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The halogens () are a group in the periodic table consisting of five chemically related elements: fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), iodine (I), and astatine (At). The artificially created element 117, tennessine (Ts), may also be a halogen. In the modern IUPAC nomenclature, this group is known as group 17.


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Automation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Only go there if you like to play Euchre and enjoy having new tasks thrown at you constantly. Cons: Too many to list."

Account Development (Sales) says

"It is a decent place to work wherein you have Pizza Fridays every other week and intimate lunches with the CEO once/twice a year where he takes feedback from every employee (not contractors, though)."

Inside sales - International (Current Employee) says

"Typical day at work..Head down. dialing.. head down talking.. Cons: Lack of opportunity for advancement"

UX Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Working at Halogen was a frustrating experience. I was constantly working hard to drive positive change within the company, yet was constantly shot down, dismissed, and made to feel like my role was insignificant. The company ran with a "sales team is the most important team" mentality, which means at the end of the day, the product (the thing sales are supposed to be selling) just got worse and worse. There was never any emphasis on the experience of the user, with product managers making software design decisions on a regular basis. As I tried to advance in my career and started making noise about how things needed to improve, I was "terminated without cause". Cons: Poor management that favors sales over all else"

Java Developer (Current Employee) says

"A blind eye to technical debt is what I would say is the main/only real issue with this company. Cons: salary is mediocre, messy code, old timers club, no stock options."

Inside Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"It was difficult to do my job at this company because the phones would crash and our office did not have the same resources as other offices. There was poor leadership in this region."

Regional Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"New leadership team and the jury is still out....The product is deep but there are many new tools in the marketplace that are much easier to use and look way cooler to millenials."

Help Desk Analyst (Former Employee) says

"-Receive phone calls and emails regarding client inquires and issue with the software applications."

Database Specialist (Former Employee) says

"During my work period lots of changes were made to the management structure and hierarchy."

Developer, Font-End Programmer (Current Employee) says

"Great people, always having a social event for the community or for employees. Cons: Poor Planning, Abrubt Overtime"