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Golden Gate Transit Sucks. Golden Gate Transit (GGT) is a public transportation system serving the North Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area in California, United States. It primarily serves Marin and Sonoma counties and also provides limited service to San Francisco and Contra Costa County.

Kimberly Hoagland Madsen did some sad comments about Golden Gate Transit on social media: "GG transit gets you there but clearly they don’t try that hard. There are a few rare friendly and helpful bus drivers but many of them are rude and very unhelpful. When you ride for the first time you have no clue you need to flag drivers to pick you up. The go mobile is a joke as it doesn’t work on handheld devices? Seriously, what is the point of that? GG bus riders have no manners. The think the bus is their living room hogging two seats on a full bus. But heck we have so few options in Marin so there ya have it"


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