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Hedkandi is an English record label, events, and music brand owned by the Ministry of Sound. Its back catalog includes both artist albums and dance music compilations.

A user "dani72" recounts his thoughts about the Hedkandi label on the "Discogs" website on March 27, 2005:

"Hed Kandi is a pretty awful label which releases endless badly produced compilations of commercial house. Their own artists aren’t exactly great either. LnM Projects latest is so cheesy it makes me sick. That Fleetwood Mac song has been sampled/covered too many times already. If you want to see how the same sample can be used well (& in a less cheesy way) check out the Robbie Rivera & Axwell track 'Burning'. BTW what’s the story with their latest Winter Chill compilation, featuring Sugababes (????) & Natalie Imbruglia... Rubbish"


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