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Gerard Cosmetics is a LA based cosmetics brand that is always pushing the makeup envelope with innovative formulas and beloved colors that have attracted a cult following. With an emphasis on color ,vibrancy and performance, every product was meticulously crafted to add some serious glam to your makeup routine.

The brand boomed in 2014 with the introduction of our popular gold bullet in the shade 1995.

A dissapointed customer shares this in a review, "I really don't understand the hype about these lipsticks. I watched a lot of you tube reviews where girls where saying how creamy and buttery they are but in my opinion they are anything but. I purchased the shade underground which is a ash toned brown. The smell and consistency of these lipsticks reminds me of when I was a little girl and I'd get those really cheap lipsticks from the 99 cent store. Its so hard to apply and so drying on the lips and has that real plastic lipstick smell. I couldn't stand to have it on for more then 5 minutes."


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Serveur en restauration (Former Employee) says

"lieu magnifique bord de mer"

Former Employee - Associate Attorney says

"I worked at Gerard Fox Law full-time for more than a year Cons: Oh, dear. Where to begin. First, very little job security. Incredibly high turnover. People are fired or quit left and right, at all levels, for silly reasons. This has a major impact on case management, because often you will have to take over a case that has been shuffled around 3-4 other attorneys who are no longer even with the firm. Second, the hours expectations are far too high for the pay -- you are essentially expected to work in excess of Biglaw hours. Third, the firm's benefits are poor, and PayChex is terrible for 401K and payroll (no direct deposit? LOL?). Fourth, terrible, arrogant leadership. The firm has recently closed several offices and now has only two locations, and there's only like one person in New York. It's just a disaster. And, firm managing partner is pompous and rude, and very petty. He smack-talks people behind their back, especially outgoing employees. Fifth, bad, no-name clients that often don't pay bills."

Current Employee - Paralegal says

"I have been working at Gerard Fox Law full-time for less than a year Cons: Firm management treats people like disposable paper plates. They say they respect staff, but that is a lie. There is no direct deposit, and employees do not get paid until 4:30 p.m. If pay day lands on a weekend, employees do not get paid until the Monday after the weekend, not the Friday before. The boss' wife is the COO, who bullies employees and resents it when an employee takes any time off. Employees only get the bare minimum amount of sick time required by California law. Bonuses are minuscule and staff employees do not get raises. Management lies to employees by telling them that they will get raises and have direct deposit and then doesn't follow through on its promises. The firm is a revolving door and only the boss and his wife have been there for over five years. Most employees, including the attorneys, have not even been there 3 years before they move on. The firm does not offer job security. They do not give National Holidays, such as President's Day off and one employee was denied permission to take time off for a religious holiday."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Gerard Fox Law full-time for more than a year Cons: Nothing but it could improve soon."

Former Employee - Litigation Paralegal says

"I worked at Gerard Fox Law full-time for less than a year Cons: The highest level at the company has no regard for their staff. I worked at this firm for over a year and I never felt like my voice was heard or cared for. They are not flexible with hours, salary, or allowing you to have a life beyond the firm."

Former Employee - Legal Staff says

"I worked at Gerard Fox Law full-time for less than a year Cons: Revolving door. Lots of office gossip and backstabbing. No job security whatsoever. Within last year almost all new partners/associates and staff - just look at the website and the attorney profiles are always changing. Questions among staff are discouraged - they are taken as a sign that you are inept or have a shortcoming. Lots of office paranoia. Even though they claim to be an “affordable” firm, they billed one filing for over 27k. Almost half the office space is empty. I don’t believe sf office exists. It is all image and no substance. No direct deposit probably because funds need to be strictly managed. “Big firm” mentality but operates like a small office. If you are looking for your a place to advance your career this place is a waste of time."

Attorney says

"I worked at Gerard Fox Law Cons: Favoritism, nepotism, no direct deposit, unfulfilled promises, no job security, unreasonable weekend and last minute assignments, the managing partner and CFO wife are very disconnected from their own firm and are losing control."

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