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GoDaddy Inc. is an American publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and incorporated in Delaware.As of June 2020, GoDaddy has more than 20 million customers and over 7,000 employees worldwide. The company is known for its advertising on TV and in the newspapers. It has been involved in several controversies related to censorship.

An angry customer mentioned, "As I write this, I have been trying to activate my office 365 domain email account at GoDaddy. It's had this message for the past three days saying: We’re creating your email account. This should take just a few minutes. We’ll email you when it’s ready just wait a few minutes, your account will be activated. Yet up till now no account no activation. the Live chat service is always OFF yet they call themselves award winning. And for F*** sakes!! no email support. They expect you to only reach them by phone. Expecting you to make international calls to them at your expense. They have a few countries listed up with country help numbers, if your country is not listed, then you must make international calls to them and wait in loop to get served. Not even email support!!!! this is the most terrible customer service approach I have ever seen. Run far from GoDaddy if u can. Else you would live to regret it."


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Former Employee - Social Media Advisor says

"Then fire you and 800 other people when a pandemic hits rather than relocate your trained employees to different departments. Trust me Godaddy is not a good company to work and only cares about looking good to investors. This is terrible company to work for and recommend looking for a job with any other website platform or tech company"

Former Employee - Sales says

"they bought out a locally owned company, ran it into the ground, then fired everyone and closed that branch"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where to start here...I think the CEO Aman has been doing a good job getting thrown into a crappy spot/situation, but there's a serious lack of transparency and communication from all of senior leadership. Middle management is just a puppet that definitely plays favorites. They promote their favorites into roles they're not ready for and continuously make excuses for them when other employees step up and challenge the status quo."

Former Employee - Business Manager says

"There are remininents of the classic super bowl ads that continue to define and sadly, drive a big part of Godaddy’s culture. Don’t expect to work on cutting-edge technology or projects that might be innovative, impactful. Totally expect to be constantly fire-fighting at work and putting out fires. Large presence in Iowa and Arizona makes godaddy’s culture unlike what you find in tech on the West Coast. Diversity is low and inclusivity is scarce at Godaddy. Most leaders exhibit a preference for people who fit certain racial profile. If you look/sound different and don’t fit ‘the profile’, there is a good chance that you will be treated differently. The quality of projects and growth opportunities you get will be determined through that and not your enthusiasm, talent or how driven you are. Unfortunately, racial bias is so deep-rooted in godaddy’s culture that it impacts the success of business. Imagine walking into a workplace everyday with - lack of transparency when it comes to cascading information, perpetual instability in org structure and constant struggle to get one honest word out of a manager or org leader. A culture where people are penalized for asking questions, challenging ideas using data and facts or logic in business discussions and expected to be “Yes Sir/Yes Ma’am” people. There is no active implementation of policies to ensure fair treatment or mitigate biases. The HR don’t bother to introduce themselves, let alone make themselves available to employees. Incidents that involve coworkers spewing comments about culturally diverse coworkers like “Oh s/he doesn’t understand the our culture in this country..” or “English is not his/her first language..” are not uncommon. Such incidents are common and unfortunately frequent in some teams. Diversity workforce are more often than not treated poorly. Not all teams are as toxic but please research well before you decide to join one. Having personally experience a lot of this and also watching some of my coworkers go through it I can only suggest that maybe find another place that values basic human values."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Hi there, thanks for taking the time to write a review. We're not thrilled about the experience it seems you had here at GoDaddy as a former employee. Exceptional Customer Service is one of our core company values, and a huge part of that is honesty. We hope that any employee that feels pressured to sell in a dishonest way would have an honest discussion with our HR team, as that simply not tolerated here at GoDaddy."

Former Employee - Information Specialist says

"Low salary, high quotas, low morale."

