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Gibbs & Cox is a U.S. naval architecture firm that specializes in designing surface warships. Founded in 1922 in New York City, Gibbs & Cox is now headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

"VERY UNDERPAID" says a Gibbs & Cox former employee on Glassdoor on October 24, 2016:


VERY UNDERPAID. felt discriminated against as far as salary and my education. My experience seemed not to matter. The Head department manager didn't even know my name... confused me with another coworker (racist to me). I was hired being told I would receive a bonus and never received one my 2.5 years there. pretty much lied to. No work-life balance."


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Structural Engineer says

"VERY UNDERPAID felt discriminated against as far as salary and my education my experience seemed not to matter head department manager didn't even known my name...confused me with another coworker(racist to me) I was hired being told I would receive a bonus and never received one my 2.5 years there. pretty much lied to. no work life balance"

Former Employee - Mechanical Engineer says

"They will send you to other sites to support various tasks and not pay you for your efforts. They are big penny pinchers and will try to save money in the most distasteful way. I've seen my department stay at around 30 people where half of them have been there for years while the other half stay less than a year. Also, pay is NOT competitive. I've heard some of the recent graduates complain that they have to live with roommates as they couldn't afford to live by themselves in the Arlington Area."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not much room for growth"

Current Employee - Mechanical Engineer says

"Lack of communication between upper management, lower management and other engineers."

Current Employee - CAD Designer says

"Little appreciation hard to advance underpaid Difficult work/life balance"

Current Employee - Marine Engineer says

"Stingy with overhead, leading to some uncomfortable traveling experiences and out of date software challenges. Too strict in promotional rubric for early career engineers."

Designer (Current Employee) says

"terrible place to work, terrible inconsiderate management. Designing ships is great. Just not with this company. they pay a lot but, they believe they own you! stay away from this company!"

Designer Draftsman (Former Employee) says

"Gibbs & cox was one of the best engineering firms I've worked for in the late 80's it was a wonderfull experience."

Contracts Manager (Current Employee) says

"Overall, it was a decent experience. There is huge room for improvement in managements treatment of staff. They do not fulfill the staffing needs when the work comes in and it often leads to overworked staff, which can lead to mistakes. Despite asking for assistance on a regular basis, management took very little action."

Electrical CAD/Designer-Senior (Former Employee) says

"The job was very intense hard to do and very unpredictable. They showed a lot of favoritism two others in the workforce. The quality of work was pretty good however it was considered working at a sweatshop"

Executive Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"All around bad for entry level, due to no training, management provides zero support what so ever. Very difficult to achieve personal growth goals with no structure internally.Petty Coworkers, management, no training, little growth"

SR Staff CAD Designer (Current Employee) says

"A typical work day would include two meets, review of previsous day work to supply a status of work flow. Manage any previously discussed lunches once a month. free coffee.short breaks, no break room. notification of work over the week end comes on short notice."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The company is at the mercy of the US Navy engineering commands that hand out engineering contracts to complete ship designs. The staffing and opportunities rise and fall with the contracts.good entry level jobsweat shop, driven by US Navy contracts"