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The Atlanta Hawks are an American professional basketball team based in Atlanta. The Hawks compete in the National Basketball Association as a member of the league's Eastern Conference Southeast Division. The team plays its home games at State Farm Arena.

Less said, "I just had the absolute worst experience from a box office employee of the Atlanta Hawks. I arrived at the box office this morning to purchase tickets at 915am because the Philips Arena website states the box office opens at 9am. I was a bit surprised that the "hours of operation" decal on the window states that box office doesn't actually open until 930am, but hey whatever I can wait 15 minutes, no problem. I stood next to the Dominique Wilkins statue until someone opened the blinds at 933am. As I approached the window I was "greeted" by a woman with extremely poor body language and equally bad attitude who said, "yes, may I help you?" I responded with a warm smile and a "good morning" figuring she was just having a bad day. She in turn rolled her eyes and simply asked, "Yes, how may I help you?" I then asked if they had any tickets for the April 1st game against the Cavaliers. She responded with, "sir that game is in April" to which I replied, "yes, I know.... I'd like to buy tickets to that game." Again she rolled her eyes at me and said, "we don't have tickets for sale for that game yet" I responded with ,"ok cool, when do tickets for that game go on sale?" She then gave me the eat shit look while shrugging her shoulders and said, "I don't know." Needless to say I said, "thank you" and walked away before my attitude kicked in.

I absolutely cannot believe the Atlanta Hawks would hire such a miserable human being to represent the franchise on the "front line." I have had Atlanta Falcons season tickets for 14 seasons and one thing I know for sure is Arthur Blank would not have someone with such poor customer service skills be in a position to face potential customers. I intended on purchasing 3 tickets for the April 1st game to surprise my son who's birthday is on the same day.... we will be going to see the Braves play opening weekend instead."


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