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Herbert H. Kohl (born February 7, 1935) is an American billionaire businessman and politician. Alongside the help of his brother and father, the Kohl family created the Kohl's Department Stores chain and Kohl went on to be president and CEO of Kohl's. Kohl is a former United States Senator from Wisconsin and a member of the Democratic Party.

The following article questions Mr. Kohl's decision to sell his team to Marc Lasry on tmj4.com, "Lasry is one of the three controlling partners, along with Wes Edens and Jamie Dinan, that purchased the Bucks from Herb Kohl in 2014 for $550 million. The lawsuit states that Lasry — along with other Weinstein associates — knew of the movie producer's "pattern and practice of predatory sexual conduct toward women" because of their relationship with him."


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