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HSBC Holdings plc is a British multinational investment bank and financial services holding company. It was the 6th largest bank in the world by 2020, and the largest in Europe, with total assets of US$2.715 trillion (as of August 2020). HSBC traces its origin to a hong in British Hong Kong and its present form was established in London by the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation to act as a new group holding company in 1991; its name derives from that company's initials. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation opened branches in Shanghai in 1865 and was first formally incorporated in 1866.

A former employee said this in a review: " Working at HSBC means a lot of work pressure, excessive hours, sometimes not respecting meal times and wages are unfair to the work that is excessive".


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Former Employee - Personal Banker says

"As a banker you are given different goals categories (credit cards, mortgages, checking -savings account needs fullfill) and you need to hit the goal for all of them are you will not get a pay out..why? BECAUSE YOUR PAY OUT IS 100% DISCRETIONARY. meaning if you hit one bucket but you didn't hit the other buckets, the area manager wont give you a payout"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No accountability, everyone accepts failure, broken systems and process"

Current Employee - Personal Banker says

"Most disorganized company ever. System is complicated, even trainers say HSBC stands for how simple becomes complicated. Simple transactions take a long time. Customers are never the priority.No work life balance. No lunches or breaks guaranteed in time. Manager sits in room and is not involved with team building, however is an extreme micromanager. Traditional strict hierarchical structure which will suffocate you and these people are proud of this culture. Sales focus is such that they would expect unethical practices. Scheduled time is never the time you will leave from work. Planning to sue them."

Current Employee - CSE says

"management is killing the bank and favouritism"

Former Employee - Vice President says

"Poor senior management. Highly political."

Current Employee - Personal Banker says

"outdated system, no care for technology advancement, does not stay competitive with other banks but still try to push sales as if they do"


"Poor management. Poor communication and language Some branch managers are very unprofessional and tries to bully employees and push products. Very disrespectful work place. Stay away if you can there are much better places to work."

Former Employee - Business Analyst says

"Friendships override business requirements - especially when it comes to lay offs. Everyone is a manager of their own department, where they are the only person in that department. A 'working day' can be 16 hours without any compensating factors like a day off, or overtime pay or working from home."

Former Employee - Commercial Banker says

"Almost everyone is out of date on current news, technology, the industry and fraud regulations. This is a result of lack of upward mobility and not enough investment in training. Incredibly disorganized. Some days you could have no work and others you could have to play catch up till 3am for others missing deadlines or messing up simple work."

Former Employee - Global Vendor Manager says

"Private matter with key executives."

customer representative (Former Employee) says

"Never been so stressed to work for a company in my life and I’ve worked in high stressed places. The company don’t support you with your mental health. If anything they make it worse!Paid fortnightlyThe list is to long"

EJECUTIVO PYME (Former Employee) says

"Bonos trimestrales estan sujetos a discrecion del subdirector, es decir , no importa cuanto hagas o vendas, el subdirector tiene la ultima palabra de liberacion de bonosdesmotivacion"

Customer Service and Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Selective bullying by team leader. Senior management self centered and liars. Force sales over customer service. Care about profits and bonuses for senior management rather than staffNoneTerrible work ethos"

PPM Manager (Former Employee) says

"Toxic PPM Project Performance Management. No culture, strategy nor leadership, unskilled managers lack even basic education! No strategy, no customer strategy focus, no agile approach, hideous leadership team full of clueless non digital natives. Everyone is backstabbing. Major politics. CULTURE IS TOXIC cascading faults, search scapegoats. Global Head bully, who has no clue about job complexity, his lieutenants are unqualified, random peoples poorly selected, with poor leadership skills. Bullying culture day by day.I'm so glad I've move department as my current HSBC bosses appreciate dedication, own initiatives and respect people!Toxic PPM Project Performance Management. No culture, strategy nor leadership, unskilled managed lack even educationSick hours, Management earning above £100k without even education"

executive (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company, below market salary, embarrassingly low bonus, cost cuts, extremely poor /management w/o knowledge, no vision or strategy, no advancement, lack of business growth, Brexit fiasco,chaos, lack of direction by executive management, lack of meeting regulations, hsbc will be in a big problems with regulations. Terrible culture. Technology at the 18 century level. CEOs and senior management at certain divisions - completely incompetent. Long history with regulatory problems and violations, and continue.... Low morale, incompetent management.noneas above"

