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Guerlain (French pronunciation: ​[ɡɛʁlɛ̃]) is a French perfume, cosmetics and skincare house, which is among the oldest in the world. Many traditional Guerlain fragrances are characterized by a common olfactory accord known as the "Guerlinade". The house was founded in Paris in 1828 by the perfumer Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain. It was run by the Guerlain family until 1994.

Tiffany shares her disappointing experience on Influenster, "I only gave one star because I had to put something. Mon Guerlain is so awful!!!!! Smells like a rotten old lady. I wouldn't use it if it were free, so horrible."


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Current Employee - Marketing Specialist says

"Micro management, rude attitude of some managers, focus only on delivery for beautifying their own CVs without providing proper support to employees to getting things done properly and efficiently. No real care and respect for people. Very long hours."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The absolute worst management I've ever worked with."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Micromanagement, unrealistic expectations, employee morale, lack of managerial support."

Sales says

"Store was very slow with high goals they no one could meet except manager. She lowered her goal. Only closed on Tuesday. No holidays. She never trained, but wanted the best.they cheat on taxes. Example. They put fake name in system, so when Asians spend $800 they charge no tax and ship for free, and give them testers $300 and up."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper level management changes policies on a whim, and to fit their personal advantages. No consistency in the treatment of employees. Would rather bring someone in with virtually no experience rather than promote from within. The company doesn't protect the rights of its workers, only its vested interest in management. No direct lines of communication to upper management without reprimanding. Sales goals can be unrealistic and overwhelming. Pressure to achieve goals from every angle. Never anything positive to say, only negative."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Poor senior management who micro manage all colleagues. Very badly organised with little communication. Blame culture and despite complaints and many team members leaving HR do not get involved or try to change things going forward. Not a diverse team and only get noticed if you are french."

Former Employee - Marketing Product Manager says

"Outdated pyramidal hierarchy, misogyny, no confidence towards subordinates, no support from HR team in case of issue with management (HR team is unexistant and uncapable), no digital mindset, management is unable to take decisions and take its responsibilities, no agility, unable to listen to new ideas."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"horrible working conditions (standing near the door) old fashioned uniform heels not being diverse! (hair colour/length) bad envrionment unfair with commission"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"extremely bad management and client services"

Former Employee - Beauty Consultant says

"it's not the best idea of working as a sales for the Guerlain, unfortunatelly their creams are just like Nivea just with a price of 200 times more expensive. alot of their make up is too expensive for no reason, And a big - is that they have too many limited editions makeup specially the best 1. And here u go starting to lie about how good is this company....etc Their targets are extremly high, salaryes extreamly small and the comition will remain just a dream. I wouldnt adwise anyone to join this company."

Counter Manager (Current Employee) says

"Bloomingdales in Century city has worse Management , is not good work environment. The Management team d not have enough experience and never listen to employee ."

Ambassadrice guerlain (Former Employee) says

"Expérience professionnelle commercial acquise . Gestion et développement du ca de trois départements . Formation des équipes"

Préparatrice de commande (Former Employee) says

"Une mauvaise collaboration au sein de l'entreprise.AucunTous"

Assistant Qualité (Former Employee) says

"J’ai passé un entretient au mois d’août ,et nous sommes fin septembre on m’a repondu mais suite à une autre prise de contact ,la DRH ne me recontacte pas malgres les messages de relance que je lui est laissé ,y en qui en oublie les simples règles de politesse ,c’est tout à fais inacceptable de la part de Guerlain ,une maison qui est reconnue dans le monde entier et qui agit de la sorte, on nous prend vraiment pour des bouches trou"

Esthetician (Former Employee) says

"Fun industry to work for amazing clients with very high expectations. Company Did go through some changes from top management . I had a wonderful experience with clients, they appreciate the care and treatment they received."

Order Picker (Former Employee) says

"Work enviroment was good except for the direct supervisor that had a short fuse making it difficult to communicate with him They also seem to have a problem with people with disabiitiesdecent work enviromentdisabilities"

Analyste d'affaire/Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Beautiful products and concept Team is young and dynamic A lot of projects to develop but the office is far from the metrofree coffee"

Animatrice commerciale (Former Employee) says

"Vente avec objectifs accueil clients, fidélisation, conseil"

Ingénieur Assurance Qualité (Former Employee) says

"management de proximité pertinent équilibre perso/pro difficile"

Service client (Former Employee) says

"C’est une maison magnifique avec de très bon produit et de belle formation d’intégration. Dommage que le management France soit incompétent et discriminant avec un total manque de transparence. À ce titre il est difficile d’intégrer La société même étant embauché en CDI.Produits et service formationIntégration et l’écoute Crédible des employés - manque de transparence"

Animatrice (Former Employee) says

"Bonne société seul hic elle passe par ks société interim pour employée les animateurs donc aucune perspective d'évolution aucun avantage vraiment dommage car très belle maison"


"My contract offered 50% 50% creative/ assistantship work opportunity. The first 3 months I have done nothing but working with SAP and coping with the mess previous Assistant left behind., and it didn't look like it would ever change."

