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GU Health specialises in corporate health insurance. We're focused solely on providing innovative health insurance products to corporates, identifying your company’s unique needs to deliver a tailored experience and expert service you can depend on.

GU Health is committed to supporting your efforts to improve productivity and engagement through positive health and wellbeing practices in the workplace. We ensure your employees have the privilege of generous benefits, above the industry average, and that they have access to a wide range of healthcare services and programs.

Rhys Thomas mentioned, "Just downloaded GU Health app, and I can't log in. I keep getting a notification at the bottom of my screen "something's gone wrong". Willing to change my rating if I can actually log in. To the GU Health App Product Team - based on everything I've read in the reviews here, it sounds like you need to hire an external dev, UX and visual designer. Pay the $500K and get it done."


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