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Customer service, stocking, cashier (Former Employee) says

"This location had several issues within the management staff. Duties changed based on which manager was working that day. Job requirements were inconsisitant."

LIFESTYLE ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) says

"this store is no longer available to work for as they have closed down in the recent years nationwide. It was fun while it lasted, learned a lot of computer stuff"

Front Lead (Former Employee) says

"Good luck cause they are all closed now, so if you have a job there I don't know what to tell you but run and look for something else, while I was working there the job was great, co workers was great, hours suck. Cons: Bad Store Manager, Closed"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"They are out of business now, but working there I met some great people, good staff, good managers and always enjoyed being able to help customers with whatever movie/book/music/etc needs."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I would run the cashier and do all transactions at the front of the store . Cons: Holiday helo."

Video and front counter associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for a year and all I can say is that is awful. I dreaded going to work. I got way underpaid and would get 24 hours a week if I was lucky. They hired so many people at one time that the staff that was trained and knew what they were doing got hours cut so the new staff could learn. It was an unfair place to work. The customers were rude the store manager didn't care about you unless you kissed the ground he walked on and the other staff didn't do their job so you pretty much had to run the whole store by yourself. Besides WalMart this was the worst job I had ever worked at. Cons: It was an awful place to work"

Parent (Former Employee) says

"A typical day as a homemaker requires constant care & attention. It entales hard work, hospitality, administration & management experience. But overall, the joy about doing this job is having the flexibility to do it where you like when you like."

book manager (Former Employee) says

"when i worked there i was in high school and they expected me to be at work at the same time as i was suppose to be in school. Cons: the rude customers and bosses"

Fork lift operator (Former Employee) says

"Hastings was a comfortable company to work for. I didn't agree with the amount of pay for my work ethic. It was a fast paced company to work for, and fair company to work for besides the pay."

Café Manager (Former Employee) says

"Terrible work place, no morale values and will fire you with very little provocation. no respect for employess"

Barista/Café Manager (Former Employee) says

"I liked my job but no room for advancement or pay increase. Needed change Cons: no room for advancement"

Customer Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"Although there were excellent people to work with. There was a constant revolving door of store managers, who were never there. Pay was insulting with hardly any raises."

Front Counter Manager (Former Employee) says

"Its a fun place and sometimes not so great. Working with people form all around the world. From different countries and ethnics its a great place to lean something new. It is very enegetic sometimes as well. Building air conditioners and heaters to furnices."

Sales Clerk (Former Employee) says

"My time was very brief as I was very young and did not have much experience in the work place. The short time I was there, I experienced a fun work place full of dynamic people with a wide range of knowledge."

Counter Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"Company is no longer in existance and so there really is nothing to say. except they were good while they were here. They picked favorits and if you weren't one you didn't get promoted"

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"They may promise you advancement or a higher salary, but they will not give it to you. They ended up sticking me with the closing bathroom cleaning jobs for the final weeks of my work there. That is when I decided it was not worth it to go in 3 hours a week and clean up after everyone."

Video Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not much room for advancment once you make dept manager. You get stuck"

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"AFFES is ok Cons: bad management, bad benefits, lack of hours"

Lifestyle Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Everything wasn't terrible about this job...but most of it was. I really enjoyed some of my coworkers. But the rest back stabbed, passed the buck and were lazy and rude. I enjoyed my backroom manager and my lifestyles manager. The store manager I believed tricked me into getting fired. I'VE NEVER BEEN FIRED! Through a series of events I had been made to look like a thief and lazy. Everything there is a complete mess and totally out of order. The store manager is "always right" (to the point where the rest of the employees have to pick up the slack and raise each others moral by back biting it seems) and when something small isn't done correctly to his specifications(of which were always wrong) he blows up on you and made you feel like a total idiot. I looked forward to being at work when he wasn't. It literally made my day so good. When he'd show up he would ignore me and act like I wasn't there until he could find something to complain about, just to tear me down I think. When he wasn't doing it to me, he was making someone else feel bad. Everyone who has been there a while has said "you have to learn to tolerate him" or "That is just how he always is, don't take it personally". Never in my life have I been fired from a job, but never have I thought I'd be happy to leave that way from any job."

Casheir (Former Employee) says

"Roller blades are the hardest part of this job! Management is not very productive. Cons: Roller blades, Rude/lazy management"