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Golf is a club-and-ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible.

Garret Will mentioned why golf sucks, "Golf sucks. It really really sucks. This is coming from a former hobbyist golfer, so take heed of my words. There are few redeeming qualities with this "sport", and what few there are still show how borderline misanthropic, and disastrously boring the game really is. Let's begin with just how boring this game really is. There's a meandering process of whacking a ball (of progressively excessive technological advancement) along the length of a sprawling series of yards trying to reach a hole. That can take a long time to accomplish. When you finally reach what is called the green, you replace your club with what is called a putter, and with some force, tap the ball so that it crawls towards the hole. And in it goes, ending that run. That's one of eighteen god damn holes you've finished, and it took you maybe half an hour to do. All that time you had to carry a bag with at least two or three clubs designed to drive that stupid ball into one damn hole. Or you placed your golf bag on a buggy that costs hundreds of dollars to rent for your daily excursion. Excited, yet? It's even worse to watch the damn sport on television or even as an onlooker at a game itself. Footage of every individual ranking player is shown for each ****ing hole and you may forget just how much time passes for one hole to actually finish. What's worse is that most of the time you see footage from players on different holes altogether, which screws with the pacing of the event. You watch balls ascend to sodomize the innocent air, minding its own business, and then it descends and thuds against the ground. Rinse and repeat, the game continues for hours until finished. And you are left in a daze, as if hypnotized by a master of his trade. Indeed you were hypnotized; the trance the Golf Channel induces in each faithful viewer can last a significant portion of a day. Golf is an environmentally unfriendly sport as well. Sure, the courses are pretty and well-maintained, but that is at a sizeable cost. First, a huge section of land is reserved for the designs of the course; we're talking hundreds of acres per course, so that's problem enough. Another is the chemical treatment of the greens and fairways through pesticides and insecticides cue the discussion about the half-life of various distinct pesticides; there's run-off always involved with golf courses and someone, somewhere has to pay for it. Then there's the fact that it's a colossal waste of space."


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Server/Beverage Cart Attendant (Current Employee) says

"On several occasions managers made us clock out once close to getting overtime and told us if we left we were fired so we had to stay and work a couple extra hours without pay. Cooks who’ve been there 30+ years having awful work conditions. Managers letting people talk sexually to their staff and not solving the problem. Instead of understanding a school schedule for many of the staff they were kicked off the schedule. Cons: Racist"

Head Cart Girl, Event Staff, Bartender (Former Employee) says

"There were many things wrong with the fundamental functioning of the company while I was employed there. Poor management, underpaid employees, stealing, unfair hours, scheduling issues. I would not recommend working for this company."

Server/Bartender (Former Employee) says

"poor management/coworkers"

Undisclosed (Former Employee) says

"Management was highly unskilled and jobs were given to the wrong and unqualified people. Pay is horrible and no benefits. You have to chase down management for any type of feedback or response to a question, concern or request. Management does not do much but take up space."

MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR (Former Employee) says

"They raise goals and reduce pay. If you don't like it you can leave. I was the top membership producer in the company and relocated from Texas to take the job. After 6 months, they lowered my compensation package which led to me leaving the company. At least I get to go back to Texas. Cons: Dishonest"

Good & beverage director (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work. Totally mismanaged, long work days, 6 days a week. Always understaffed. Lied to about job duties and expectations. No possibility of bonus."

Food and Beverage Manager (Former Employee) says

"Coming from the corporate world to Arcis was a shock, in fact corporate is a bad way to describe them. Sanitation was AWFUL at the club and they had no systems in place to train people, no direction from leadership from home office. Never once met or was communicated with when starting had to figure out who corporate boss was and had to contact them. On-boarding was a checklist with no direction. No training on their expectations, mandates, recipes were inconsistent with what they had active vs. menu. Overall huge regret to make the jump to such a disorganized company. Member's actually are begging to get them out of the club due to false promises and lack of follow thru. Mediocre is a generous way to describe this company. Cons: Arcis Golf"

Maintance Worker (Former Employee) says

"Dont go work here unless you plan on being treated like sh**, lied to and overworked for minmal pay. I worked here for over 10 years and will never go back! management stinks"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you want to get screwed out of money and promotions I’d recommend working for this company. They never appreciate hard work and want so much out of you with so little to work with. Don’t waste your time!!"

Bartender (Former Employee) says

"Management is terrible. Pay was decent. I loved the customers and love the game of golf. Management lacks communication. Food and beverage manager is never on site."

