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GetThere is a corporate travel reservation system that is owned by Sabre Corporation. GetThere first started in 1995 as a web-based booking tool named Internet Travel Network ( founded by Dan Whaley, Al Whaley and Bruce Yoxsimer, and was acquired by Sabre in August 2000 for $757 million. Following the acquisition, GetThere merged with the Sabre Business Travel Solutions system.

A verified user mentioned, "Some of the apps within GetThere aren't that useful. It's nice to have the option to use them, but our users tend to book their travel only, and not use the other features."


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Mr Lawson says

"I ordered a new car for September delivery through stoneacre leasing. A big mistake, I was let down on my first choice colour of white saying it was going to be late so changed to a blue one as I was promised it was arriving in August only to be let down again. I had to do all the chasing as they never phoned me when they said they would and i was told a different story each time I did speak to them! When I asked to speak to a manager I was told he would phone me later that afternoon, after a couple of calls from me he eventually phoned me back 24hrs later with a bad attitude and a complete different story of what had gone wrong to what I had been told previously and was obviously a pack of lies. I ended up with a red car they found in stock in the end as I needed a car for work. I was promised it would be delivered on a trailer as it was over a hundred miles away from me only to be told it would be driven to me. It took lots of phone calls to get it sorted out. Then when they gave me the registration for me to sort out insurance it was already registered to another vehicle. The stress I was put through getting this car was horrendous and at no point have they apologised for the lies and pure incompetence."

Wendy Horsley says

"Car was very poor condition for age and wanted top money for it"

Henry Dale says

"Truly dreadful. I ordered a car eight days ago and I have heard nothing since. I will never use StoneAcre again and I will never recommend them."

Nikki Mitchison says

"Stoneacre Wigan - Went to have a look at a TT which was advertised. Went through the palava of finance to be told TT sold. Found an SLK and told Wigan definitely wanted that car. They told us they could pick it up same day as was in Doncaster. Waiting for finance to come through (nearly a week!) to be accepted. Thinking we could pick up SLK soon. I received a phone call on the Wednesday to ask what car and that it was available and that finance was all sorted. Thursday I get another phone call to say they had sold the SLK. That is not customer service, that is all about the money. Wigan pushed us to agree the finance there and then only for them to let us down BIG TIME. Got finance but no car. Will be contacting finance company to see if I can use it for another dealer."

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