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Daniel Hechter Paris is a French fashion and lifestyle brand with 45 licensees worldwide. It sells men's and women's wear, accessories, and consumer goods. Since 1998, the former licensee - Otto Aurach ltd., headquartered in Miltenberg - owns the rights for the trademark.

Hechter has expensive clothes with very poor quality, Terence claims at

"I bought Daniel Hechter jeans 2 or 3 months back on my Truworths account, I paid R750 for a so-called quality branded jeans, boy was I wrong... I was under the impression that it's quality jeans and quality cost. After the first month of wearing the jeans, it started ripping all over, I thought it was my fault and took the jeans in to be repaired, a month later my 3rd time wearing the jeans it just kept ripping and left me confused. Today while sitting in a meeting as I was about to present a presentation I realized the jeans tore again without doing anything physical, I was so embarrassed left work and went to buy another branded jeans at another store, that cost me R300, much better quality than DH. I am now stuck with an expensive (and supposedly good quality) jeans of which gets holes in it every time I wear it... I've paid good hard-earned money for a branded jeans of which the quality sucks that I will no longer buy the brand Please advise on a solution, in fact, give me my money back."


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