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Henri Giraud Champagne, a house managed by Claude Giraud from an old family settled in Aÿ for many generations, on a vineyard mainly located on the mountain of Aÿ.

Until 1887, wine from the Champagne region were called “wines of Aÿ”, and after this date, they acquired the designation “Champagne”.

Today, 323 Champagne wines can produce Champagne, but only 17 are legally classified “Grands Crus”. Aÿ, classified Grand Cru, is the geographic, qualitative, and historic heart of the Champagne region.

The Henri Giraud produces several Champagne qualities, but Premiers Grands Cru only selected a few, truthful to its Charter.

Some reviewers share their opinions about ¨Henri GiraudCode Noir Brut Champagne N.V.¨ in a an online wine marketplace and wine app: "Very simple Pinot. Too high dosage. I am a bit disappointed." "Nut juice with apples. A bit on the light end. Many bubbles. Lavender? Hmm expensive for the quality.." "Good wine but to expensive"

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