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Globalia Corporación Empresarial S.A., formerly known as GAE Corporación Empresarial S.A., is a Spanish business holding owned by Juan José Hidalgo that operates airlines such as Air Europa and runs hotels such as Be Live Hotels and Melody Maker together with travel agencies such as Halcón Viajes.

On August 20th, 2020, an outraged customer wrote a review for Air Line Quality about Air Europa Service: Air Europa did not allow me to check in Madrid-Athens because my analysis said "PCR negativo" instead of "PCR negative". I insisted that the supervisor ask her colleague in Athens if the Greek police would admit such obviousness (the result can only say "positivo" or "negativo" so there is no doubt of interpretation), but she refused. Air Europa has management problems and, according to the press, is in technical bankruptcy.


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Former Employee - Web Developer says

"Management is constantly switching their gears and it's really hard and stressful to follow. They have a hard time selling their services at a profitable price and the stress is put on the team to make it work in close to no time. No empathy from some members of the high hierarchy."