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HSS Hire Group plc (LSE: HSS) is a supplier of tool and equipment hire in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as being a logistical and technical partner to businesses of all sizes. Operating under the banner of HSS Hire, the group has a network of over three hundred outlets. HSS Hire originated in Kensington, west London in 1957. Today, it employs over 2,900 workers, and has a fleet of over eight hundred vehicles.

A an employee in London says of the company, "Upper management at HSS Hire haven’t got a clue. They make operational decisions without consulting the people who could give them some hands on advice about how those decisions could effect the business. The new in house motto is less people to do more which obviously puts a huge strain on the staff with no appreciation. Worst of all there is zero communication about what is happening with the business and at the moment no one has any confidence about job security."


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