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W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. (GORE) is an American multinational manufacturing company specializing in products derived from fluoropolymers. It is a privately held corporation headquartered in Newark, Delaware. It is best known as the developer of waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex fabrics.

An angry former employee recommends: "Watch who you trust". Elkton, a Manufacturing Technician said this to Indeed on Abril 2020:

"They come in telling you it's about a team environment and while there are good employees that seek to help you succeed, there are also those who just want to watch you fail. Management expects you to kiss the feet of veteran employees and if they find some reason to dislike you ranging from work ethic to, my belief, race. They will do everything in their power to get you fired."


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Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"The culture at the company is great , but not everyone practice the culture at the plant I work . It needs improvement in order to see some change . Cons: There is no support to advance"

Choose not to disclose (Former Employee) says

"If you don't drink the kool aid and fit in with the culture then you won't last long. There are ones in leadership with ridiculous expectations and very little understanding of work life balance. Micromanaging is a huge problem and goes against the beliefs of the founders. They say you can choose your own commitments but that's only if you agree with what leadership says. You are made to feel guilty and not like a team player if you speak your mind or have a better idea or process than leadership agrees with. Cons: Leadership"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"Wrongful termination on injured workers Favoritism. Once you injured , you're FIRED Not a good place to work.Pushing you hard . Trainers not good in treating new hired people. It's not what you know but whom you know environment."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"24/7 call with no bonus"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Left on your own without training or guidance poor safety that should be investigated by DOE. rotten culture in terms of the people working there"

Advance Cable assembly (Former Employee) says

"Clear division between full time and temp staff until pay then both poor management unable to even thank you for the work done. Although this is now indicative of many company’s agency have allowed under the table zero hour contracts"

Manufacturing Operator (Former Employee) says

"Well, it was a fun place to work at once you know how to ignore all the negative people around you. They pay based on school you graduated at. Oh and if your a male or female. TRUST ME! We proved it. Close minded management. If your liked by the VP you will have fun if the VP dislikes you be ready to face a wall and be thrown scraps. DONT expect a dollar raise they just give cents! Great ideas? Keep them to your …"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Didn't make the top 100 place to work this year FOR A REASON don't waste your time leadership is ruining that company and if you're not in the cliques then good luck can work and work and try to prove yourself too much favoritism"

Environmental Associate (Former Employee) says

"This is a terrible company to work for. It is extremely political, and the famous "Gore Culture" is just used as an excuse to keep wages much lower than the national average. I left the company, and most of the people I know still working there are looking for a way out."

Manufacturing Technician (Former Employee) says

"The work was cool but their so called culture is different in every building and it a lot like a high school, lots of clicks and only why to get ahead is to be leaders son or back stab your way to the top. Very cult like and if your not willing join cult your be fired at the first chance. Cons: Cult like atmosphere"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately, WL Gore has one thing going for it and it is the time off. I started and had 4 weeks of paid vacation right from the beginning. If the best thing a company offers is time off, then you're in for a bad time. Unfortunately, their FAKE "Culture" which makes this atmosphere of people playing fake nice to suck up to the bosses to get promotions are complete BS and you'll see only the butt kissers move up. As well they do not care about their employees before and during the current Pandemic, ask them how they are handling it. If you are in manufacturing you are deemed essential and have to come into work while their golden employees get to stay home. They would send business-wide videos how important employees are from the safety of their living rooms. Please understand that they do not care about associates. It is all about the bottom line and not about what they say. I repeat they do not care about their employees. This place is not worth your time to look elsewhere. Cons: leadership, policies, pay"

Quality Assurance Associate (Current Employee) says

"You can be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do...no matter whether it offends someone or not. You don't have job duties, but rather "commitments" that you take on yourself. You can do as little or as much as you like and will get paid either way."

Assembler/ QA (Current Employee) says

"It’s a popularity contest. The women who run th production floor are clicky and mean. There’s not much room for growth. I would never recommend this work place to anyone."

Research and Development Technician- operator (Former Employee) says

"The beautiful Gore's culture is hardly ever practice,a day of work to start is at 6am and you have to be in the clean room a few min before 6am otherwise you get call out for being late, the job is very stressful and physical it hurts your body badly but no one cares as long as they get their goals meet each day. No one has the compassion and family environment that once it had. Cons: super short breaks, expensive health insurance"

Current employee (Quality Assurance) says

"The CEO and top and Middle Management staff are incompetent and make important decisions on the company direction that are just BAD / poor decisions based on a. Lack of structured facts and reasoning.. if the trend is recurring, Gore will make a great acquisition by one of its competitors. Being Number 2 means that all the Rest are Number 1, second best! Cons: Low pay, incompetent managers and top management, salary is very low - public school teachers make more money! Company is on the downward turn."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"If your work groups doesn't like you - you're toast. No matter if you have more education and experience than anyone in the group. Your "sponsor" makes all the difference too. My sponsor sucked!!"