Food and Beverage Attendant, pro shop/front desk (Current Employee) says

"The managers do not care about their employees. They change schedules without any notification, they'd rather fire someone then talk things through, and they do not communicate. This company is poorly ran, their hr never returns calls or messages, they only protect themselves and not the employees. if you were to walk into some of the golf courses that are ran especially the one I am coming from you would be disgusted. The kitchen is a mess, there are rats and cockroaches, the carpet is different colors from staining because we have never had It clean. I do not get paid enough to shampoo their carpets or to be treated they way this company treats us. not to mention we do not get lunches. Cons: horrible management, no lunches, schedule changes with no notification, hostile work environment, no communication, health code violations waiting to happen"

Kitchen Staff (Current Employee) says

"The coworkers make the job bearable. You work with fun, kind people who make your day fun and full of laughter. However, the management tries their best to ruin everything. They constantly ask you to do other people's jobs, they tell other people to work harder, and they schedule events all at the same time so that you are bombarded with an impossible amount of work and then you have to spend 2 hours playing catch-up. This is also not a job to have if you want a life outside of work. Cons: Some slackers, management is out to get you"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"It seems like a good all around company, however the other employees at white bluff resort are driving it into the ground. I left a 15 year career at my last restaurant looking for something smaller and closer to home. I was hired by a food director that didnt know what she was doing, she was fired and I was let go a month later. Lots of potential with not much knowledge up top."

Staff Accountant (Current Employee) says

"But it's not worth the workload. Lots of hours, Month-end stretches on for more than half of the month. Cons: minimal benefits, no 401k match"

Accounts Payable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for a few months in AP and it was all over the formal training, you sit with folks and each one tells you different answers. NO Cons: Manager pits employee against employee, say they dont want drama but creates it, work load ALOT, high turnover due to no training"

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"The management changed entirely every so often and very few people managed to stay the entire summer, much less a year. The hours were all annoying and all at the same time every day so I was never home for dinner."

Server and Bartender (Former Employee) says

"You get a free membership and half off certain parts of the club, but it's a male dominated atmosphere with little room for female acceptance. Members get over the top drunk."

Greens Keeper (Former Employee) says

"When it comes to there employees they aren't very understanding about family emergenciesmy wife was sick and in the hostpital for five and a half months I tried to work as much as possible but they ended up getting me go cause I had to be at the hostpital with my wife so much then a week after they let me go she passed away and still refused to let me come back to work. Cons: They blame everyone else for there own mistakes"

SALES DIRECTOR (Former Employee) says

"Decent place to work but never felt like corporate was concerned with our staff at our location.After Hurricane Harvey where we were flooded and closed for a significant time nothing was done to take care of our hourly employees nor did anyone even check on us and ask if we were okay or effected personally. Very disappointing. Cons: no advancement"

Pro Shop Associate (Former Employee) says

"Overall, my time working for Arcis was positive. I do wish, however, that I would have received more in depth training because I felt very incompetent at work which led to a lot of stress. Cons: Public Course"

Former Employee - Pro Shop Attendant says

"I worked at American Golf part-time Cons: Hard work, bad systems, unorganized"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at American Golf full-time for more than a year Cons: Very little pay, They want you to be extremely flexible and work every single day and they also make you work multiple positions that you did not apply for. I had a director position but only made minimum wage. They also do not give you a full 8-hour shift. You also don't get any time off until you've been there for one year and then you only get one week."

Current Employee - Food Server says

"I have been working at American Golf full-time for more than 10 years Cons: How much I am paid"

Former Employee - Pro Shop Attendant says

"I worked at American Golf part-time for more than 10 years Cons: Minimum wage. No benefits, bad hours"

Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"I worked at American Golf full-time for more than 3 years Cons: You sign a contract for a certain 'salary', Noone ever sees that number because its based on the parties you sell. So youll see half of that because their quotas are expectations the establishment will never achieve. They knowingly set the bar high so you will never attain that salary you were promised. Unprofessional upper management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at American Golf full-time for more than a year Cons: Discrimination, favoritism, out-dated hierarchy with "king-like managers" Managers did nothing to help the operation; rather, over-payed data entry clerks that make slats minute schedules for sub-ordinates that they would never help out or jump-in and help when they're swamped and need help desperately. But they wouldn't know because they're in a cave somewhere having a meeting about the minuscule budget they've been given..."

Former Employee - Pro Shop says

"I worked at American Golf part-time for more than 5 years Cons: The management, the management, and the management. They do not take care of the people below them. You feel like a ant that will get stomped on. Employees are the insects there...Sadly they do not let you play free golf it has to be when the course is empty. They have problems with spots that are open even they make you pay."

Former Employee - Cart Attendant says

"I worked at American Golf part-time for more than 3 years Cons: Never scheduled enough people for the shifts, managers and shop employees never assisted"

Former Employee - Cart Techp says

"I worked at American Golf part-time for less than a year Cons: Pay is poor with no outlook that it ever increases Yet the expect top level performance"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at American Golf full-time Cons: Extremely boring and mundane. Many people very unqualified for their positions"

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