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Hangame is a popular South Korean online game portal operated by NHN Corporation. Launched in December 1999, Hangame offers casual, first-person shooter, MMORPGs, sports, and other genres. With over 20 million members and a peak concurrent user base of 290,000 in South Korea, it is the country's largest game portal. Hangame also has affiliates in Japan (NHN PlayArt).

Hangame has favoritism for Korean employees, and foreign employees are micromanaged due to a lack of trust, the office is awful and the location is terrible, according to a review by a former employee at glassdoor.com

"It's very clear that there are two companies here. One for Koreans, and one for everyone else. For Koreans, promotion is possible and rapid, they seem to be included in culture and social life. You have no autonomy, trust, or the ability to do your job. They will assign a Korean worker to 'double-check' everything you do. The office is the worst. It's a terrible location. The elevators break down daily. The bathrooms are constantly closed for work."


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