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Zwilling J. A. Henckels is a knife manufacturer based in Solingen, Germany. It is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of kitchen knives, scissors, cookware, and flatware, having been founded in June of 1731 by Peter Henckels. The brand's namesake was Johann Abraham Henckels (1771-1850), who renamed the brand after himself under his leadership.

"Shame on JA Henckels for lowering their standards to sell garbage..." says an anonymous "Amazon" user on a review on August 3, 2015:

"JA Henckels is known for chef-quality knives and usually costs a lot... I was not in need of any more knives, however when I saw the price and the maker I ordered them... These are not the same knives they would offer at any culinary store, they are cheap with light plastic handles. This is something I would expect to see at a five and dime from some no-name maker not from JA Henckels. To me, it is apparent that these were designed cheaply to sell at an inexpensive rate... Shame on JA Henckels for lowering their standards to sell garbage... They just lost me as a customer for life..."


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Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The manager always push to people to sell products. Sometimes they give the number you have to sell for the day. All the coworkers are good and they are very close each other but manager is different person. Always push people to make sales."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The management in the location I worked at was just complete garbage. During my group interview with my friend, the manager kept making snarky comments. Initially we laughed thinking he was just making jokes. He said he puts time and energy into his team and expects them to stay long term. which is what i was looking for in the job, as lasting position. Once i started working there, I was getting 14 hours a week. Mostly 3-5h shifts. Which was very frustrating since it took me 4 hours to get to work using transit, and if i were to uber it was the cost of my 3h shift. Often times, when it was time for me to go home, my shift would be scheduled at such an odd time that I'd have to wait 2-3 for the next bus. I brought this to the managements attention and all the shifts I mentioned were cut. They weren't given to anyone else either. So it wasn't even like they needed someone to cover them and they just happen to be s****y shifts. They purposefully gave me those shifts. The location of the store was in a predominantly asian neighbourhood so all the employees there were asian with the exception of the manager himself and two other girls who had been there since the store opened. I was for the most part keeping up with the sales of other who had been working there before me. At the end of the night we had to sweet and mop the store. My friend and I were the only people who even did that properly and yet 2 months into the job we were both fired and more asian people were hired in our place. This place was down right discriminatory. All they care about is money and do not value their"

Territory Manager (Former Employee) says

"One of the worst experiences in my life, I felt the New CEO was out to get me from day one, No HR in the US when hired, my insurance paperworks were not filled on time. Was hired for one territory, was told I would have to cover serveral other states instead. The change over in upper management was a daily thing. My customers would be promised productlines and The CEO would yank them for no reason."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Dress code:Business casual +all black.This store has sales targets every single day,no bonus when you make it.Poor management in this location. The manager is very emotional and not knowledgeable at all.Staff didn’t get enough training.Head office have some principles while store managers have their own ones.Employees feel lost and really hard to follow along. Our Keyholders in this location had a very hard time with setting up displays,no enough support from our management team.When we asked for directions the manager would get angry. This store NEVER post the schedule on time.Sometimes on a Saturday we didn’t even have the schedule for Sunday and rest of the week.We can’t plan our life,we aren’t even able to make an appointment with a doctor. Not worth working there.Good brand, customers are nicePoor management, limited support form head office"

Warehouse - Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Not interested after working there over 8 months, there were no signs of getting hired even though I was a Team Leader under 3 months with no pay difference from when I started working as a regular worker.Poor payClueless"

Credit Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The management isn't the best. Salary is ridiculously low and will no doubt try to low ball you. Good thing is when you walk out of their you are not thinking about that job."

Digital Marketing & e-commerce Associate (Former Employee) says

"You can fully expect the workload of a senior level employee without the pay or title. Year after year of empty promises and excuses when it's time to pay you what you deserve. Also they still haven't figured out they are posting US Jobs to zwilling Canada... Work life balancePay, benefits, leadership"

Leiter Zentrallabor, Zwilling Gruppe (Former Employee) says

"Tagesablauf: Besprechungen von morgens bis abends gelernt: viele nette Menschen Management: keine Mitarbeiterorientierung Kollegen: sehr gutes miteinander, hilfsbereit, freundlich Job: das unmögliche möglich zu machen Job: die permanente Abwechslung und der internationale KontaktKeine Zusatzleistung, permanenter Druck von oben der über das normale hinausging"

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"I am a certified sous chef and went to this job thinking it could lead me into sales. There is no room for advancement and the compensation is terrible. There are no incentives for great performance except maybe more hours. There are no commissions or bonuses.Good coworkersNo benefits, poor compensation"

Key Holder Asst. Manager (Current Employee) says

"The people and co workers are all great we are all in the same boat being taking advantage of by a foreign company. There is no PTO, there is no paid holidays, and there is no compensation for going the extra mile at work. You work hard and get burned out quick because of being short staffed so the workers have to make up for that situation."

Marketing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"good solid company, must be willing to be flexible, open minded, innovative and hard working.no commentno coment"

產品推廣員 (Former Employee) says

"主要工作為向客人推廣廚具產品,清潔店面等。 工作期間需長期站立,不能坐下。如有一定銷售技巧及業績俑金抽成可觀。 需配合更表於港九新界不同地點上班。俑金抽成可觀工作地點浮動,工作期間需長期站立,晉升機會少"

File Clerk/Legal Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Friendly environment, friendly staff and friendly partners. Fast pace environment. Great benefits and 401k, competitive pay rates and insurance. Good place overall."

sale exacutive (Former Employee) says

"about German steel... with very good quality.. good quality product..."

Addetto Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"ambiente lavorativo buono ma che sfortunatamente non offriva nessuna possibilità di carriera"

Assistentin des Technik-Direktors (Former Employee) says

"komplizierte zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen. Die Arbeit an sich ist harmlos."