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Group 1 Automotive, Inc. is an international Fortune 500 automotive retailer with automotive dealerships and collision centers in the United States, United Kingdom and Brazil. Group 1 sells new and used cars and light trucks, arranges financial services, provides maintenance and repair services, and sells vehicle parts. As of 2019, the company employs over 15,000 people globally.

The company is led by former Ford Motor Company executives, CEO Earl J. Hesterberg and CFO John C. Rickel.

A upset former employee said this in a review about the work environment "Pay changed without my consent. New estimator got most of the drop files even after I asked for them. Management at Group 1 Automotive was very poor, biased and hostile. Work effort unappreciated. Management issues follow all the way up the chain. Wouldn't go back for any price."


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Current Employee - Parts says

"Business and Work culture are the worst! Run by old 1 side minded people. Never open to innovate. Stuck in the pass. Treat employee like legit slaves. They have done a lot of illegal actions before and while the pandemic."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company is very very cheap"

Former Employee - Accounts Payable Clerk says

"Management isn't good which caused for so much of the problems & lack of teamwork"

Former Employee - Warranty Clerk says

"No management Enforcement, They have favoritism, Seniority is only respected when is convenient to them. Team leads don't communicate with team members, a lot of drama. Not allowed to use PTO due to short on staff. they change management every 6 months. No advancement opportunities, unless you're in the favorites list. Other team members want to be involve in your business and talk negative to managers. They focus on only numbers and not actual accuracy or work quality."

Current Employee - Advisor says

"No progression, managers dont care, american company dont care about the UK or their staff. No salary increases."

Former Employee - Finance Manager says

"BEWARE!!! They work you to death at the dealership and don't give a rat about you.. You are nothing but a body to sell and make the company money.. BEWARE.. You wlil be signing a EMPLOYEE AT WILL disclosure which means that they can lay you off from ANY REASON or NO REASON at all.. This is what happen to me after almost 2 years they said that they have to part ways and didnt give me a clear reason why.... My recommendation is to stay far away from this company as the upper management gets richer at your expense! On top of that you are screwing every customer who walks in that door!! Very Toxic environment!!!"


"Managers are terrible. My current manager pulls me into his office to constantly degrade me. There is no room for advancement. It is very male dominated and if you’re a female, you have little to no chances for promotions. We are constantly forced to do things that are against the policy because we are getting “pressure from the higher ups.” Raises are never given but extra loads of work are. If you don’t do extra work, you’re automatically not good anymore. This company does not value their employees at all."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Wants you to answer the phone, text and answer the internet inquiries at the same time."

Former Employee - Service Coordinator says

"I wouldn't recommend Group 1 Automotive's Service Development Center to my worst enemy. The root of many problems there is management. The morale has been down for years, and things like wellness programs, and free drinks in the break room don't make up for being lousy employers. We receive quarterly reports about the billions that this company makes, but the majority of agents don't receive a yearly raise, or if they do, it's mere pennies. This place hasn't been properly staffed in years, which means the current employees are being overworked. The turnover rate is extremely high, and the job is always listed online, or at job fares for a reason! Pay ATTENTION! DON'T DO IT!"

Former Employee - Internet Sales Representative says

"They will suspend you for having a terminal disease."

Service Advisor/Writer (Former Employee) says

"horrible pay, horrible benefits, no training, 4 day work week. Don't count on that. You will work every day. Management was very degrading of employees, job was threatened on a daily basis. Morning meetings all the time to remind you of what you have do e wrong continuously but not constructive criticism to help fix it. I would not suggest group 1 to my worst enemy!!!!!"

Parts Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Management is an absolute shambles, and they only care about figures, so sales are always prioritised. Don’t work for this company if you value your personal time, can’t deal with being stressed all of your working day, or ever have to take time off for family/sickness/emergencies.The staff are brought closer through their constant annoyance of the company...Too many to list."

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for 18 months, did really well had an appraisal in February 2020 all good.It is long hours, basic pay poor, staff turnover is high.Then we went into lockdown the company paid me furlough until end of July, was invited in for a meeting and they then dismissed me, no reason, no explanations !! And are now advertising for sales executive, Be very cautious working within this company! companycompany.managemenMan manamanagement Management can kick u MMA manBewaremanagement are so unprofessionalLived localEverything."

Finance Manager / Finance Director (Current Employee) says

"I was extremely disappointed with Group 1 and how they handled tough situations. Not a family environment and you are just a number. I wouldn't recommend."

General Accountant (Current Employee) says

"Pay is subpar especially for the amount of work they asking for and they don't care about you as a person just as a means to an end. Warranty seems to be the only department worth working in"

Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"You are paid poorly and work long hours. The company give you very little training and the management of the dealership is nothing short of shambolic. They also screwed me on my final pay by not paying overtime which had been signed off and also not honouring the notice period pay in the Contract of Employment."

Booker (Current Employee) says

"Flexibility is the only pro. Coworkers are messy, if they dont like you they will try to get you fired. Management takes decision based on favoritism. They promote people with no previous experience, and those who call in all the time and don'tdo their work. If they don't like you, dont expect to get promoted or get a raise. Experienced people get paid the same as those with no experien"

Service Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't recommend Group 1 Automotive's Service Development Center to my worst enemy. The root of many problems there is management. The morale has been down for years, and things like wellness programs, and free drinks in the break room don't make up for being lousy employers. We receive quarterly reports about the billions that this company makes, but the majority of agents don't receive a yearly raise, or if they do, it's mere pennies. This place hasn't been properly staffed in years, which means the current employees are being overworked. The turnover rate is extremely high, and the job is always listed online, or at job fares for a reason! Pay ATTENTION! DON'T DO IT!"