Marketing Director, Fragrances (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Guerlain prior to it's purchase by LVMH, so this review is really not relevant. At the time, it was a very small business in the US. It was a jewel of a company, but a tiny office in the US with very little room for growth or advancement.Prestige line with upscale distribution.Litte room for professional growth"

Assistant Marketing (Current Employee) says

"équipe agréable bel environnement bel esprit d'équipe a recommanderéquipe agréablerien à signaler"

conseillère spécialiste maquillage (Current Employee) says

"Les boutiques parisiennes sont très belle, le cadre est agréable, on a plaisir a travailler dans cet environnement."

Assistante Relations Presse (Former Employee) says

"Tres desagreable de travailler dans cette equipe. L'entreprise est quant à elle tres bien, les autres equipes de même tres sympatiques"

Sales and Marketing Analyst (Former Employee) says

"parfumeur historique, avec une très forte identité"

Administrativa (Former Employee) says

"Guerlain de Portugal, uma equipa empenhada e profissional como a marca o exigeLocalizaçãoNão tinha"

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work would include checking clients in and out, answering the phone and assisting guest with creating spa reservations. I learned how to provide luxurious customer service.The workplace itself is very beautiful, the employee's are all amazing, but the management is very poor.Health insurance, Paid time off, fifty percent off services and productsShortbreaks"

Technicien de maintenance (Current Employee) says

"Bon esprit d'équipe dans le service Travail en équipe alterné matin/après midi. Site de fabrication cosmétique, poudres compactées, rouge a lèvres."

Kat says

"The worse FRANCE COMPANY ever! I purchased a Guerlain toner and they sent me the wrong product. Guerlain wont’ send me the toner if they don’t receive first the wrong item so I decided to get a refund instead but they won’t sent me a pre-paid label to return their product. These actions tells me I’m dealing with an VERY UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY and I’m not use to this kind of treatment. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!"

kimberly says

"Will never order online from this brand again which is a shame as I love Guerlain products, however my experience of the customer service in France is appalling, returned item and then had to chase them endlessly with emails for my refund even after I sent photo of returns receipt they still refused to refund me .
Managed to contact headoffice in London and a lovely lady there got me my refund back , but dealing with Guerlain online was worst experience I have had of online shoping anything goes wrong they treat you with contempt."

Kevandji says

"Customer service is appalling and very dismissive. I bought some Samsara EDP from an online seller and contacted Guerlain to ask how I could determine if it was a genuine product as it was a fair bit cheaper than the MRRP. They basically did not want to know saying that their policy is not to provide this information. All they do is recommend that you buy from their official boutiques or online store (where the prices and profits are highest).
Obviously they are not interested in protecting their brand name and do not care if people produce counterfeit goods and pass them off as genuine. They have now lost a long standing customer as I will not buy any of their products again after their dismissive attitude."

Jim says

"I ordered something from the website for delivery to UK. Mysteriously it was returned to France without any attempt at delivery. Still chasing the refund."

vean says

"I have been using the Guerlain d.p foundation for the past 2 years. I run out and went to buy another of the same. I was informed that the packaging has changed, I asked the lady if she is sure the product quality is still the same and she assured me it is. however, the product quality is changed it is extremely ugly on the skin. It makes my skin look dusty and the foundation looks cheaper than drugstore foundations."

Bo says

"Very poor Customer Service, most of the time not answering the calls, but when they do they told me they will call me back (still waiting till now), also I have send few emails and on every reply they apologise and they saying someone from Customer Service will contact you soon(never did)."

M. Reid says

"Purchased Mitsouko Eau de toilette as a cheer up during challenging times. After half and hour perfume had faded. Contacted office in France as I could not get U.K. office. After five weeks and U.K. office getting involved, recd., replacement. Same problem, complete waste of £67. Get better results with much cheaper items. Never again."

Retpally says

"Ordered over 400 dollars of perfume, cosmetics, and rhinestone lipstick case for my wife for Christmas 2020. Package arrived with lipstick (30 dollars) not included and rhinestone case missing stones and seemingly broken (wouldn't stay closed). Called customer service and they treated me like a criminal, saying i had to prove the items were missing and broken. Then they wanted to talk to the shipping company. i sent a photo of the case w rhinestones missing (which is different than that is advertised on their site none are missing there) but cannot take a photo of an item not sent! i asked for the lipstick to be sent and a replacement for the rhinestone case. no reply or resolution from them for many days still. i have asked for a shipping label to return all the items for a refund, no reply. really poor customer service. i will have to dispute the charges on my cc because they are non responsive. they lost a 400 plus order and a customer forever over a 30 dollar lipstick they didnt bother to send or fix! beware when ordering directly from Guerlain US."