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Heat is a 1995 American crime film written, produced, and directed by Michael Mann, starring Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Val Kilmer. De Niro plays Neil McCauley, a seasoned professional robber and Pacino plays Lt. Vincent Hanna, an LAPD robbery-homicide detective tracking down Neil's crew after a botched heist leaves three security guards dead. The story is based on the former Chicago police officer Chuck Adamson's pursuit during the 1960s of a criminal named McCauley, after whom De Niro's character is named. Heat is a remake by Mann of an unproduced television series he had worked on, the pilot of which was released as the TV movie L.A. Takedown in 1989.

Heat was released by Warner Bros. Pictures on December 15, 1995 and became a critical and commercial success, grossing $67 million in the United States and a total $187 million worldwide against a $60 million budget.

Lisa, an angry buyer for Amazon US, said this about Heat in August 2019:

"A movie for its time, but not beyond. This movie may have worked almost two decades ago, but even then, it wouldn't have appealed to everyone. It's a guy's movie - flat out; the women are all dependent on their men or needy. Character development is barely beyond adequate; a few good character scenes don't make up for the many that aren't. And then we have the cliche dedicated cop whose work focus drives a wedge through his marriage. A bad guy among thieves is a killer of prostitutes, which I found pointless as it served to make us hate him more, but did so uncreatively. Overall, the emotional tone is surprisingly flat and dreary for far too much of the movie; I had the impression this was supposed to contribute to a cool, serious tone to make characters and simple scenes, like long stretches of a guy walking or waiting, seem more important than they actually were. This type of movie cannot stand alone without extremely good character development and more energetic and interesting scenes. After hearing how great this movie was, I found little to second that vote."


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Employee (Current Employee) says

"The company overall underpays its employees. With what little they do pay us they have now reduced hours for hourly people and cut salary peoples pay by 25% for the last several months. Except for directors and VPs their pay was secretly only cut by 10% and they think no one knows that. The rumor is that there was a big secret meeting telling them not to say anything. The people making the most money got the smallest pay cut and upper management is oblivious to everything. They dont know what we do and the atmosphere is horrible. this company is a joke Cons: Pay, benefits, morale, leadership, management, no training, toxic, you name it"

Assembler (Current Employee) says

"They don’t care about their employees.... They expect you to do so much working Monday-Saturday most of the time don’t want to give nobody decent raises but the higher up I bet get generous wages... then they wonder why they can’t keep nobody working for them they don’t care about the people who work for them at all"

Parts (Former Employee) says

"After being a temp for almost a whole year doing a 15 dollar job for minimum wage for about 5 months I was let go due to several tardies that apparently we're accrued 3 whole months prior to my termination. Just odd I was only let go after I started to ask why I wasn't getting hired and just before my 1 year mark too. All while not receiving any benefits from the company. Still doesn't feel right."

Material Finisher (Former Employee) says

"Very unprofessional place to work. Not organized at all. The work place doesn't have particular dress code or safety committee. The workplace is mostly run by what seems to be unfair, prejudice people"

Welder (Former Employee) says

"Management is horrible they don't care about your personal life family work mandatory all time except them don't care about employee and favor others who kiss there butts alot of favoritism"

Welder (Former Employee) says

"They are a completely unprofessional and will lie cheat and steel from you any chance they get. It is a horrible and unsafe place to work. Management fights to stay in the past and are nothing but a bunch of bullies. If you don't work there insane hours then your worthless no matter how hard you work. Stay away!!! Cons: Management, low pay, long hrs"

ANON (Former Employee) says

"Sales manager gone, engineering manager gone, industrial manager gone, quality engineer gone, safety coordinator gone, supply chain manager gone , operations manager gone, all gone since Aug 2017. Clearly this company has some issues going on. Customers unhappy with the lack of timely deliveries.No raises in 3 years, safe harbor savings taken away. Cons: Non"

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"Chronic days of due to lack of work then when there is work they'll expect six days a week from you. There is no consistency and most will struggle to get hours. There has been no raises in three years. Management pretends to care sometimes then their true colors show. Cons: You may not want that job as this is a toxic workplace and there is no way to advance"

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"Worst job I've ever had. Pay very low, benefits suck, favoritism very high, advancement non-existent, management is clueless, morale terrible, HR department is a joke, policies enforced and changed depending on who you are...if you are in the small clique, you are untouchable, if not, you'd better worry about being harassed and/or fired if the clique decides it's your turn to be bullied or fired. Cons: Pay; benefits, advancement, clique environment, no raises, bullying, favoritism, management"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The company is in a tight spot right now and the leadership does not seem to have a recovery plan in play. Leadership is lacking and "global" support does not exist. Cons: Poor leadership, financially struggling, no recovery plan, sales people are not held accountable for lost accounts."

Production Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I faced many challenges that were above me. It just wasn't a good fit for neither one of us. In addition, I went through two life changing events during my employment at API. Cons: Lack of Management support"

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"One could expect a typical day at API Heat Transfer to be very busy and fast paced.. A good part of the morning you can expect to read emails to mid morning. Answering help tickets and phone calls from anyone of the locations nationally and globally. laptop, servers, workstations, switches, all need daily attention on one level or another. Expect 12 hour days and working some weekends"

Tester (Former Employee) says

"anywhere from monthly to weekly harassment from a coworker, including hate crime harassment. same coworker sending his friends to retribution harass when you don't like his personal harassment. management doing nothing about it because his aunt is the HR manager. supervisor that will fire people they personally don't like, though their work is acceptable. keeping employees as temp (at a lower pay rate) for much longer than promised, 5-6 months instead of 3. Cons: short breaks, healthcare, high employee turnover rate"

Manufacturing Engineer (Former Employee) says

"A culture of making numbers look good even if underlying quality and amount of scrap was bad. Also not honest with government inspectors."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Poorly managed, Ready, Fire Aim should be company vision statement.Continue to add upper level management and reluctant to add worker bees, Moral is horrendous. Cons: Upper management is clueless"

Planner/Scheduler (Former Employee) says

"API has been heading downhill since the last change in ownership. Currently running into problems getting materials to build and ship product. Out if town upper management seems clueless as to the problems. 4 CFO’s in 5 years. Pay raises only if you resign, 3 % reduction in 401k contribution. Cons: The end is near."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company; full of liars and cheaters. Management is lazy, incompetent and will sabotage employees work to make themselves look better while expecting their employees to work seven days a week. They are a culture that promotes chauvinism and favoritism. The facility is filthy and in disrepair; even lighting in the offices does not work. Computer systems are obsolete. They provide almost no training or support to new employees and degrade them if they cannot perform to expectations. Treats union members like dirt. Do not even bother applying here. Very high employee turnover. Terrible benefits. Barely a 401k match. Cons: Everything"

Set up/Operator of machines (Former Employee) says

"The said things were on the up swing but the next day they laided off more people. I don't like being lied too. Plus poor attitudes didn't help. Very unstable company."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"I gave API nearly 20 years of my best working days...no recognition for a job well done.Myself and others always stepped up to the plate to get the job done when needed...new management dissolved their key people."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"It was frustrating as a new hire to have your direct manager show you your new work space, and then provide zero training or direction. Manger would often not show up or be available to attend scheduled one-on-one meetings. The company as a whole is very reactive vs proactive which fostered errors. No processes or procedures implemented. Management turns blind eye to the fact the moral is so low; employees don’t show up for work. Cons: Behind in technology. Upkeep of the facility is poor."