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Robert W. Hayes is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) based in San Jose, CA. He offers tax services such as tax planning & preparation, international taxation, and consulting.

Monica S. of San Jose shares her experience and warns potential clients to steer clear of Hayes CPA:

Incompetent and rude. His errors cost us money. He has no redeeming qualities. He bought the business from Mary Walker, who was great. So we just transferred over to him. From day 1, he was a disaster--and he doesn't even know it. For your sake, and for the sake of your money, find someone else.

1) At our very first meeting, he was very ill-tempered, short with me and raising his voice. At one point, I stood up and said something similar to, "I can see that you are having a bad day. I am sorry to bother you. I guess I can look for another tax preparer or come back when you are feeling better." He stood up and, while not apologizing, he told me that that would not be necessary and his demeanor did change. He has gotten upset with both me and my wife. My wife and I have been very patient with his little tantrums. I am certain this is an issue in his life; that is, that people have called him on his short temper and/or disposition. He really needs to learn how to treat people. His people skills are in dire need of great improvement.

2) He got upset when I said to him, "I received a Notice of Tax Return Change. Why did I get the refund? Is it because you flipped the digits on our estimated tax payments?" He never researched the issue, just got upset with me.

3) I sent him this email on March 13: "Hello, When I dropped off our tax documents at your office, I had all my documents in a blue hanging manila folder with a tab that says, "INCOME TAX". Do you have it?"

His response: "I really couldn't tell you. My admin is out due to the schools being closed and there are more urgent things requiring attention than looking for this."

When I asked him for my original documents again today, he replied, "We are done."

4) He rarely returns emails. I have to write him more than once to get a reply.


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