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Glassdoor is a website where current and former employees anonymously review companies. Glassdoor also allows users to anonymously submit and view salaries as well as search and apply for jobs on its platform.

Justin comments on his experience using the Glassdoor App, "This app has had many problems from failing to pull data (particularly for salaries), giving suggestions that are nothing remotely close to what you searched, loading problems, among other things, and only seems to be getting worse. The app serves most of its functions, but does them extremely poorly and creates a truly awful experience every time. I have avoided this app unless absolutely necessary. Fix the problems, there is so much potential. The Glassdoor website isn't much better either."


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Freelancer (Former Employee) says

"Don't work here no benefits and management is all over the place. No credibility, no verification of reviews submitted. The just want to make money and don't care about the validity of the information they publish.Very LittleNo Bnefits"

Customer Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"I hate to work at this place. They look like they trying to build a review website, but in fact all they do it so chase the money. I work in customer support, I deal with small business owners whose only good reviews got removed so we can sell them services. While the big corporation who paid us, they remove the negative reviews. Everybody in the company knows that glassdoor is not a profitable business by running reviews, and their ads suck. I deal with clients asking why the glassdoor ads never pull any qualified candidates all the time. This is literally the only way they can make money. I do not approve of that, and I told my manager that I am not comfortable because any other job I had was actually helping people solving problems. The Manager tried to "educate me on business". I guess they do that is because they are trying to go public and they are trying to prove that they are profitable. I have a business degree, I may not be a business expert, but I know the basics. Even I know this is not a sustainable way. How about actually fix your services, and make them actually work, then people will actually sign up for your services. Because apparently Indeed, a free job posting website, works way much better than glassdoor,literally nothingI feel I thretean people all the time"

Representative (Current Employee) says

"Poor management & work life balance is shocking. Job security is risky and termination is used as a threat if you dont hit the ground running. Cutthroat cultureYoung team culture.Poor management & work life balance is shocking, Job security is risky and termination is used as a threat if you dont hit the ground running."

Finance (Former Employee) says

"Glassdoor wants to believe it treats its staff like a family, but it is incredibly dysfuntcional. In the beginning, they seem to treat their employees well, but then arbitrarily eliminate their roles or let them go for no good reason. I have seen it happen many times. Also, their strategy changes so often that is there is no true job security or opportunity for advancement. The management team is inexperienced and immature and often make decisions that lack real thought or analysis. Glassdoor's product team lacks innovation. They merely copy the market leaders - like Indeed and TripAdvisor. Good people are being let go, and a lot of other good people are leaving. Glassdoor is not managing its growth well, and the "family" is falling apart. *note: wrote a similar review on Glassdoor, but (surprise) they did not post it.Free lunchCompensation below market, no job security, limited opportunity for advancement"

Inside Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Company had a great opportunity to growth, but lacked in upper management."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Glassdoor used to be a great company to work for. Unfortunately, they have made some significant changes within the last 12 months that has created a sour culture in sales. No one is getting paid, no one is happy, and most are looking for other jobs. I hope they can turn it around as I truly believe in their mission and extraordinary executive leadership.Free lunchSignificantly underpaid and undervalued"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Glassdoor is making its mark in EMEA however they are like a start up within a start up and have a few things to iron out. They are a good company to work for but alot of bumps in the road."

Customer Success (Former Employee) says

"Everyone is super friendly and helpful. They live by the cultural values that they speak to customers about. Some growing pains, which is to be expected. If you don't like change, this is definitely not for you. Plenty of autonomy."

Alexander says

"I\'m trying to read reviews on a perspective company I\'m interested in, however they wont phucking let me as they require a phucking review to read the reviews???"

Bead says

"Glassdoor won’t allow you to read reviews. When you do sign in it doesn’t allow you to continue to read them, garbage!"

Janet says

"I worked at a company that was really frustrating and stressful. Everyone felt it. However, the management was fine and they tried their best to help out, but I still left the job. I left a 3 star review on Glassdoor with a bit of general details about the job, the behaviors of certain workers, etc. They didn't publish my review and there was only a link to really general arbitruary guidelines saying stuff like: "You cannot make yourself stand out" or "you can only mention higher level employees". Apparently, complaining about a project manager (with no name or gender specified) is not allowed. I deleted what I felt was wrong and tried to republish and it was rejected again. Meanwhile, I've seen reviews for other companies where ex-employees left really detailed and specified reviews and theirs were published. In fact, their reviews were actually VERY helpful. Also, I would NOT trust 5 star reviews. A previous company I worked for, saw a few neutral and bad reviews then asked the employees in the office to leave positive feedback in order to raise the overall rating. I'm not even joking. An employee I knew left a positive review for the company at the time when she was new, but when she tried to change it to a negative, Glassdoor wouldn't publish the negative one."


