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Gossip is an American indie rock band that was originally active from 1999 until 2016, formed in Searcy, Arkansas. For most of their career, the band consisted of singer Beth Ditto, multi-instrumentalist Brace Paine, and drummer Hannah Blilie.

Gossip band is a huge letdown, is one dimensional, flat, and monotonous, GARFIELDACRES shared a review at rateyourmusic.com

"I did say in my review of the last gossip album that the band needed to try and branch out a bit in terms of their sound. So rick Rubin recruited as a producer , sounds good on paper but what is "music for men" really like? Sadly it's a huge letdown, Rubin has turned beth ditto into a disco-funk diva and initially, it seems a really interesting direction but over 12 tracks? Naah. Beth's voice is still immense but the record never really takes off, it feels one dimensional and flat. The one or two better tracks would have sounded ace on an album with a lot more variety to it. Keep Rubin as a producer for the next one, but record her with acoustic instruments and a proper studio band of the type Rubin can frequently assemble. This sound may make her more of a commercial concern but it does little for her credibility. A vocalist of her talent could/should be doing so much more artistically."


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