Munday Mazda Senior Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"the people and the place are the most corrupt business operating in Texas. They lie and steal from customers and break vehicles just to make a manufacturer pay for them in warranty."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"If you enjoy favoritism, this is the job for you. False promises. This is more of a scam than a job. Do yourself a favor - go to college, get an education, and make yourself wealthy instead of making these a@sholes wealthy."

Customer Service Sales Specialist, Operator (Current Employee) says

"Where do i begin. This place is a joke. Management lakes manager skills and peoples relations. I would put my name but group 1 may put a hit out on me to have me killed. They are deeply racist and sexist, and the nepotism is at an all time high. They basically made the bonus impossible to get, only just to pocket the money. The steal from the poor and like it. management having affairs with employees(initials M.R) This place is sick and the EEOC needs to shut it down. NOW"

Internet Sales Specialist (Current Employee) says

"This has to be one of the worst jobs I’ve ever worked at. Management is a joke and they treat there employees like. Ppl are leaving daily. They make it impossible to get your bonus here. There is so many issues with this company it will be shut down soon. They have veterans agents leaving. No pay raise no nothing you are just a number here. As long as they meet there quota they don’t care about anything else here. Run as far away as u can else that goes I"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"i work full time for minimum wage. there is no progression here and no pay rises even though it was promised when i was offered the job. they ask everything of their staff but do not give anything back. training is non existent and i get zero benefits! i do not get over time for the extra hours i do but am told i can have the time back but i am yet to get that."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Expect many hours, many days, very little pay, no recognition, management unprofessional and illegal activity. Good ole boy network, must be in it to succeed."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"DO NOT WORK HERE!!!!! Managment is a NIGHTMARE! They do not care for their employees at all. Every time there is an issue management tries to convince you you’re the problem and if you don’t like it quit. They literally sent out an email from leadership saying if the job isn’t right for you quit instead of fixing the morale... THEY DON’T offer advancement nor pay raises oh and if you’re 30 seconds late you can forget about your bonus!"

Accounts Payable Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The management here is the worst! All of the managers. They are very unprofessional, they lie to the accounting director about you when you don't kiss their behinds. They treat their staff like children. They have you doing $25 an hour work for $14."

Payroll Administrator (Former Employee) says

"This was probably one of the worse jobs I ever had. The benefits were horrible and there was no flexibility with management to compensate for the horrible traffic on 290. They do not offer any type of performance incentive payments or paths so working there is status quo. Not a job I would recommend."

Payroll Lead (Former Employee) says

"Where do you begin? This place is HORRIBLE!! Accounting department is a joke! It's all a bunch of cliques. The accounting manager and the accounting director were not only daily smoking partners but they had a relationship! It was obvious. Everyone at the SBS hates it! DO NOT WORK HERE!!Horrible experience, horrible management, unfair behavior and treatment, no training, favoritism"

Workshop Controller (Former Employee) says

"Stressfull and unorganised, treat employees like rubbish and don’t reward in any way. Shame management are corrupt across all dealers. Wouldn’t recommend in a million years!Paid leaveLong hours no rewards or praise"

Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I have worked for over a year and my manager is a bully! Talks to you like dirt expects everything done now! Group 1 need to get in the real world and value their staffNoneLong hours"

Daniel Swain says

"Terrible customer service, don’t waste your time people.. They treat customers based on the amount of money they have to spend/have spent.. bought my Audi in Feb and still having problems with it (and don’t worry I’ve been more than patient and considered the impact of COVID).. Communication is the worst I’ve seen from a business and not the customer service you would expect from AUDI.. They were even aware that my partner was heavily pregnant at the time and still had no urgency to fix an electronics systems fault that meant she couldn’t drive the car (this was about a week after owning it).. honestly take your custom to BMW Or Mercedes, far better service in my opinion."

AK says

"John who was with the company messed up job, didn't send paperwork when requested and left out work that was meant to be carried out. Branch Manager would rather deflect the problems and not address and rectify them putting customers health and safety on the line to so they can double up on making profit from completing the job and charging more. If the manager is unprofessional, you expect same with staff. They also don't clean cars properly as previous customers paperwork were found in the loan car dated back months ago GDPR Breach. Research before you pay thousands of pounds to this cowboy manager and his branch which will damage your car and also leak your private information out by not securing them and make you spend money on works that they don't finish. Please take all paperwork out of the car as this branch doesn't protect your private documents. Never expected a official BMW dealership to be so unprofessional. Poor management and bad BMW UK support is the main reason for cowboy style of customer service. Cowboys like David Bain (Branch Manager) need to learn how to manage and be professional not chasing money like back ally mechanic. BMW UK is useless as they refer you to such cowboys franchise to carry out EGR recall and damage your car and end up asking for more money to inspect leaks that was done by dodgy workmanship of their own. They don't care about customer service at all but support such behaviour. Best advise is to stay clear of BMW and go for brands who carry out good work and support their customers not their pockets only. Your safety is not a concern for BMW as I have seen from my experience. Many other car manufacturers out there who have better support in place. Group 1 Automotive needs to look out for it's customers not put customers safety at risk."

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