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HBO (Home Box Office) is an American pay television network owned by WarnerMedia Entertainment and the flagship property of parent-subsidiary Home Box Office, Inc. Programming featured on the network consists primarily of theatrically released motion pictures and original television programs, along with made-for-cable movies, documentaries, and occasional comedy and concert specials. Headquartered at Home Box Office, Inc.’s facilities inside the WarnerMedia corporate headquarters at 30 Hudson Yards in Manhattan's West Side district, HBO is the oldest and longest continuously operating subscription television service (basic or premium) in the United States, having been in operation since November 8, 1972. The overall HBO business unit is one of WarnerMedia's most profitable assets, generating operating income of nearly $2 billion each year; HBO has 140 million subscribers worldwide as of 2018.

HBO max is one of the worst online video service providers. It sucks as its monthly subscription is more admirable as compared to others like Amazon Prime and Netflix. Another sh*t of this company is that the content is not engaging like Netflix one. No one wants to buy its online streaming subscription again (after buying the first time), because of their useless and worst content but they renew again and again from their uses debit cards without sending any notification to them. More than 60% of their users are dissatisfied and disappointed by using their sh*t services. Many people also cancel their HBO subscription as it is not available on Firestick. So this is not a good deal in any sense for online streaming.


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Robert Gastel says

"I don't want to give any stars for HBO fu you chumps taking advantage of the Corona virus trying to force people to get your ridiculously priced crap by buying all the rights to the good movies fu you money hungry corporate dogs burn in hell"

Diana Cristina says

"This app doesn't deserve not even a star. It is awful! It is basically impossible to binge watch a series. It jumps episode constantly and very randomly. Besides that, it is also very poor variety. Besides some old series and very old movies, there is nothing you can find. Another downside, the section suggested by them based on what you watched, has absolutely nothing to do at all with what you actually watched. As well was "continue watching" is missing what you are watching. What a disappointment. Not worth it at all! If you want to watch anything just use Netflix or find it online ...but don't pay for this."

Kiera o says

"Oh boy! Lovecraft country is Amazing! Of course it doesn't have any Pc politics, not intersectional feminism, black supremacy, anti-semitism, forced Lgbtq, "tRUe jEwS bEcaUse wE're bLAck", pan-africanism, " iGnOrE tHe ReViEWs oN PoLItICs" let's say yes to everything to support this show, because if not then you're racist. Hooray! Let's MaKe eVeRyThInG bLaCk 🥴🥴🥴 the sun is black! the snow is black! water is black! 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴 Edit: I woke up from a bad dream, phew! wait a minute...."

Lindsay Frasure says

"Worst customer service. I’ve had HBO for 9 months now. Recently I realized they were charging me twice a month back to back since I started my service with them. I contacted them and sent them pictures of the charges they are claiming the supervisors can only deal with this but supervisors don’t talk on the phone they only email. And they are very busy. I cannot get a response from a supervisor at all it’s been days. I’m getting the feeling this is their way of avoiding the issue they don’t want tor resolve."

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