"They delete good reviews about companies. When you spot a fake review written by a HR department, they take no action. I don’t believe any of the reviews on glassdoor."

Spn says

"Useless, forced to leave a review before searching for jobs."

Harentthran Kaalithas says

"bloody website"

Aaliya Tashfeen says

"Crap website. Just want to read about the jobs I have interviews with but first I was forced to sign up and thought I would be able to actually read it after that. Apparently not. Kept trying to force me to leave a review on a job even though I've never had one. Just a stupidly frustrating website to use."

— avenal says

"Just like indeed, you're forced to sign up and can't even see all the reviews for the company you're considering. It's aggravating how they try to get you to leave a review just to see them. What about someone who's considering the company but never worked there? Even during sign up! It just assumes you're employed and forces you to start the process to review your 'current' company. (The review is skip-able, albeit annoying.) Very (bad) design in that respect."

Dont think so says

"This online service sucks, there were a number of truthful reviews about an employer i went to work for. The reviews were not good. I quit Braun Northwest and immediately left a review of my experience on Glassdoor. My review matched a number of others. Mine was very detailed and im sure it struck a nerve with Braun when they got wind of it. And of course shortly after it was removed and all negative reviews were removed by Glassdoor. And they were accurate, the company sucked for training, management, pay, and so on."

Elizabeth Diaz says

"Pretty much the same as all of the other reviews. Can't read reviews without adding a review. Its a stupid design. What about people starting out? What about women coming back to their careers from maternity leave? The worst part is that it is not even their own content. These are reviews from other users and their opinions and experiences do not belong to glassdoor."

James Crawford says

"Makes you add a review in order to read reviews... Says you can enter other information such as salary or additional benefits. If you enter this information it automatically directs you to a page where you have to add a company review in order to progress. DO NOT USE. Waste of time."

Pimento says

"Can't even look at posted reviews without doing all kind of BS, worthless website."

Lusiana says

"Glassdoor quality is declining. Their guideline says that each review takes up to 48 hours to be reviewed and then an additional 24 hours to be published on the employer page. Several years ago, each review was approved and published within 24 hours, regardless whether the review was positive or negative. Now, it seems different. several months ago I wrote a Positive review about mt employer on glassdoor and that review was approved and published pretty much in 24 hours. Almost a week ago, I deleted my previous positive review about my.employer and wrote a new, negative, review about the same employer as the culture at my.employer have changed drastically. I waited 48 hours for my new review to be approved- it was not approved. I emailed Glassdoor and THEN they reviewed and approved my review. After that, I waited 24 more hours for the review to be published, and it has been 1.5 day and my review still has not been published. I am starting to think that now glassdoor approves & publishes positive reviews in a heartbeat but slows down the process on negative reviews. To some of us, Glassdoor is the only way we can have our voices heard...but i guess not anymore! There needs to be another site that truly represents employees' voices!"

WestyBlue says

"I hate how to want you to create an account to simply read reviews. And not only create an account they want you to fill out a profile with a bunch of crap. DAMMIT, I JUST WANT TO READ REVIEWS!!!! SHETTTTT!!!!!!"

Throaway Throwaway says

"One of the most terribly designed websites ever. You’re locked out from even viewing user-submitted content until you sign up and write your own content for them. Dead service which needs a competitor."

Katie says

"The website does not provide any transparency rendering it useless. So many phoney reviews are posted by HR and management which skew the overall scores, and these are not removed even when reported. Do not trust the glowing reviews you may read there, as they may well be fake."

Martin says

"Gave me a job in the United Kingdom, refused to give me the salary in GBP. Seriously, no way of changing it, gave me it in USD, AUD, RMB - everything but GBP. For a job in Portsmouth. Glassdoor sucks."

Julie Parker says

"Website is rubbish, can't view anything on it, really frustrating"

Kris Hall says

"Pathetic website. You can’t read anything without signing your life away! Just let me read someone’s review for God’s sake!!! Why is it so protected and hidden?!?!"

Digory Smith says

"Infuriating website to try and use"

Umbrelladum says

"it would be much useful and their traffic would be much higher i guest would be welcomed to read other reviews without registrations, on the rest it s fine to me."

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