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Habanos S.A. is a Cuban manufacturing company of tobacco that controls the promotion, distribution, and export of premium cigars and other tobacco products worldwide. It was established in 1994. Habanos S.A. is mixed owned (50% each) by both companies, state-owned Cubatabaco and Altadis. The company commercializes the brands Cohiba, Montecristo, and Romeo y Julieta, among others.

James Chambers in CA made some comments about ROMEO Y JULIETA 1875 in a review published by FAMOUS SMOKE SHOP WEBSITE: "One of the worst sticks ever paid a premium price for. They come unwrapped, split open, and don't stay lit. Cust service did however replace the box for free"


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Trainee (Current Employee) says

"Employee are treated like a slaves. Many of them are terminated because of management. My department was the only problem. Other department are good.nothing12 hours no leave"

Operations Administrator (Current Employee) says

"The Positive thing is I got the best chance to learn the operations of Logistics field and if i know something about Logistics Operations that i learned from this company.The negative thing is there is no HR Dept .No HR manager Only Some administration clerks doing the HR duty.No One is worried and care about the staff .There is no benefits for the staff except the salary.They will make the staff cry when the staff leave from the company even after his long service .The employee who works for this company for long years he will not get any benefits from here when he ends his service.nothing is organised and no professionalism.Free Transportlong hours"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"a good company to work with, with different cultures around, good management and helpful when required, co workers were really good and helpful"

Shift Manager warehouse & logistics (Former Employee) says

"CORE COMPETENCIES Warehousing Seven year experience of SAP Planning Transportation Inventory management & planning Supply Chain Operations Advance exce"

Operations Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Altogether work atmosphere and management is good , Job Security and other benefits are compensate We have very good warehouse facility and atmosphere"

Admin Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Self confident & energetic having energy to interact with people and work in a group, committed to take every challenge and excel at it, always learning form errors and looking forward to correct them for future and success a project’s aim by making a good planning, attitude of a leadership and guideline."

Archive clerk (Former Employee) says

"salary is good but the works are very difficult, all are frozen products. temperature is -40c. it's a big problem for body, not effect to me,"

OPERATIONS ADMIN (Current Employee) says

"Mohebi logistics is the one of the fast growing logistics company in UAE.We can learn too many things related logistics & warehousing tasks. More than 1500 staffs are working with mohebi. I am very thankful to mohebi for such a good job and opportunity.nothingnothing"

Process Improvements Manager (Current Employee) says

"Sine just complete 6 months only, getting along with the culture of working style and the management style. So far no comments to make."

Inventory Controller (Current Employee) says

"1) Reporting, Meeting, discussing & conclusion. 2) 5PL, Aging Analysis, SKU code mastering, 3) near to Professionalism. 4) Consolidation of Competencies. 5) Distribution & Transportation. 6) Managing Suppliers & Contract.Company's annual day out for staff & executivesBudget Meetings"

Operational Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Day starts with briefing the staffs and as usual works of documentation, got to learn different computer skills, British management with different cultures all around, guidance made all the job easy and i enjoyed in working as a team and supporting all the staffs.Annual programmes and training classeslow salary"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"Better place for new job seekers. which helps me to get the knowledge about various locations in United Arab emirates at a great level. got confidence to work any circumstances, even under any management."