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In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the HNC is a BTEC qualification awarded by Edexcel, and in Scotland, an HNC is a Higher National awarded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. The attainment level of the qualification is roughly equivalent to 6th year at school, or one year of university in Scotland, and a Certificate of Higher Education but is less extensive than that of a Higher National Diploma (HND). Studied full-time, the qualification normally takes one year or two years part-time.[2] Many HNCs cover the same areas as an HND and it is often possible to complete an HND with a one-year full-time study after successfully completing the HNC.

HNC certificate is issued in a toxic environment and there's a superimposition that university degrees are above polytechnic HND, Femi Olabisi publishes a report at

"The problem with the HND certificate is not in the certificate itself. The perceived inferiority is borne out of the environment in which it is issued. It is just not possible to relate the caliber of lecturers in our polytechnics to what we have in the universities. And it is not enough to just conclude that we have brilliant brains in our polytechnics; what matters is the certificates/qualifications these lecturers have. Until this is done, there will always be the superimposition of university degrees above polytechnic HND. Rather than the hyped tussle between university degree and HND certificate, efforts should be on reforming our polytechnics. National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), the manager of our polytechnics, should enforce the acquisition of a Ph.D. as a minimum requirement for lecturing. I am not advocating the termination of appointments of those without a PhD. This could be done by giving them between five to seven years and with the provision of study grant."


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