterly goals your bonus always seems to decrease every week. There is no support from Gm level or higher and your job security can disappear if your boss feels threatened by your success."

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was not valued as an individual contributor to the business my expertise was constantly in question pay and benefits are terrible no positive support from admin staff"

Gold Choice Lead (Former Employee) says

"As a previous employee I would not recommend renting nor working for this company. We work in conditions where managers don’t care but they’ll still over work us. They’ll lie to you face and never fix the issue. They tend to over book on our busiest days leaving the employees to scramble for cars. The pay rate is not what it should be for the amount of work we do. The company overall is dysfunctional and unorganized."

Transporter/Driver (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the Bedford Park Illinois Hertz location for Uber at the Pep Boys very unprofessional have no clue as to what they're doing tell you one thing then change it and then yell at you when you did not do what they told you to do pay is very I was abused and harassed by fellow employees and nothing was done horrible company"

Lloyd Barre says

"I was trying to purchase an automobile through here. I picked out the auto i liked, got approved for the loan through USAA, and made a reservation Thursday to take a test drive this morning at 9am. When I arrived at avis I was informed that the auto was not there, and no one knew when it would be available. I called and emailed I lthe trustpilot agent with no response. I called back again and had to escalate my problem to management. I received a call back saying that the car was in Chicago, and I would have to close my case. I made a loan specifically for this vehicle, plus out of 3 hrs of work traveling to avis. I am very disappointed in the service I received, and wonder why my bank would even promote these people! If I could put zero stars i would do so!"

Joe Higareda says

"I bought a 2019 Kia Forte Hatchback for $12,924 in mid-May (Avis Albuquerque) but refused their offer to sell me an extended warranty I was already given for free by the manufacturer. Tresl/IFS then sent the title transfer info to Albuquerque (my town), or so they said. It's going into the 4th month and my insurance company advised me that I stand to be fined and lose my driving privileges if I don't produce the title transfer data that they need. I suspect TRESL doesn't know where they sent the info. TRESL keeps ignoring my pleas. I'm driving without car registration and don't have my own car plates. Is it legal what they are doing? Can anybody suggest how I can return the car before they get me in trouble? This is now going into the 4th month and I am desperate."

TRACY says

"It’s been more than 2 months and no title or tags. Can’t even get anyone to respond to me. Terrible... I’ll be sure to let Enterprise know."


"I am 3 months in the process of paying cash for a vehicle. They accepted my paperwork, and accepted and cashed my check. But I still sit here waiting for title. I have my vehicle and a temporary tag that’s about to expire."

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