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Hard Rock Casino is the title of several gambling video games released between 2003 and 2007 and based on the Hard Rock Cafe brand. The first Hard Rock Casino game, developed by MumboJumbo and published by Jamdat Mobile for Microsoft Windows, was released in the United States in 2003. The game was subsequently published by MacPlay for Macintosh in the United States, in January 2004. Later in 2004, Jamdat Mobile developed and published a version for mobile phones in the United States.

DrEnDebe, an angry buyer for Amazon US said this in 2013 after he purchased Hard Rock Casino on this site:

"Disappointing and I wish I hadn't bought it. Disappointing game with amateurish gameplay. Graphics are okay but you can have more fun playing solitaire than this. Looks elsewhere if you enjoy casino games - even online games are better produced than this game. I wish I hadn't purchased this... "


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