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Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) is a New York-based company that offers professional education services. The firm connects its clients with consultants with topical or industry expertise in a variety of fields (termed "Council Members"), as well as executive education, larger team training, and the placement of experts in long-term advisory, operational, and board roles. GLG has a network of over 800,000 consultants.

A former employee said this in a review on Indeed website: "GLG is literally a cold calling company. It has no grounding or understand of disability rights and the work is completely boring. They make it sound like your working for a top consultancy firm when in fact your just a middle man connecting really rich businesses to experts so they can become more wealthy. The HR need to know how to deal with workers issues in a more humane way".


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N/A (Former Employee) says

"Been on the roster for almost five years and periodically receive information on a project, but nothing ever comes of it. They cast a wide net on the work and almost never any good match when it comes down to it. Has been a big waste of time. The analysts never put the time required to make sure you are a good match before they send you a potential gig."

Events Team (Former Employee) says

"GLG was a complete disappointment. They genuinely made me feel like they wanted to help me learn, but my job required little to no intellectual effort and culture was awful. It felt like high school, where no one wanted anyone else to succeed. Every time I have to go to midtown, I have PTSD walking by that building. From 6am frantic text messages to getting a coffee for someone who I'm sure had functioning hands to do it themselves, to having to go to work while having the flu, the lists of cons are endless. Do yourself a favor and look anywhere else"

Aircraft Technology & Transportation Consultant (Current Employee) says

"GLG first defined "expert network" and are now defining "on-demand professional learning" --- this means constant evolving and changing as a company strategy. This notion of change is a) tough for a company to execute well b) troublesome for some employees to handle and therefore difficult to manage internally, generally. Sometimes GLG does a good job dealing with it. Sometimes they do not. 3 things stick out …"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"This company is literally a cold calling company. It has no grounding or understand of disability rights and the work is completely boring. They make it sound like your working for a top consultancy firm when in fact your just a middle man connecting really rich businesses to experts so they can become more wealthy. The HR need to know how to deal with workers issues in a more humane way.NoneFar too many"

Senior Associate (Current Employee) says

"Don't do it! Run away fast! This is quite possibly the worst place you could work. Management is terrible, bonuses are nothing, and the hours are long. Do yourself a favor and look somewhere else, save yourself the misery."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"I don't know where to begin. The job itself although manageable is extremely boring. Closer to the end of my contract I felt like a fish typing information into the computer. A lot don't even understand what they are doing. They just cold call and find the people with the right titles. It's basically a cold call centre. My manager was snappy, unprofessinal and rude. There are a lot of egomaniacs. Best of luck, I'm glad I'm out.You get to utilise your languages and city centre locationToo many to name"

Business Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"GLG has the potential to be an excellent firm in the future. After nearly twenty years, the firm is still trying to find its identity which impacts business. I've never witnessed so much employee turnover, simply staggering. Management / HR need to prioritize employee retention as well as provide accurate job descriptions when sourcing talent otherwise change is not likely in the near term Typical day at work: Putting out fires / Cold calls +emails / constant check-in meetings What you learned: Product offering is dramatically overpriced and clients are aware of exorbitant pricing with the exception of a few groups handling professional services clients Management: Varies by sector Co-Workers: Interesting intelligent people. Corporate structure and turnover ratio necessitate recent college grads or if mid level career transitions or individuals with unique circumstances Hardest part of job: Justifying value proposition to product's price point Most Enjoyable part of job: Colleagues and ClientsOffice spaceLow Pay, Limited Career Mobility, Constant turnover"

Senior Client Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Bad management, no flexibility and no career advancement. Day to day activity and tasks does not match with initial requirements discussed during hiring process."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"GLG has a very discouraging environment if you are there beyond a year. You see how big the talent gap is for people who are promoted internally. They are trying to make up for this by hiring very expensive, qualified senior leaders, but at this point they are stuck with many late-20s, 30-something middle management leaders who have added no qualifications or skills since they started straight out of college. Yes, you get to work with clients quickly. But it does not matter since you don't get any industry experience, only GLG-specific experience. You are just as hire-able 1-2 years in as you are 3-4 years in, so at some point everyone realizes they need to leave if they want to do something more with their lives. The old guard is very much defensive of their inner circle. They'll suck up to any new leadership that arrives, but for anyone more junior, they gatekeep to make sure only people who fit their social lives. Don't believe when they say they are "data-driven" or objective, the office dynamics are worse than any stereotypical high school drama. If you are a liberal arts graduate from a middle tier school, it seems to be a good option for 1-2 years. Do not stay longer than that -- build your network and skills and move on. If you actually have any hard skills you should look elsewhere. The tech is poor, the product mgmt and design is poor, communications are poor (they tried to address "gossip" in the office through a working group - yes, you read that right - and it turned out as well as you would think. The first "meeting" to address gossip turned into aFree lunch on Tuesday, you will love your small team until you all decide to leaveUnderpaid, overworked, bad managers and worse senior leaders"