Former Employee - Inbound Sales and Support says

"I've had the pleasure of filling out an exit survey soon after the liberation of quitting. Keep in mind, I've never quit a job in my 15 year working history. Below are some of my thoughts: I could achieve my career goals here: When you fire 10 supervisors, stretch current supervisors who survived not getting thrown in the dumpster to their max, and throwing around management trainees, even if there was a position for career advancement (There wasn't), why would you want to? I felt valued as an employee at GoDaddy: It was very clear the "Seasoned" employees were being thrown out because we costed too much to employ. They could easily manipulate which phone calls you get based on their algorithms on which customers would be more likely to buy vs the ones that needed questions answered without a selling opportunity. How else can you explain that I sold $30,000 more worth of new product, yet was paid $5,000 less YTD? I did a comparison of the amount of money I've made in 2018 vs 2019, and even with all of the overtime I dedicated to the company, I still made less. When I confronted my supervisors, I was brushed off and was told that it was the type of products I was selling and that I should go back on the phones and just sell more. The mantra was, sell first, ask questions later. But when a company's email goes down because an expensive platform change, you end up with a salesman who ran off like a bandit while the customer's business is at a standstill because we convinced them the world was going to end if they didn't upgrade their plan. In addition to that, when I needed to take FMLA to have my newborns face sewn shut due to his cleft left and pallet, or when we were dealing with his inability to hear out of his left ear, do you think anybody cared? Absolutely not. The first question was, when will you be returning to work? The multiple physicians have never seen such a outrageous FMLA process and joked that GoDaddy will call and scream at them if I don't go back to selling vs coming to my son's appointments. When I got back, do you think anyone cared to ask how I, or my family was doing? If you think the answer is yes, think again. I was greeted by higher sales goals and lower paychecks. I am proud to have worked for GoDaddy: Absolutely not. My biggest mistake was not realizing how much money I was hemorrhaging. I've never worked for a more greedy company in my 15 year working history. I would recommend GoDaddy as a great place to work: Absolutely not. GoDaddy loves to toot their "Fabulous" work from home life balance and their new "Make Your Own Way" slogan until you stop earning the company money. The 3-4 weeks you're given off are useless until you cash out the hours when you quit, as you'll never get to use them anyway. How can I make my own way when I can't get time off, and I'M BROKE?"

Account says

"We're sorry to hear that this was your experience while working with us. Since our acquisition of MSH, we have been working around the clock to transition everything from work structure, workload, culture and compensation over to the GoDaddy way of life. We hope that you may consider us again in the future. You may find that a lot has changed."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The job used to be fun before we were turned into used car salesmen. "Every person needs to buy something on every call" is the mentality. I've seen first hand the pay cuts that have been going around just to make the shareholders happy. As an agent, if you sell $25,000 more in sales than the previous year you can expect to make approximately $5,000 less in gross income. Money hungry management that genuinely don't care for the customer. The "small business focus" is just to get customers in the door before we start shaking every penny we can out of them."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is a bunch of people that have no clue what they are doing. Bunch of chickens running around with their heads cut off. That’s what you get when you only hire internally for management and what you get when you hire people that are not top performers in their current role."

Internet Sales & Service Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Terrible job and poor work environment. Loud and immature work area at times. Typical call center and once they feel too many are hitting sales quota they change the structure to make it more difficult"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"The manager’s try to take advantage of young girls by taking them to happy hour and getting them intoxicated. They try to make promises about promotions that will never happen. MSH/GoDaddy needs to be shut down. CREEPY"

GoDaddy Productivity Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Employee welfare is the last priority, you work for free. Other agents steal your sales and effectively your pay for the work you do. GoDaddy is not a recommended company."

Social Media Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Poor management and leadership skills. You will get in trouble if you use your sick days. No growth, the managers have no management or leadership skills. They don't train their managers. They do not care or take care of their tenured reps (at least the Austin office does not). Good luck if you any time of due to a emergency. Their requirements to keep your job are unreasonable and if you are let go they treat you like a convicted felon and escorts you out"

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"The opportunities at GoDaddy are there, but the intentional job stress makes them difficult to obtain. Metrics are constantly changed on a whim and many are experimental in nature. Once those ill-conceived changes are thrown out, some employees have already found themselves fired, due to the unreasonable criteria involved. GoDaddy training rooms are ALWAYS filled to capacity to replace current employees."

Inbound Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work don't waste your time all they'll do is screw you over in the end. My understanding is it by the time we reach 2021 they're going to pull out their operations from Cedar Rapids moving to Arizona"

HOSTING SUPPORT TECH (Former Employee) says

"GoDaddy was the worst company I have ever worked for. If you're the type of person that can be chained to a desk all day and have ever second of your day planned out for you, then this is the job for you. The mask how awful the job is with a ton of incentives to make you think the place is hip and cool to work for but it is ultimately a soul crushing job. I lost my desire to work there when an employee was training a new employee and he told them to lie to customers to get the sale. I brought that all the way to the floor director and it was ignored because the employee made too many sales. GoDaddy acts like the customer is important but will take every penny they can and screw you over."

Productivity Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Feel like I spend my life there. I have to work overtime to make sure I hit my goals. It’s hard having people call in for tech help and you are basically suppose to not help them and just sell them something instead of helping them."