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Worst place to work In retail hsbc staff managers everyone is bossy everyday new procedure pathetic manager no humanity work culture is very bad all old staff don’t help you try to bring you downWorst place to work in retail hsbc uKPoor management/ unfair"

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I had a ‘bait and switch’ situation that was never rectified. Complete disrespect for my position from the highest up management. I would never recommend HSBC to anybody, for any reason."

Global trade and receivables finance Officer, Import and Export collection (Former Employee) says

"HSBC is the worst place to work for stress no experience no life balance no security no friendly workplace bad environment worst management system on the planet"

CSE (Customer Service Executive) says

"I worked with HSBC from 2006 however unwanted ppl get selected and when a person wants to move to a different location the management are so selfish that they only want them to grow however when it comes to the CSE,s we are being penalized...Thats the reason i took a decision quit the company....Thanks and have a nice day"

Sr VP Branch Manager (Current Employee) says

"Not good company to work for Don’t give existing employees a chance to grow Systems very backdated No opportunity Uncomfortable to work for Not competitive"

AVP, Audit Manager General (Former Employee) says

"This is a very complex matrix environment so it is beneficial to have cross functional experience and be comfortable with dealing with people from all levels of the organization."

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Hsbc are a joke to work for. So much pressure to meet targets that aren’t targets, they claim to have staff wellbeing at their heart but they do not care really all they care about is the customer and customer satisfaction. Not one bit of decency is shown towards the staff who are ridiculously stressed and run down due to ever growing work load. Giving the current circumstances with Covid-19 there is no thought given to their staff or their families or children.. there has been no clear guidelines and still expected to carry on as normal. A staff member was sent home one day due to being in contact with someone with suspected symptoms, rang HR and advised to self isolate... only to then get a phone call saying if they have no symptoms to go back to work the next working day! They are not taking this seriously at all and just shows how much they really dont care They don’t care about individual circumstances such as not having any childcare at all during this situation due to family members being high risk, yet will not accommodate the time off!!"

Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"Tus jefes determinan el bono sin importar el resultado bueno o malo"

Corporate Trainer (Former Employee) says

"I've consulted for over 70 companies since leaving HSBC and I can honestly say, it is the worst company I've ever worked for. Poor management, efforts are not recognized, etc."

Associate Consultant (Former Employee) says

"This place is meant only for people who butter the management . Job culture is not upto mark.managerial decision is completely viod. Salary is paid very very less compared to work presure"

Credit Officer (Current Employee) says

"I have learnt so much in regards to unsecured borrowing since I have been here. A typical day here in fast paced and there is so much to take in and learn.Pension is very goodShifts - Working until 8pm"

Relationship Banker (Former Employee) says

"Even upon starting with the company the lies begin. The role you apply for and agree to is nothing like what the job entails once you start. The hours and location you agreed to work can change on a seconds notice as well. The company technology seems trapped in the 1980’s, and the internal support you need to help customers is almost non existent."

Credit Controller (Former Employee) says

"For a person of colour the environment could be unwelcoming The managers connived to heap faults just to get rid of you because of your skin is shocking considering the reputation of the bank as a global brand. They have couple of very unhelpful coaches whose jobs are just to see you fail Worst human treatment i have ever received in a work place.nonenone"

