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The Great Falls Tribune is a daily morning newspaper printed in Great Falls, Montana. It's one of Montana's largest newspaper companies. The Great Falls Tribune won the Pulitzer Prize for explanatory journalism in 2000 for a yearlong series on alcoholism. In 2020, the paper announced it would stop printing the newspaper in Great Falls. Beginning in July 2020, the presses of the Independent Record, in Helena, will print the Great Falls Tribune

A former employee wrote "The Tribune is a terrible place to work as an independent contractor who delivers newspapers. You will be expected to deliver your route seven days a week without fail. Whether you are sick you were injured or have a family emergency, they do not care. If you failed to deliver your newspapers then they will take the majority of your paycheck"

But not just employees complained about the company but also customers. One of them shared in Better Business Bureau website "I was double-charged for a subscription for at least two years. The second charges were all small, less than $10/month, but always different. After a month of waiting, they finally recognized the error, canceled the duplicate charge, but would not refund the amount that was overcharged"


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