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Haier Group Corporation is a Chinese multinational home appliances and consumer electronics company headquartered in Qingdao, China. It designs, develops, manufactures and sells products including refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens, mobile phones, computers, and televisions.

Usman mentioned, "Purchased Haier HRF-336IDB Refrigerator in Pakistan. Its Temp Set function found out of order. Freezer Zone Temp was showing -18oC since it was unpacked and turned on and was not changing, even after 24 hrs. In addition, Fridge Zone Temperature was changing from nos. 1-7 but not setting/locking on desired no. Launched complaint, technical support came and said straight away that Freezer Zone Temp does not change at all.

Moreover, Fridge Zone Temperature will change as soon as its internal Temperature becomes warm or cool. I presented them its user manual and asked to point out all those statements, which you just said regarding setting Fridge and Freezer Zone Temperatures manually. He had no answer and again re iterated above-mentioned pathetic illiterate response. Bought him a hot glass of water to put those inside fridge and freezer zone sensors in it. He did the same repeatedly and the temperatures did not change. At last, their technical support accepted that the item is faulty.

I returned the refrigerator directly to Haier Pakistan and took my money back with the help of a reference there, otherwise, they do not have any money back guarantee/policy and they do not take back their pathetic, third class Chinese, faulty products, even if you give it back for free. Never buy Haier products, especially in Pakistan. Their products and services have gone extraordinarily pathetic. All this negative credit goes to their TOP MANAGEMENT and QUALITY DEPARTMENT who are very tactically and skillfully looting and plundering innocent people of Pakistan. Lastly, their QUALITY DEPARTMENT also seems drunk all the time, as I have found several QC PASSED and PAKISTAN STANDARDS stickers on the item but its basic functions were not working, and their innocent technical staff tried to impose their versions of manually setting Freezer and Fridge Zone Settings."


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Mo tara says

"Rubbish customer service. They blame the company you bought it from i.e. john lewis even though its within 3 months"

Injection Molding Operator (Former Employee) says

"The place itself was unorganized and I had to teach myself how to program the robot arms because nobody there knew how .The pay was okay though. I really liked programing the robots."

Devananda S says

"we have purchased a haier topload washing machine.. about 2 weeks ago.. and yet the company technician didnt came to install the machine. we are very dissapointed.. we havent expected this from the side of haier... what will we i am giving only one star rating for the SERVICE from the company..very poor experience.."

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"I have good experience work there Haier company as branch manager, I done my duity honesty with zeal and zest. But Haier company have no benefit no Bone's no relax in work place , no events to Haier company .No free lunch.No short breaks"

Laetitia Moisant says

"Bought a Washing machine in June. Two months ago is just stopped working and after nearly a month I still have not seen anybody to fix it. Nearly impossible to call their support service. They booked me in with someone to come and fix it and canceled midday because he was not in my area... They rebook me without even asking if I was available. I have spent a crazy amount of time and money going ti the launderette.... Very disappointed."

Logistics Executive (Former Employee) says

"Chinese multi national company with collaborating pakistani management in order to compete the home appliances companies in pakistan like dawlance, pel , orient etcBonusesshort break"

Jens Lutz says

"Purchased Haier refrigerator 3 years ago and last year had a recall repair for a fire hazard. This year, the unit quit cooling. Contacted Haier which is a convoluted process thinking I had a 5 year limited warranty. WRONG or so they said. Stay away from this product at all costs. Off to the trash dump with this 3 year old piece of trash! BTW GE owns Haier and apparently condones their lack of quality. Stay away fom GE also!"

Sales Representative Export (Former Employee) says

"A new brand ,which is going to develop in new country. the colleagues was good and personal expression was high.the working atmosphere was not too goods and less experiences management are also facing problems daily. overall for new person ,new management are good,but for experiences persons its not. the timing of office is also not fixed.they are not target oriented so only you have to stay on salary basis, no commission or incentives. communication between staff and managements are very less and horrible.long hours"

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