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Harry London Candies, Inc. offers confectionery products. The Company produces and sells chocolates, fudge, candies, and other related products. Harry London Candies serves customers throughout the United States.

Shirley mentioned, "My first experience with Harry London Chocolates was not great! This assortment (the candy was not individually wrapped) was loose and was not pleasant to look at nor was it fresh to the taste. The candy got bumped around within the box during transit and a few pieces were stuck together. The bruised candy was unappealing and some of the chocolate was "light" in spots. It looked like it was stale. I ate a few but was not satisfied. I opened both boxes and found both to be equally poor. It wasn't worth the additional money to pay for return shipping considering I paid to have it delivered and I ate some. I just threw about 80% of it away. I had to eat my loss. Pardon the pun."


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Temporary Employee says

"The staff is very rude. Including the management. They whole employment place lacks communication & their not as clean as they claim to be."

Former Employee - Line Associate says

"Many many downsides, 10-10.5 hour days monday thru friday, manadatory saturdays up to 8 hours. Unpaid half hour lunch break, one 15 minute break before lunch, don't know what line you'll be on that day and can be moved when management wants. Unhappy people to work with. 8.50 an hour."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"Management in Canton, Ohio is very disrespectful to their people. Management expects their workers to work 14 hour days with little resources or training. Management is continually yelling at their employees because the employees cannot read their managers mind regarding what is needed for each project. The management that is in place should be fired!!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Turn-stile hiring. Management can be overbearing, overly demanding. Machinery out of date, not maintained well. No clear cut provision for awarding productive ability."

Former Employee - Laborer says

"If you work here don't do more then is required cause they don't like it and will get rid of you for no reason plus the place is nasty"

Current Contractor - Production Worker says

"the long hours and the noise"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"this company will let u make lots of money but they do not care about your life outside of it. during busy season the MAKE u work 60+ hrs a week and sometimes 7 days a week . all they care about there is there profit for example I worked next to a lady who has been there 25 yrs and she only made 8.60 an hr and that was just one person there are lots more they take all advantage of there employees. management makes 100,000 a yr while the people that really run the company make 7.85. I was only there a yr before I moved up to machine op . I loved running the machine and I was really good when I got the machine it only had a rate of 116 per min when I left it it had a rate of 167 per min my only problem was my first day they put me in front of it telling me how to turn it on turn it off and change the film I got NO training at all everything I learned I learned on my own by watching it run reading the book and internet. over all I loved my job just not the company I worked for !lots of overtime so good moneythey MADE you work the overtime"

Line Associate (Former Employee) says

"Minimum wage job must work overtime or they walk u out. The work isn't horrible but management is not great. They only have 2 shifts so all overtime is mandatory."

Director of Cost Accounting (Current Employee) says

"Manufacturer of high quality candies and confections Highly respected retailer in greater Chicago and surrounding area"

Candy Packer (Former Employee) says

"Seasonal work, around 9 months. Managerial staff was qualified and fair. Work is repetitive and usually 10 hour shifts. Training was the usual week and special care was taken and thorough.free candyno smoking on premises"

Line Assembly (Former Employee) says

"I love greeting to Know people and put them in better mood by just asking how day went love learning about people also not just the customers but the team members in each departmentDiscountsShort breaks"

Machine operator (Former Employee) says

"Good place to work...although it's fast paced it's good learning experience for line production.....house keeping and cleanliness is one of the most important things there...."

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