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In 1991, Healthy Life Bread was introduced by Lewis Bakeries, Inc. as the first fat-free reduced-calorie bread. In its initial debut, Healthy Life quickly won over customers searching for a bread which was not only diet-friendly, but also tasted great. Healthy Life sandwich and hot dog buns quickly followed sliced bread into the market during the 1990s.

In March 2000, Healthy Life Bread was the first to market “carb-dieting” bread, making it the first reduced-carbohydrate bread in the country, perfect for low-carb dieters. During the 2000s, Healthy Life added new flavors to its lineup, and focused even harder to bring consumers the healthiest breads possible. This decade saw the whole grain stamp added to packaging and the removal of high fructose corn syrup from all Healthy Life breads.


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