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The Government of National Accord is an interim government for Libya that was formed under the terms of the Libyan Political Agreement, a United Nations–led initiative, signed on 17 December 2015.

Dr Mustafa Fetouri for Middle East Monitor mentioned how Libya’s UN-recognised government has become a headache for the West, "On 17 December 2015, the Libyan Political Accord (LPA) was signed in Skhirat, Morocco to the cheers of major powers, regional actors and Libya’s immediate neighbours; it was hailed as a major breakthrough, putting Libya on the road to redemption. In a ceremony hosted by the Moroccan Foreign Ministry, everyone was happy that Libya was finally going to have a government and start rebuilding after four years of destruction and bloodshed.

The accord created a nine-member strong Presidency Council and authorised it to establish what was called the Government of National Accord (GNA). This was meant to be a caretaker authority with a transitional agenda that included the drafting of a new constitution, organising elections and stemming the flow of illegal migrants into Europe, as well as running Libya.

A week later, the UN Security Council adopted resolution 2259 recognising the GNA as the only legitimate government in Libya and giving it control over Libya’s impressive revenue from oil exports; the vote was unanimous. However, according to Article 4 of the LPA, the GNA would only be legitimate after winning the approval of the country’s House of Representatives. The legislative body was, after all, a signatory to the UN-brokered accord that created the GNA.

Just hours after the ceremony in Morocco, those parliamentarians who signed on behalf of the House of Representatives, publicly rejected it and claimed that they had been tricked into signing. The legislator denied the GNA a vote of confidence twice, thus rendering it illegitimate, and making it illegal for the institution to operate in Libya."


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