Junior Associate (Former Employee) says

"Keep looking. No job security. Free snacks. The company is basically a middle man for real consultants. Management is filled with 20 somethings. Passive aggressive, micro aggressive, white and male. There’s NO diversity here at all. The only reason there is a “diversity initiative” is to check a box.Free foodEverything else"

Engagement Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"This company uses a bait and switch technique to lure in young employees. Do not be fooled by these glimmering generalities, because once you are in, you see the real company, and it is not pretty. There is favoritism, extreme micromanagement and pressure (to meet SLA's that people skew anyways), no privacy (i.e. emails), threats from higher level management to preform, which causes an uncomfortable work environment. The free coffee and free Tuesday lunch does not make up for the treatment of lunch on Tuesday, free coffee (good quality)Pressure to work after hours and weekends, poorly trained managers, no equality, option for internal mobility only after 18 months"

Consulting Council Member (Current Employee) says

"Needed but highly efficient with no system to deploy the right person to any particular job. In other words their inventory of assets is not evaluated or deployed in a manner the meets customer expectations.NoneNo managment"

Associate VP (Current Employee) says

"GLG is a reasonable place to pass time if you just want a job and you just want to get paid. However, this is not a place you should go if you want growth, or if you want to bolster your marketability outside of coffee and foodvirtually no growth, limited career trajectory"

Business Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great place to begin your career at of undergraduate. However, if you have any experience find somewhere else to work. Product offering is stagnant at best. Be weary of the job specs as most are not indicative of the actual job causing constant turnover.Office, Smart PeoplePay, Career Advancement, Management"

Senior Research Associate (Current Employee) says

"This job is deeply flawed. Managers are promoted too quickly which provides a lack of adequate support. Staying at this company longer than a year is considered a "long" time, which is very representative of the way people feel about their time there.Free lunches, great peers/coworkersPoor management, toxic environment, false sense of work/life balance"

Senior Research Manager (Former Employee) says

"GLG seems to be on the downward path right now. Hopefully so new leaders will help move the needle in the right direction. There is a huge turnover rate and people are pretty miserable. Different offices have different personalities and face time is a given.lots of cute girlslong hours, poor pay and lack of clear direction from management oh and lots of micro managers"

Senior Research Associate (Former Employee) says

"I have worked here 2+ years and above all else, have witnessed lack of communication issues through out. It is an environment that does not allow for a "work-life" balance, especially if you are a young parent. To begin, it places young individuals into management roles, who are simply not adequately trained to handle such a workload. This then results in a lack of direction/help for the team, which causes the team to lose their motivation. My experience provided a unique perspective as I was in the minority "parents" group. Being a company that solely hires fresh graduates, a parent is simply not who they are looking to hire. If by chance you happen to be or become one during your tenure at GLG, the return back to work is a dismal one. There is a lack of true effort to on board you back into the team and you are left feeling isolated and at a disadvantage. If you attempt to address issues to upper management, they go into one ear and out through the other. I decided to leave due to the lack of communication I experienced for the direction of my role and the situation I was in ( as a parent) after returning back from my maternity leave. I was told to ( on more than one occasion) be ready to place my child on a hold, if I want to progress in this position. To add to this, my final days after my notice period had begun, the behaviour of the upper management starkly changed. There was no communication with me from any of the Team Leads in regards to my leave, no appropriate announcement to the team/company via the usual mediums. It has been the most disrespected IGood job for a new Graudate as it provides basic sales experienceAll is mentioned above."

ANALYST (Former Employee) says

"Pros compliance is biggest team so your boss is the office boss internet, tea and cold drinks are complementary good location in NCR with restaurants and malls close by nice company to work for normally Good shift timings No work after 6 pm Cons compliance recruits their friends.....I made it accidentally if you have ve been contacted from the recruiter then please reject it...youʼll thank me surely Donʼt hope for any learning, they only does background internet is their tool office leadership is made of family and “close friends”..who decide all from snacks to whose selected and only promote their family in assignments boss sends confusing emails all the time.....manger only clicks photos and decides dress code for festival.. team seniors are close friends” with boss and manger so they chill all the time, take leaves new employees are not given phone and not even correct keyboard and mouse"

Senior Associate (Current Employee) says

"You are only the metrics, can be very difficult at times because of this. The people are great but some of the management is scatter-brained and frenetic.Free lunch on tuesdays"

Research Manager (Current Employee) says

"Mangement has begun implementing intense change, often without considering impacts on the employees. New technology automations and systems increase micro-managing to an excessive level, making it impossible to show individual creativity or autonomy. The people who stick around are average performers who are okay with the job, top performers are not appreciated and burn out quickly.Beautiful OfficeLong hours, poor management."

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