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In Greek mythology, Harmonia (; Ancient Greek: Ἁρμονία) is the immortal goddess of harmony and concord. Her Roman counterpart is Concordia. Her Greek opposite is Eris, whose Roman counterpart is Discordia. There was also a nymph called Harmonia. According to Apollonius of Rhodes, she was a naiad of the Akmonian Wood who was a lover of Ares and mother of the Amazons.


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Manager (Former Employee) says

"Here is an example of a company that claims it is American, but is not. Haemonia is given minority favoritism and are handed our tax money/contracts and bring H1-B visa immagrants to american and take away jobs that can be done by US citizens. You must speak Hindi to make it with this company. Abusive managers and work environment. Beware. Cons: Work environment and descriminate against people who do not speak Hindi."

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"Workers are mostly h1b's who are treated like slave labor. Managers yell at people on a daily basis (literally yell at people) and threaten to fire you for anything. Management does not respect each other or any of their employees. They also make the employees create fake reviews to make people think the company doesn't suck. Cons: Long hours. Extremely poor management"

Systems Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Very strange and unique company. A lot of H1B Visa workers for a government contractor. Management acts immature and yelling is the choice of communication. The COO is nasty. Cons: Management, cheap labor"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Money is the ONLY focus of management - not quality, not employees. If they can find cheaper, less experienced options, they will and you'll be gone ASAP. They get in the door on these contracts with experienced people, then whittle them away to make more money with inexperienced young people from overseas. If you're over 50, beware, you'll be out of there soon. Cons: Management"

Individual Contributor (Former Employee) says

"My position on this contract was as a Harmonia professional individual contributor. The work was located in the client's secure facility. The Harmonia management team seemed poorly defined and inflexible. The firm did not seem sincere regarding their life/work balance policies. An inadequate amount of personal time off was exacerbated by a no sick leave policy. The actual use of personal time off included some unreasonable restrictions. Harmonia management consistently over reacted with the imposition of punitive employee restrictions in response to client generated scuttlebutt and rumors. On multiple occasions Harmonia employees were falsely maligned by client personnel who were not qualified to evaluate Harmonia employee performance or work products. Harmonia management was not receptive to examining or evaluating inefficient firm imposed work processes. On the brighter side of things, the professional Harmonia associates I worked with directly were highly skilled, highly professional, and highly motivated. Unfortunately, most individual contributors were, in my opinion, under appreciated by the Harmonia company. Cons: Negative office politics resulting in stressful work environment, inadequate leave policies"

Software Developer (Former Employee) says

"Turnover is high. Management is volatile, and will verbally abuse employees. The senior developers are good, you can learn a lot from them. I have no idea why they stay in this dysfunctional environment."

Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"a typical day at work"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Rating is my review."

Program/Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"Harmonia is a good company to work for with a great support team. Employees have direct access to senior leadership. Great opportunity for growth and professional development."