Senior Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"Working a "professional day", apparently means 12 to 15 hours for no more pay or benefits. There are hundreds of department managers, where they are the only person in the department. Way too many overlapping jobs. Dozens of people doing the same job in different departments. No wonder they're losing so much money.Some of the people are really nice, just not the peolle on managementReally long hours (4am conference calls with London), then working to 9pm. If you're not in the inner circle you're never going anywhere."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Avoid at all costs if you wish to have your sanity!!!!! Awful management throughout. Bad morale and quite frankly an awful place to work. Their apparently not allowed to “sell” customers anything but that’s all their about. Lying to customers to get their sale up"

Evaporating Money says

"I\'ll own that I haven\'t been sufficiently tenacious with their thicket of ever-changing login security measures, but kids + job + covid + I can never log-in the first time I try = not monitoring statements. Seems like at some point in the last year, they recharacterized my little, not very-used savings account to some \"premier\" or \"advanced\" thing, started charging me a monthly fee of either $25 or $50 (not sure because I can\'t log it all anymore) for being below a minimum balance. This ate up all my money and they just closed the account. Argh! "

P Eldridge says

"My wife had a savings account with HSBC. It held less than £40. She received an e-mail saying HSBC had frozen it, as it hadn't been accessed for three years, and she should phone the given HSBC number to avoid losing the balance. She spent over an hour on the phone, talking with what sounded like a Philippine lady with a strong American accent, who kept asking her for id and disappearing for long periods (>10 mins, while we listened to 'muzac' to drive one mad with frustration). She eventually confirmed my wife's info, but took another 20 mins before asking details of the account to transfer the balance to. My wife gave them, then was put on hold again, which after 65 minutes turned into a 'dead line'. I am eligible to leave this review because I sat next to my wife throughout and clearly heard the HSBC 'assistant' as my wife was on loudspeaker. This was the worst service, and most appallingly incompetent online administration, I've ever observed from any bank! My wife will never use HSBC again, and we'll advise our family likewise. How they can stay in business I don't know. Ironically, their subsidiary, First Direct has the best service and admin of any bank I've ever used! HSBC CEO Quinn clearly doesn't learn from his subsidiary..."

CT says

"“Terrible” is a suitable word. International transfers entered in online banking are not accepted by the system. Customer service cannot explain why. The smartphone app is a joke. Recently they “upgraded” our accounts without our permission. It involved receiving new debit cards in heavy boxes (one for each card ... very sustainable). Apparently we can only “downgrade” our accounts if we fill in a bunch of forms. And if that does not put you off please google “HSBC ethics”. We will soon be ex-HSBC customers, in the process of moving everything to other banks."

Baylor Langley says

"Terrible experience using them I've lost thousands in the span of 3 months...I don't plan on using them again but also happy cos ruxyleyin vestment .co/re covery fought for me and retrieved my money."

CGR says

"Like all the other comments, I have suffered just truly dreadful 'service' since 10 December 2020. However there is a solution to the appalling service, simply google the CEO of HSBC and his email address pops up. Email the CEO and do it daily and voila within 3 days of doing that, someone finally rang me to sort out my problem. Cheapskates when it comes to compensation offered, so I have now got a new hobby for February and will be reporting them to the Financial Ombudsman. If everyone rating HSBC 1 star follows the above advice, they might just get the message."

ian Millar says


Martin Raxford says

"HSBC are clearly the worst of the worst bank ever . Almost 90% of customers give them 1 star and I’m sure if 0 star was a option they would get this . My experience of this bank is simply dreadful, my wife’s account was blocked and despite repeated calls to this bank , absolutely nothing . I would advice anyone who is thinking of opening a account to avoid them and anyone who has a account to close . So many customers can’t be wrong ! What company has a 90% 1 star review and is still trading ! . I guess HSBC being a parasitic bank that survives on the British tax payer hand outs is clearly a exception!"

Julia Graham says

"Been with the bank over 35 years customer service less than inadequate if possible attitude of staff appalling abrupt and rude. As for opening hours a disgrace opening Thru COVID Monday to Friday for 6 hours and not opening weekends then to top it all only open till 2 New Year’s Eve and rude member of staff shut the door in our face. Want us to bank online to take the responsibility off them if anything goes wrong. Well I’m not. Bad to the point of a disgrace.I work for the NHS try working Thru lockdown and see what work really is."

