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The Guardian is a British daily newspaper. It was founded in 1821 as The Manchester Guardian, and changed its name in 1959. Along with its sister papers The Observer and The Guardian Weekly, The Guardian is part of the Guardian Media Group, owned by the Scott Trust.

The Guardian sucks because It’s gospel for antisemites and bores.


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papasmurf says

"how can a news article telling the world that Rush Limbaugh has died and describing him as bigoted and other horrible BS names be unbias news? just because they say they are unbias news reporters does not make it true!! they make me sick"

Marshmallow Black says

"Dreadful, a common article would start with TOMMY ROBINSON, real name Steven Yaxley Lennon, founded the EDL."

deus digger says

"Claims of being unbiased from the guardian after more lies and propaganda about Mr trump then asking for donations ? couldn't make it up. And I'm sure the lying weasel owens Jones writes for them and the claim honesty? jokers"

Jimmy McGzacks says

"I naively thought this was a left leaning publication and used to support by picking up a copy until the mask slipped off a while back, revealing it to be the home of a smug, (self-servingly called) 'centrist' commentariat. There's a couple of honest progressive voices, but it's not worth a penny of my money anymore"

Anon says

"I used to read it but have given up. The reason why so many white people in this forum feel like it’s racist towards them is because the guardian sometimes does race baiting type opinion pieces to stir up controversy to get more clicks. Secondly they are no longer impartial or centre left. They are a neo liberal Centre right newspaper. Their goal for the past year has been to smear JC along with 99% of the other right wing media. And to write only one sided doom and gloom anti brexit opinion pieces. Yes we know it’s bad but can you at least throw a few less apocalyptic pieces in for balance? I want to read news from broad but sensible perspectives not be in the guardian ‘champaign socialist’ echo chamber. I bet most of them vote conservative or their parents do. I Can’t stand their opinion pieces where they spout New Labour crap and you can’t even comment. Or sometimes they try to do quirky joke type commentary from the younger ‘journalists’ (that’s a whole other issue) that just comes across as out of touch and inane. At least people are allowed to comment ‘it must be a slow news day for this to have been published’. No wonder the guardian are begging for money, people are starting to see through their bull. Why don’t you just take the corporate money Guardian? You have already sold out."

Noire says

"Always claiming that one side is ALWAYS doing wrong ALL the time and zero accountability toward the scummy actions of those they grandstand for. Seems \'their s*** don\'t stink\' is this bunk source\'s philosophy toward persons or organizations that they worship at the alter of. But, y\'know, whatever suits their plausible deniability."

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