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Hanes (founded in 1900) and Hanes Her Way (founded in 1985) is a brand of clothing.

April J., says, "My recommendation is to stay away from Hanes.com. Although the company conducts a vigorous and enticing advertising campaign, little attention or resources are devoted to customer service. Recently company took 21 days to delivery an order. When order had to be returned due to problem, company never acknowledged receipt of it. Additionally, no information concerning the order was posted on company's website, and it was virtually impossible to reach anyone by phone due to interminable hold time. My email communications resulted in responsiveness by company, but also false claims of reimbursement. A refund was finally issued to my credit card a month after delivery of the return. This company uses COVID-19 precautions as reason for delays and poor service. However, I think something more serious is going on."


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SOX Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The CEO and management have ancient thinking and are challenged with 21 Century thinking for instance: working remote, using social media to market and advertise, and grow the company. The stock shares continue to decrease because they're trying to run the company like it was ran in the 30 years ago. They're always behind the 8 ball."

Quality Control Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Well if u dont want or need to work fulltime, love layoffs , dont mind not bein properly trained and havin your butt constantly chewed out then you will love working at HBI. The management is terrible and the HR lady is the rudest woman Ive ever met. The Clarksville plant is a joke. And if you are a temp you are treated even worse. Its the absolute worse place Ive ever worked!"

Knitter (Current Employee) says

"No teamwork, management doesn't care about employees. Minimum pay for work you do. Bad moral, no incentives. No shift premium for working night shifts"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Store Manager not a good person, doesn't care about employees and never works with the customers and has no people skills. And doesn't work with employees, in office all the time"

Pick Packer (Former Employee) says

"People will sabotage you for their own personal gain. I was injured on the job and still had to continue to work in order to keep my job. Awful place to work and little pay. Management supervisors are unprofessional and catty."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor: management organizational skills Communication (between district/ store manage) Over all the company isn’t that great to work for. It’s extremely out dated in many different ways."

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"When I was first hired I was told so many different things about a flexible schedule. The management would change the schedule around with no notice. Sometimes you wouldn't even know about the schedule change until it was the new time you were scheduled. The pay for a key holder was a dollar above minimum wage. Maternity leave was a complete disaster. They had me call I believe 3 different people in HR before I could even get answers on if I could take it or not. They would not work with lifting restrictions while pregnant. The store manager would make up her own policies to on coupons, and on the daily policies in the store. One day you were supposed to do it one way and something completely different the next day. The manager and assistant manager were constantly having disagreements about anything and everything going on in the store. There were times people just didn't show up for their shifts due to management. I have debated putting this review up but I feel like people should know what they are getting themselves into when they take a position at Hanes."

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company, my manager was hated white people. And the company did nothing about it. Always walking on pins and needle. Complaints number of times nothing was done about it. Pay was bad."

Vap Operator (Former Employee) says

"They need to pay more and have more helpful people that will actually help someone then the trainers they have now trying to be someone parents. Everybody is grown. Some of the employees are old enough to be the trainers parents and the trainers, leads, supervisors got nasty attitudes."

Administrative Assistant IT Group (Former Employee) says

"Contractors were put at table not desk that was not big enough to work at. Left out of activities but expected to be a part of the team. No communication."

General Laborer (Former Employee) says

"They blacklisted me because i never gave them my badge back. Never trained. Always spoke spanish but even though i understood nobody else did. Senority over everything."

Packer/Picker (Former Employee) says

"I was made a floor trainer but when the lead that did so switched shifts, they took my job from me and there are many people there that pick and are spiteful towards certain ones."

PART TIME SALE LEAD ( Key holder) says

"The women I worked with were awesome, but the Store manager was terrible I would never work there or recommend it to someone it. If you’re thinking about it don’t!"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"After working weekends holidays and 10 and 12 hours a day hard work you would assume someone went off of you as secure permanent position after 2 years"

Quality Control Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Didn't like Hanes they didn't treat you good at all even when you had to go to the doctor they still took points when they said if you had a note they would exscuse it"

Equipment Operator (Current Employee) says

"Would not think twice about leaving here. There is very poor management in this company and they don't seem to care about their employees. They don't give you any time off to spend with your family. Only managers and supervisors get weekend's off"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The managers are sometimera and the employees are messy .. they are very shady people and the managers are lazy , the sit in the back and talk on the phone with their “husbands” while the associates do all the work ...and then they get mad when you get tired"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Store manager stays in the office for hours and gets mad at you when you ask for help on the sales floor. Open door policy is a joke with the company.Helping customersNot having help on the sales floor because store manager is in the office setting down"

High Reach Operator (Former Employee) says

"You come into the job not knowing if you are going to be working all day. Supervisors didn't know what they were doing. Management would go along with whatever the Supervisors said even when they were wrong.NoneFull-time job but part-time hours"

Picker (Former Employee) says

"Their production is insane. They have a very high turn over rate. The majority of people working there are temps. Most people don't last because they can't make production.30 minute lunchProduction numbers are too high"

MG says

"Great t-shirts but Hanes online sucks. Yes these are very nice, thin, stretchy and long so they stay tucked in. However, never order from Hanes online. They are slow, customer service sucks and in general I would say there company is poorly run. My example, I ordered these t-shirts and it took almost a month for them to arrive. I called to inquire about my order and was told that due to covid they were slow in shipping. My general feelings about his excuse is that most companies are using this to provide less service for the same money. As for Hanes, the customer service rep told me they were surprised at the amount of online orders they were receiving and they weren't prepared. Surprised? Surprised that during this time people were ordering online and not out shopping. Where has there management been, hiding in their basement or living under a rock? Whoever is in charge of their operations should be immediately fired for not planning for this. I mean who wouldn't have thought during these times online orders would be greater than usual and made a plan for it."

