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HHBO Go is a TV Everywhere video on demand streaming service offered by the American premium cable network HBO. It allows HBO subscribers to stream selections of HBO content, including current and past series, films, specials, and sporting events, through either the HBO website, or apps on mobile devices, video game consoles, and digital media players. The service first launched on February 18, 2010.

An angry customer said this in a review: "Open this, paid for, and what happens: buffers. Wait 3 seconds, buffers. 6 seconds, buffers. 9 seconds, buffers. The only rule of the Internet if you are a streaming service is do not buffer. This is THE WORST streaming service on earth today. I have watched over 100,000 YouTube videos and not one has ever buffered. Additionally, the catalog is organized horrendously. This is a company that produced 2 of the top 5 television series of all time (The Wire & Band of Brothers) yet the fact that it is incapable of not buffering and so disorganized is a shame. Whoever runs HGO GO needs to be replaced yesterday.


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