Email & Phone Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"The entire time I was at GoDaddy no one could keep a manager in place to motivate or guide us. I passed a 30 day test to master the ability to serve the company and then was dumped on a sales floor under constant construction, noise and debirs and asked to perform at full potential with little or no guidance or peace to do so. They have since finished the construction but at the time it drove me away.Nice break room, good payNo leadership, poor motivation, high turnover rate, boiler room environment"


"Place is occupational quicksand. There is no room for development or breaks apparently. Training is cut short and minimums to bonus are unrealistic. Treats more like a sweat shop and loads of favoritism."

Internet Tech (Former Employee) says

"Customer calls for a fix and you are told to sell them something, not really trained to fix anything. You get a bad rating, get the picture. This is my experience and that of many. I do not mind sales, but to have a employee rated on something when you told them to do it is just wrong.Its a jobRated by upset customers you have to attempt sales with."

Technical Consultant (Former Employee) says

"not fun at all high pressured hated it plus i have to work a grave yard power shift"

Sales Representative B2B (Former Employee) says

"Have been exceeding sales goals and was surprised with being told they were eliminating the sales roles in Iowa. Word is they are moving positions out of the U.S.Management has no sales experience and are egotistical, laying people off often over the years, new owner is likely moving business overseas, little recognition for high achievers, its about who you know there not how good you are at what you do."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Huge turnover, poor management, stressed out place to work in, metrics keep increasing, angry customers because of the poor technology. Used to be good before they became public.Subsidized lunch that sucksEverything"

Sales and Support (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work if you are team worker. Unless you are able to not feel guilty about lying to a customer about services provided or that they need. Overall you need to be willing to be able to tolerate the cut throat environment.NoneEverything"

Customer sales and support (Former Employee) says

"Do not apply for any jobs at this place!!!! Save yourself a headache. When you first get a call it will seem like it is the best place to work for but it really isn't. Don't be fooled by the recruiter when he tells you that it is such an awesome place to work for because not even they believe it. My class consisted of 20 employees all of which have resigned including myself.easy to get intoVery poor management I want to emphasize on "poor" because it was that bad."

Hosting Support Agent (Former Employee) says

"They will first reel you in at the first interview (group interview) of talks about your first year making "only" 65K-85K and your second year a little over 100K. You go through a group interview, take a test, they immediately weed out half of the people right there. You then take an interview date and time and have a one on one interview. If they do hire you they schedule you for a training class that starts about a month out. The lies continue the first day of training where they have people come in telling their stories of success and how they have a GED and make "well over six figures". You go through 2 weeks of training, then take a final, if you get less than 75% then they axe you right there. After that you go on the phones for two weeks and really get a taste of what the job is going to be like. If you can last that amount of time (and they decide to keep you) then they put you on a team in which you do not know if will have your job in two weeks. You could be the top performing individual for 15 years and if you have a bad pay period say bye bye. The people that do make good pay (it is not even close to 100K, I knew the top performer and they made 48K last year) end up leaving anyways. They kept getting sued by former employees so now they have a "personal improvement plan" structure in which not only do you have to make sales but meet other stupid goals such as "I will consult on every call" and if the management "feels" that you did not consult then they can "legally" fire you."

Inbound (Former Employee) says

"Your basic call center. Lots of promises and they fall short 99% of the time. Goals kept increasing and lower management thought you were a threat they would crush you. Also, had about eight different managers in about a two year span. Needed more training and never got it. Even though I asked multiple times for help and supervisors would pawn you off till you forgot about it.Always busy. Good facilities.Goals always changing, promises were rarely met, lied to"

Data Scientist (Current Employee) says

"They have poor work-life balance and do not know what they want out of their data scientists. They have a culture that data science is magic and the wizards should somehow know what projects are necessary."

Customer Care Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Godaddy has a rep of a very positive culture and great place to work. It's all a lie. The new ceo has laid out this 5 year plan geared toward the customer experience meanwhile nobody cares about the employee experience. Godaddy is also very clique-ish. As noted in other reviews, they're pushing very hard toward more sales, and at the same time they're finding ways to cut commissions besides the outright cut from 20% to 15% and renewals no longer counting toward your tier. So they offer customers a deep discount the first time they purchase something (which is the only way you can earn decent pay), then when it's time for that customer to renew that service, it doubles in price. If you still convince the customer to not cancel that service and they renew, you get pretty much no commission out of it. Long gone are "the good ole' days."coffee machinespay cuts, clique-ish, supervisors are zero help"

Creller says

"Overpriced domains"

Eugene Huggins says

"Have to wait too long for Web support"

Scott Sheppard says

"Mix of Marketing/Sales and Usage My biggest beef with them is that using their services is littered with stuff to try to make you buy more services. It's hard to tell what I am entitled to and what I suddenly have to pay extra for."