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Henri Bendel (pronounced BEN-del), established in 1895, was a women's accessories store based in New York City that sold the Henri Bendel brand of handbags, jewelry, luxury fashion accessories, home fragrances, and gifts. Its flagship New York store was located at 712 Fifth Avenue. Henri Bendel was the first retailer to have its own fragrance, to offer in-store makeovers, and to stage its own fashion show. The retailer is credited with developing the shop-within-a-shop merchandising concept that is in use in some department stores today.

Swamee very disappointed writes, "Henri Bendel was once a beautiful upscale department store boutique with upsacale and cutting edge cosmetics and clothing designers. Their perfumeries were to die for. NOW! It's an oasis for cheap handbags and decorative mundane. What happened?!."


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Sales Lead (Former Employee) says

"Where do I start? First, they don't pay you enough according to the cost of living in the area. Secondly, its obvious why they go thru so many management changes at this store. Other store managers come in and bully the management team and associates if they decide they don't like you. I was pressured into why I didn't personally want to open a store credit card. When I explained that I didn't want to be in debt I was told I couldn't possibly SELL a credit card if I didn't want one myself. Mind you I have years of sales experience and have ALWAYS been a top seller in my positions. They also pressure you into buying their product. Don't dare come in wearing another brand's bag or they will point it out. The "training" I received was rushed and unorganized. I was asked to go home after being FIVE minutes late (even though the store manager was consistently late coming back from lunch, but I guess that doesn't matter when you're trying to impress another manager and look like a big bad boss). So instead of sticking around and getting bullied, I thankfully had enough courage to quit. They don't actually care about their employees. They only care about numbers and being fake. Some will even walk right by you and not speak to you, but speak to the person standing next to you. The associates are catty and lie and accuse you of stealing sales. So glad to be out of there.nice productsgossip, drama, unrealistic sales goals"

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"Had a terrible experience working for them. Had a crazy Store Manager at Henri Bendel. I tried to report it, I even talked to HR several times nothing ever happened. I eventually left along with most of the other staff that Store Manager still works for them. Crazy!!!!!The discountEverything else including the product is cheaply made and tacky"

Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"I don't think this company truly understands their own culture. I feel like every few months they change policies and procedures. They do not value their employees and treat them well.discountshort breaks, pay, policy, procedures"

STORE Manager (Former Employee) says

"Was really excited to work for a company I loved shopping at. Unfortunately upper management expected assimilation within 30days of hire. They expected numbers being met regardless of a learning curve. There was basically not much training and when LP came to visit he didn't even seem to know what he was doing or talking about. Experience I had was dealing with a small store and employees who loved to gossip and were out for themselves. Upper management never even gave me a chance, even when I won contests or made sales.discountupper management; lack of leadership/coaching"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"henri bendel is not well known, and it is hard to sell products. High goals given daily and hard to achieve because product is defective. Corporate is not there to work with you"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Little to no support from upper management and home office. Continuously speak to team members with little respect. No solid role clarity and little to no training. Communication is inconsistent and mixed messages from all levels of management. High turnover. Lots of pressure from the company with no support or solutions. No interest in developing teams to become high performers. Somewhat discriminatory against minorities.Discount across brandsAll of the above"

Customer Service/ Sales/ Monogrammer (Former Employee) says

"No regard for common courtesy or quality of life. Unorganized, as there were 4 to 5 managers, hired and fired in less than a year. Preferential treatment was apparent , not enough loyalty or recognition to employees.The pay was decentUnorganized and unstable"

District Manager/Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"negative culture and climate with so much dysfunction from top to field I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone expectations are unrealistic with resources provided to store teamscompensation/benefitsmanagement/culture/unorganized in every aspect"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"HR/Corporate office only listens to upper management ,upper management being directly above store manager and does not care about what employee or employees are going through, despite reaching out to HR/Corporate offices and complaining about upper management. HR/Corporate team does not support the store team. Upper management runs stores like a dictator and makes the working environment hostile and stressful. Upper management expect you to know everything despite the lack of training. Upper management manages through fear and intimidation and is also vindictive . The work environment is not healthy and there is no constructive criticism the only feed back you get is, what you've done wrong or that everything is wrong. The customer connections and your peers are the only good part of the job is that is enjoyable. No one wants to work in a toxic environment with a bully as a leader.discountslack of leadership"

Marketing (Current Employee) says

"so many people have come and go since i have been here. too much work not enough people to help. days are long...nice co-workersno work / life/ balance.."

Store Co-Manager (Former Employee) says

"Quality of product is rapidly declining and upper level management/district managers are a joke!!!!! They closed the store and lied to us all for months about it. They only issue social media access to their baby in Beverly Hills which is the dumbest thing I’ve heard of since retail is dying and social media is the driving force for retail sales nowadays. HR/PR is a joke!!!!LBrands discountToo many to list"

Retail Manager (Former Employee) says

"It was fun to shop with the customers but the pay and management was awful. There would be days hat would be very slow and you would still have sales goals and you could get in trouble for not meeting your goals on stuff you had no control over. It was a good experience with some luxury items but a hard place to earn money.talk to a lot of peoplehorrible managment"

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Worked for the company for about 4 years. Had some great advancement opportunities. Co-workers were a dream to work with but supervisor was under qualified which hurt the department's morale within the store. Management is currently under construction which means that a lot of people are stressed feeling like they are going to lose their job.Great co-workers, Great customersUnder qualified supervisor, Too many changes within the company which led to stress"

Brand Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"I was hired to be the brand ambassador for the Christmas season one year, Management made me feel like they didn't understand my position even though I felt it was very well explained to them by HR. I wound up feeling very uncomfortable there because they really didn't invite me into what I sort of felt like was a little clicky and very uninviting.the buildingenviroment; management; team work"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Not really a positive experience, most of the managers were very belittling to employees and would make snarky comments to make employees feel uncomfortable (in front of customers). Were also very competitive with employees by asking them to do tedious tasks while we were in the middle of selling to customers. I've worked for great brands like Nordstrom and never had situations like those. I applied to other positions while working there and decided to leave because of poor management. I recommend hiring managers with more experience and maybe a degree in Management or at least Business.Beautiful brand and company valuesManagement"

Sales Associate/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"The management team knows nothing of whats going on they do not know what the associates are doing( stealing time ,stealing items, losing packages ,)Lbrands discountNo comunication at all"

Inventory Specialist, Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"No real advancement, lack state of the art technology and some individuals need to take training coarse on how to deal with people, other than that there are good days."

Retail Cost Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Great shopping benefits, management was divided and Accountant department was very small. When the word spread the company was going out of business everyone began to look for work."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I love working with this brand the only thing is they need to be fair with employees it’s not all about politics and give them a chance to get promoted. They should be the one who will be a good mentor.No commentBe fair with everyone"

customer service manager (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed the one on one contact with our clients. I had to fulfill special requests, made sure deliveries or alterations or special orders were delivered on time, solve problems, handle credit issues, etc. I enjoyed dressing for work. Tthe building was lovely and I enjoyed being in such a creative environment."

Kathey says

"In store service, exceptional!!! I had requested online/paperless billing. I received neither. I called when I received an email from collection for the $107.00 owed. I immediately paid my bill!!!!!!, and cancelled the account. I normally pay my bills when received. I receive their sale emails everyday though!
My credit score was dropped over 100 points!
!! I did not appreciate the business practice."

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