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Goldline, LLC was a retail seller of gold and silver coins, and other precious metals for investors and collectors. Goldline traced its formation to a Deak & Co. subsidiary created in 1960, a firm that in the late 1970s was the largest storefront gold retailer and later went into bankruptcy in the 1980s. The company was later bought and sold several times in the ensuing years.

Randy got ripped off by Goldline and shared his experience on, "In November of 2012, I bought a bunch of tenth-ounce gold coins from Goldline. I was told that I could expect to pay more for the smaller coins than for the single one-ounce coins. The difference was $700/oz. I was told that when I sold them back, I could expect to receive more money for each of the coins because they were tenth-ounce ones. I called today (4/9/20) and found out that I would only receive one-tenth of the one-ounce price. Gold would have to go over my buying price by $700/oz. for me to break even. If you are buying precious metals, be careful who you buy from. I won't be using Goldline anymore. My stockbroker will be getting a lot more of my money in the future."


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Warren says

"I had requested my purchase be sent to my PO box. Instead it was sent to my house where it was placed between the storm door and my front door. I did not sign for the package and anyone could have taken it and I would not have been believed that I did not get it. Also, the free silver coin that was advertised on Glen Beck was not included in the package. I cannot trust you with any future purchases."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Despite the once great money making opportunity, the management of the sales force, and lead distribution was wrought with unfairness, favoritism, and petty retributions by management with needy, bruised egos. Went for 200+ Sales people with $6,000,000 + average daily sales, to 12 or so sales people with $50,000 in daily sales. Couldn't find a better example of management that did absolutely nothing to change a formula, which, despite its brilliance in days of past glory, was clearly no longer working. It was almost as if they wanted to fail."

Senior Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"I short Management is horrible, mean spirited with no regard for the families the employees have trusted them with. Management is not capable of informing employees the truth. i am leaving due to finding out things about the Company that will affect my family's future and were not disclosed.none, noneManagement, no sales support."

Justin says

"Setting up a new account was quick and easy. They were able to answer every question I had. I would recommend Goldline to anybody looking to get started with investing in precious metals."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Blair Harris is terrible. Used to be a good company to work for until he came onboard. TERRIBLE. Stay away."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"wolf of wall street. up down all around lots of ,obey but not a good work life balance.trainingeverything else"

James Cowan says

"Jan was very knowledgeable and helpful in completing the transaction"

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"You will be calling old leads-at least one hundred per day- and work senior rep's accounts. The fond memories include rarely ever receiving a warm lead, rarely seeing a senior rep close anything and sharing a three-stall restroom with fifty guys. There's always going to be a mix of good and bad personalities within any large group so that is what it is. I worked with some good people, but there's a lot of low level character folk as well. They'll tell you that leads are fairly disbursed which is complete non-sense. They'll short change you with leads until you prove yourself and "fit in" with the GL family. It got old real fast seeing the same people make the same money day in and day out. If you're ok with the "it's the end of the world" message (as it pertains to the economy) and ok with working old, beat up leads then this may be a good match for you. Otherwise, look elsewhere."

Director of Software Development (Former Employee) says

"The company is in a high risk business and everything they do revolves around selling gold to customers. They have a large sales team which is not allowed to use any technology to do their work. The company is paranoid that the sales agents will leave and take their leads with them. This creates an environment of paranoia and mistrust. Everyone is under suspicion and it drives everything they do."

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