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Glenwood Springs is the Home Rule Municipality that is the county seat of Garfield County, Colorado, United States. Glenwood Springs is located at the confluence of the Roaring Fork River and the Colorado River, threading together the Roaring Fork Valley and a series of smaller towns up and down the Colorado River. As of the 2010 census it had a population of 9,614.Glenwood Springs is best known


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Doorman (Former Employee) says

"In my 25 years of service I never once felt safe with Management . This was a Union job and management were always looking for a way to get rid of workers no matter how good a job they were doing.. They are all about the DOLLAR....Unfortunately there was not an option for a negative star for Management ."

Package Escort (Former Employee) says

"Most super's or supervisor are awful. They treat workers very bad . I personally had an incident with the super where I used to work. He insulted me and almost fired me ."

Cashier/Auditor/Clerk (Former Employee) says

"They bring in people to work for less money and less experience and fire the people who’ve worked there for years and who have helped train other employees. There’s no growth or advancement."

Handyman (Former Employee) says

"Really not the best company to work for.The pay is not bad but management in the other hand is awful..They don't care about their employees what so ever..From HR to management is notva good look..Hated my time ther always felt like if i was in prison..."

Doorman/ security (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Glenwood Management for 3 years. In those three years I was denied my religious rights and forced to work a shift that caused me to have little to no time for my self. the management team was more like a dictatorship and the supervisors made the work environment hostile by being unprofessional and pitting workers against each other during disagreements. when I became ill and needed more than the given time off, it was not granted and i was greeted with extreme hostility when i pursued more options from higher management."

MAINTENANCE PORTER (Former Employee) says

"The management is poor and unprofessional, they lack supervisory skills and show excessive favoritism of friends and family. Poor morale among employees, no job security"

Bookkeeper (Former Employee) says

"There is a lot of favoritism that goes on. The rules only apply to certain people. Very unhappy place to work. No bonus, holiday party or cost of living raise. There is no growth potential. You never feel appreciated or receive any feedback from supervisor that is positive. The company is not forthcoming with their plans, the workers are always the last to know. Cons: low moral, no bonus, no company perks, negative working environment"

escort (Current Employee) says

"not a place to be at all I don't really record this place they don't help no benefits just unportable place to work could not think at Glenwood management"

Senior Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The company was investing in 5 companies each year. By my fifth year with the company, I was supporting business analysis and business performance improvement initiatives for over 25 corporations. Cons: No personal life possible"

Escort Package (Former Employee) says

"not a good a company to work at that company also I got a bad experience because company promise benefits that you will never get."

Temporary Concierge (Former Employee) says

"They use you as long-term temporary employees & make you take an hour-long unpaid lunch break, meaning you have a 9 hour work day. After 2 years working for them and doing a great job, not being offered permanent status. Very fishy."

Checker (Current Employee) says

"I don't like when my shift is been change or move me to another branch, without asking me first. There's know roome for advancement in the company. You most come from a particular country to move ahead in the comapany, because the supervisors are all from there. You can't say anything around your co-worker, they will it to the managment, because they are all from the same place, where by you will lose your job. When you're stress, you don't enjoy your job. Cons: healthcar"

Leasing Agent (Current Employee) says

"There is no work/life balance. Some agents have weekends off, while others are just told plain out no. Even if they have been here 10yrs. I don't understand why people are treated differently. There should be part time agents who can help on the weekends 1 or 2 would be enough. As some agents want Saturday off but others like Sunday."

Concierge/Security (Former Employee) says

"Overvall decent job salary and job duty wise. Decent management co. But they will not defend any temp workers whatsoever even if you have witnesses etc. Look out for freedy at 66 location hes an racist hispanic individual whom happened to be the super."

Accounts Payable Specialist (Current Employee) says

"No employee perks .....No Xmas party , no bonuses . Company was not prepared for this covid19 A lot of the employees where put on furlough and told to apply for unemployment at the last minute. Some of the people in the company are not friendly."

Doorman (Former Employee) says

"Not very friendly to there employees. they attack more then teach. their not emotionally into the personal concepts and always ready to assume the worst!! Cons: After working for & years anything you do is wrong"

Porter (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed the time at Gleenwood Managemt as a Porter. I caught my supervisor selling cornpany property for self profit, and was told by the manager that he had given the head porter permission to sell a like new fridge and stove. I told the manager that he was also an employee like us, and he had no right to give company property away. That was it for me, I ended,up being labeled the bad guy, for attempting to stop the corruption at our building. As far as time spent working, I enjoyed the time there, but not the corruption. The people who were hired by the supervisors were people who did not speak English and were family to the super, if not, they paid 3000 for the job, it was a well know secret. I came from another building and was not part of their "group." Cons: Management and supervisors"

Package Escort (Former Employee) says

"a typical day at work is rather fast at first but it get slower as time go on. at times it can get crowed because their people always moving around. management is okay but they can be really annoying at times."

Mailing room clerk (Former Employee) says

"Remove trash from office areas and apartment community on a daily basis."

Service Entrance Personnel (Current Employee) says

"It's a good place to work, if you're looking for a simple job, or a stepping stone. For long term career settings, it's not the best choice."