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The Memphis Grizzlies are an American professional basketball team based in Memphis, Tennessee. The Grizzlies compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member of the league's Western Conference Southwest Division. The Grizzlies play their home games at FedExForum. The team is owned by Robert Pera.

A former employee mentioned, "If you love basketball, the Memphis Grizzlies will probably ruin that for you. Current management is horrible. No direction. No experience. No clue. The HR department literally runs other businesses out of their offices. Management cares nothing about employees. There is no loyalty. Only people watching their own backs for the knife that will end up there eventually."


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Not happy says

"The quality of the print was absolutely terrible. Washed out colors, uneven printing, poor layering. On top of that I went to request a refund or swap and was pretty much denied instantly to resolve the issue. While I do love what this company is doing for indie artists I DO NOT like how they're handling their customer service. I am openly giving out awareness to others as well before they're potentially let down as much as I was."

Donald Hopkins says

"The graphic on the one shirt was about 5 inches off center the other one about an inch..."

customer says

"The shirts were way to small after you washed them and smelt of vinegar once they arrived in the mail. Graphics were also poor quality. Would not buy from this company again."

elizabeth gibson says

"Mask too big and puppet looking"

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