Dr. Eric says

"Worst company ever. I have been buying products from hanes since I was a kid and I will never purchase anything from them again. Placed an order 2 weeks ago, it has yet to ship. Last monday they said it would ship by friday and today they said the same thing. In both cases I asked them to cancel the order and they refused and said they could not because it was "in the system". I work for a small non profit company and we ship items out frequently and so long as the item has not shipped you can always cancel the order. They use covid as an excuse but again we ship items out weekly and in no way shape or form does covid prevent us from shipping or slow the shipping process down. Lazy employees, garbage company. They will be out of business sooner than later."

PK PK says

"I placed an order on November 27th and nearly 2 weeks later my in stock order hasn't shipped. There is no communication about my why except the universal excuse covid-19. My 4 year old could have shipped this order by now. Exactly why everyone that I know have moved to tommy john and clown me for still using hanes products. I guess they are right hanes is old fashioned. Very disappointed in hanes. I do not recommend that anyone shop hanes"

Victoria Merrill says

"I purchased a bra from Kohls about 6 months ago and when I washed it (in cold water on the gentle cycle) in the washer, it totally fell apart. I've never had this happen. Paying $38 for a bra is outrageous to begin with, and then to have it shred? Unacceptable. I won't be purchasing that brand again!"

Kate says

"They shrink each time they are washed and become too small to wear after a handful of times wearing them."

Michael Lynn says

"Good luck with customer service. I spoke with Rosio about my order and she was not nice at all. I get people have a bad day at work but the job she was doing was dismissive and lacking any customer service in any respect. She just disconnects on me and does not even finish the chat. The only reason I was contacting Hanes was to ask why they would wait a week to tell me the matching sweatshirt was canceled and still send me the sweat pants after they canceled the shirt. Then I said I tried everything to put the coupon code in to get the 20 percent off and everything I tried doing would not allow it. I would have been fine with sorry and we will work to our very best. I mean something besides pure rudness."

Phoenix Jackson says

"Been a die hard Hanes customer for decades but I am never buying their products again. Quality has been going down while price is going up. Underwear briefs waistband unravell after just the 3rd wash. T-shirts say 100% cotton but clingy and stretchy like polyester. They are so thin you can literally see your skin thru them when they are on. Unacceptable, I'm Done wasting my $$ . Fruit Of The Loom is much better!"

Sam Russo says

"The hanes stuff I ordered at the same time as fruit of the loom was slightly better but that's not saying much. When you look 3 years back it is nothing but 1 star reviews so blaming covid is not a valid excuse for another once great company down the drain."

Greg says

"I ordered 4 long sleeve t-shirts. 2 steel gray and two charcoal gray. Both of the steel grey shirts had significant puckering in the stitching along the back of the neck. They looked silly and felt uncomfortable. The charcoal gray ones fit fine but they were 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The web page said 100% cotton. I hate polyester! Hanes has turned into a purveyor of cheaply made products with no quality control. I have returned everything. I just hope I get my refund."

Anita F says

"When the order is fulfilled with the WRONG ITEM, full refund is not given. Return shipping is charged when it is THEIR MISTAKE!!!"

Anthony dickinson says

"items claimed to be delivered and have not even a month after tracking said delivered it's still not arrived. Not trusted"

James says

"I've been waiting a month for my order to ship. Just got an email saying one of my items is unavailable despite them saying it was available when I ordered it. I will never order anything from these incompetent morons ever again and I suggest everyone else do the same."

Cas Nation says

"I ordered 3 bras only received one and it’s been a month"

Kristen says

"Shipped my items back for a refund and SEVEN WEEKS after they've received it, my money still has not been returned. There's a different excuse every time I call. This is borderline theft!... am I getting interest on this payment they owe me!?!?"

C says

"Looks like I'm here with everyone else looking for their covid socks in the mail. Ordered 3 weeks ago. Got my undies, no socks. Waited. Still no socks. Busy signal at all 1-800 numbers and the chat button on their website has been not a link for some time."

Greg Herman says

"I recently purchased a 6 pack of men's tagless boxer briefs and was VERY disappointed as to the quality of the waistband design. I had purchased this type previously that had a comfortable well made waistband but this latest one has a very rough inside band. I tried to get another pack the next week and had the same problem. Why the change? Cheaper not better? Is that the business plan? Sad testimony to a once great company."

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