Pam Grosicki says

"In November, HSBC removed debit cards associated with savings accounts and I was notified by email with less than two weeks' notice - just before the holidays when I needed my GBP debit card to make UK gift purchases. I am a UK citizen residing in the US and I've drawn a blank as to how to get my account changed so I can obtain a debit card and access the funds in my account. HSBC made no attempt to proactively recommend an alternative account with a debit card and the website wouldn't allow me to switch online because I do not have an EU address. I have banked with HSBC for 13+ years. I have a small monthly pension paid in GBP and I consider myself a very good customer. I have been subjected to frustrating phone 'rabbit warrens' that are designed to keep you from speaking to a person. I've waited on the phone for close to two hours on two occasions to get the account changed. Before Christmas, I was advised that the bank would make two attempts to call me within a 5-7 business day timeframe, followed by a letter if they were unable to reach me. Why a letter when they have an email address for me? Why not schedule a time to be sure they can reach me? Taking into account the holidays, the 5-7 random call window is up and if the bank has called, they haven't left any messages. They asked if I was planning to be in the UK (in the middle of a pandemic). I tried calling the branch where I opened the account but was advised they aren't taking calls. I can only conclude that HSBC isn't here to serve its customers, but rather to waste their time and raise their blood pressures. Happy New Year HSBC. :("

Andres Blitz says

"I sugest not using this bank crap 4 hours on the phone"

Vireshkumar says

"The most and utterly nonsense and time wasting bank ever.. I can say my worst nightmare for my entire life since I learn online banking. They blocked my outgoing payment four time and wasted very valuable time from 4pm to 8pm on 29th Dec 2020. They actually practiced on my account for their fraud detection team and keep blocking even I been told all clear. I am now searching new bank for New Year to move from this crap and untrained rude and very prejudice staff at the card fraud team. Anyone thinking to join this bank think twice! Good luck"

Daniel says

"Terrible service. No staff working during Covid. I’ve been trying to contact the business bank fraud team after being scammed online. This has been going on for over 3 weeks now. Not one single update, email or phone call. Every time I try to contact them I’m put on hold for several hours before being cut off."

Ray Tay says

"Requested for secure key replacement and got locked out of online banking when it didn't work. Calling helpdesk for assistance is akin to praying for miracle... it's been months since I had access to my accounts.... need help"

Al Janssen says

"The worst bank ever Very rude and unfriendly staff Super slow"

Marc says

"DO NOT JOIN THIS BANK, best advice ever"

leesimms says

"The terrible customer service is one thing but they are fraudulent and dishonest, beware!"

Diggy A says

"My "top tip" : send 2 letters explaining what you want them to do , in response to an email from them. Then call them on 2 occasions ( be prepared to sit and wait for at least 30 minutes each time) and confirm your instructions, which they state during the phone call, that they have received ; finally sit back and wait for them to do exactly what you asked them not to do. Result : a complete and utter waste of my time ,and my blood pressure through the roof !"

Anthony M Spencer says

"Overall: loans are terrible, the offerings dont stand up to the market, their tech is ok, but will become dated very quickly, plsu the hint they are thinking to charge for accounts would be a nail in the coffin. Customer service has always been very helpful and polite for me. Ill start with loans, its terrible, the IT side like incorporating it into the app good. But the business side of the loans is awful, years back I got a loan via the app no worries paid it all, I manage my credit score well. Then now, 2 hard searches with them and cant approve anything, adviser doesn't get it either. So loans via hsbc are just down the drain. Now, the app itself is ok, but its becoming dated very quickly. and functionality is slow, such as showing payments coming in and out, the times for it taking days for a payment to show up is over, my monzo app shows HSBC transactions in better detail than the HSBC app itself. so I use a different banking app to see my HSBC accounts. The staff may try but it seems the bank needs a real spring clean in terms of ideas and offerings."