Havana Club

From Everything.Sucks

Havana Club is a brand of rum created in Cuba in 1934. Originally produced in Cárdenas, Cuba by family-owned José Arechabala S.A., the brand was nationalized after the Cuban Revolution of 1959. In 1993, French owned Pernod Ricard and the government of Cuba created a state-run 50:50 joint venture called Corporación Cuba Ron. They began exporting this version of Havana Club globally, except for the United States due to the embargo put in place by the U.S. government. Bacardi, another Cuban family which had left Cuba after the Cuban revolution, after purchasing the original Arechabala family Havana Club recipe, also began producing Havana Club Rum in 1994, a competing product made in Puerto Rico and sold in the United States. Bacardi and Pernod Ricard have engaged in ongoing litigation about ownership of the name “Havana Club”.

A tourist shared this review on facebook, "It's tasty but not quite great. One of the first rums I added to my collection. The taste is just okay, nothing special about it."