Paralegal/Contractor (Former Employee) says

"I performed various requirements: Cons: None"

Assembly Operator (Former Employee) says

"the place is very cleeky,not friendly at all.Got put in a position where is was working on my own the previous person that worked in that department got moved after doing that job for 12 years.she took some of the tools so when i went to get them they werent there she took them to make my job harder.for 3 months i came out there crying every night to which it made me so ill and stressed i had to take 2 weeks off.i returned to work in a different department to see work that was coming through with my name on to say i have built them,i wasnt even there at the time which was strange.some of them were wrong i got the blame.there was no one to speak to.if you are a associate then you are fine other wise you are made to feel a outsider.i got home on a friday to which they call it "the friday phone call" i got paid off with no reason and no notice to which i find very bad.i worked my socks of in there and done overtime and i still dont know what i done wrong.so no dont work there"

Operations (Current Employee) says

"Pros – -Most of the individual contributors are genuinely good people. They are friendly and helpful in any way they can help. Cons: Politcs and poor leadership"

Process Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Gore has a very aggressive marketing campaign for its INTERNAL personnel, making everyone believe that Gore is the one company doing things right, in a sea of wrong. Cons: To your face."

Former Employee - Associate says

"I worked at W. L. Gore & Associates full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Place was too juvenile to continue to work in. Lots of tsk-tsking for stupid reasons (mostly by long term people who thought they knew what they were doing, thought you made an error, but you didn't because they didn't know any better), targeting people that weren't liked, good old "persons" network, sleeping around, behind close door changing the ratings, etc. Shady place"

Former Employee - Hourly Associate says

"I worked at W. L. Gore & Associates full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Leadership for the most part are a joke. They are corrupt,sneaky, self serving, and for the most part a waste of valuable resources and money."

Former Employee - IT Specialist says

"I worked at W. L. Gore & Associates full-time for more than a year Cons: Just about everything else is bad"

Former Employee - Engineer/Project Manager says

"I worked at W. L. Gore & Associates full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Good ol' boys club, with old people there who will get in the way of any progress to protect their job. You won't move ahead because of hard work, it is all about your network outside of work. The lattice structure is a scam and not representative of the culture - there is none of the opportunity that they purport there. Lots of discrimination, racism, sexism, etc... lack of fairness and transparency, gossip and really shady people especially at the higher levels. They are not honest when you join about what you will do and growth opportunities. There are not many opportunities and you will never ever get a real raise. After leaving, I finally realized how absolutely crazy aand terrible a place it was to work after working at a normal company."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at W. L. Gore & Associates full-time Cons: Socialist compensation, no reward for outperforming, 24/7 call, arbitrary and subjective reviews with zero transparency. Leadership never pays for dinners or hotel rooms for physicians that they are inviting - dinner, symposiums, whatever...they never put it on their reports. This allows them to instruct their reports to pay for benefits (spouse attendees, hotel rooms, etc.) that Advamed and every other company don't pay for and keeps them out of the spotlight. this happens every month of every quarter there - this is how the "build relationships." The varying pay periods and amounts make it very difficult to budget your monthly expenses on. There is zero trust between the field and "leadership.""

Former Employee - Manufacturing says

"I worked at W. L. Gore & Associates full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Medical is a good benefit because you will need it for all the surgeries you will need do to the repetitive nature of the job. The BEWARE part is, if you are not a contracted employee, they can fire you for any reason. They can go against their own policies but you can not. You are a "All in" employee. they allow employees to lie about you, some in a race nature. they will not have your back if you are not considered part of Diversity . Their culture is more of a cult. They have Diversity groups for all except anglos. Most people do not consider that being dair to all races. very liberal company."

Current Employee - Applications Administrator says

"I have been working at W. L. Gore & Associates full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Gore has poor leadership and is bad at resourcing anything. Engineers are really good at designing and making great products, but not so good at running a business. Gore has failed to cultivate good business and technology leadership skills and has to look externally for leaders way too often. In fact, Gore tends to let good leaders go and keep the ones they should let go. The number of years at Gore is the best indicator of how many new opportunities will be presented to you. Your overall experience, skills, and education will get you a job but not provide you career opportunities at Gore. Someone with less than 20 years’ experience at Gore, but more than 20 years overall experience will be treated the same as an intern. This is not to say interns shouldn't be respected, but experience won't get you opportunities for success at Gore. Your experience, skills, and education are not wanted at Gore. Gore likes warm bodies who can take up space or do as their told."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at W. L. Gore & Associates full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Ambiguous goals, multiple managers all with competing agendas are telling you what to do so you are falling behind or in trouble no matter what you do. The company culture is very passive aggressive and you have to read between the lines for everything. It’s also very favorites based. If you are a favorite who sucks up and pushes your work onto other people you can go far. If you get stuck doing the work it will bury you. Managers are incredibly lazy. If they want to get you in trouble they have no problem yelling at you or saying degrading things (in a passive aggressive way) but if you need roadblocks removed or information you will be expected to find it on your own. The company is old fashioned and out of date. They hemorrhage new talent and college grads because everything is so old fashioned. Their health insurance isn’t great and profit-share is a joke. A company with annual bonus structure pays out more often and larger lump sums. Here a payout can be $70!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at W. L. Gore & Associates full-time Cons: 0 stars. Leadership in fab mktg is a joke and treat you like garbage if u havent been w company for like 20 yrs or not in Europe (Bob gore would not recognize this org"

Former Employee - Medical Device Assembler says

"I worked at W. L. Gore & Associates full-time for less than a year Cons: If you aren't a part of the herd and drink the kool-aid, then you are simply not welcome. If they do not like you, they will not treat you the same as everyone else regardless of what their "culture" billboards say. The grapevine is the only way any sort of useful communication happens. If you aren't best friends with leadership, you're royally screwed. You'll only get promoted if you have people in places of power batting for you. Otherwise, expect to be stuck for a very, very long time."